Home staging at an affordable price for any vacant home

raditional home staging can get expensive for sellers. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Average cost to stage a home is $1,444
  • Ranges from $778 to $2,851
  • $300 to $600 for initial consultation
  • $500 to $600 per month per staged room
  • $2,000 to $2,400 to stage 2,000 sq. ft. home
  • Vacant home staging – $2,900 to $5,250

“With prices from $500 to $5,500, traditional staging is a big investment when there’s no budget for homes with a price tag under $350,000.”

TALLBOX’s virtual staging is an ultra-affordable option at just $20 per room! Our photorealistic digital staging gives you all the benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Have you ever struggled to sell a low to mid-end vacant listing under $350,000 because the empty rooms just look unappealing in photos? You don’t have a budget for real estate marketing or a home staging company to add a bit of magic.

Try adding virtual furniture. 75% of real estate agents listing stock are mid to low-end properties with little to no budget for marketing where traditional home staging is out of reach.

Making those vacant spaces shine in online listings is crucial to attracting buyers. That’s where affordable virtual staging comes in handy and it is a lot better than most photo editing services.

Affordable Home Staging with Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is the process of using software and 3D modeling to digitally stage and furnish vacant homes for real estate listings. It creates the illusion that the home is already fully decorated and move-in ready!

An empty room with wood floors and a toilet ready for low-cost stagingAn affordable bedroom virtually staged with a bed and a bedside table.

Virtual Staging Solution at Low Price Per Image

The price for one vacant staging image is only $20 at TALLBOX. Professionally trained interior designers create our virtually staged photos. You can test affordable home staging for free before you decide. 

This is an extremely affordable price point compared to traditional staging or other virtual staging services. We keep costs low while still delivering expert, customized vacant home staging.

On our main staging packages page, you can view our full range of pricing options. We have solutions to meet any budget. Whether you need staging for a single room, whole home makeover, or are on a tight budget, we’ve got you covered.

Our $20 per image vacant staging offer provides an easy, budget-friendly entry point to showcase your home buyers a  beautifully done online listings. Take advantage of TALLBOX’s low price per image to make vacant spaces shine for buyers!

What is the Purpose of Affordable Virtual Staging?

The purpose of virtual staging is to make vacant listings at any price point look their absolute best online. This helps them sell faster and for more money.

The main priority for real estate agents should not be learning how to use virtual staging software but instead focusing on growing their business.

Virtual staging brings empty spaces to life right on screen!

Key Benefits of Affordable Virtual Staging with TALLBOX:

cheap virtual staging how it is done
Play Video about cheap virtual staging how it is done
  • More attractive listing photos for mid to low-end listings
  • Vacant homes don’t look empty
  • Creates a staged home illusion
  • More cost-effective than physical staging
  • Shows space potential

What to Expect from TALLBOX:

TALLBOX provides customized, low-priced virtual staging services tailored to each unique home. Our trained experts style vacant spaces and enhance listing photos. We elevate every property, regardless of price point!

This affordable trial virtual staging is suitable only for vacant and under $500,000 price tag homes and condos.

Why introductory $20 Rate for Empty Home Listings

The low $20 per room price point for TALLBOX’s virtual staging is specifically for unoccupied and vacant homes. There are a few reasons why occupied homes may not qualify for this entry-level staging package:

before low cost stagingafter low cost staging
  • Occupied homes require more customized virtual furnishings and edits to work around existing furniture. This level of staging work is more complex and time-intensive.
  • To digitally stage an occupied home, any identifiable resident belongings like family photos also need to be removed or obscured, which adds additional effort.
  • The $20 rate is an introductory offer intended to showcase TALLBOX’s virtual staging for empty listings at an affordable price point.
before standard staging serviceafter standard staging service
  • Staging occupied listings requires a higher level of photographic retouching skills and labor to realistically visualize the changes.
  • Higher service tiers are available to stage occupied homes, including 3D floor plans and full interior re-designs. But these require more time and expertise.

Benefits of Virtual Staging for Vacant Low to Mid-End Listings

Virtual staging provides many advantages for vacant, modestly priced listings compared to leaving them empty or using traditional staging:

Entry-Level Virtual Staging for Unfurnished Homes to Showcase Potential

With virtual staging, vacant rooms are filled with stylish furnishings, bringing the space to life. Listing photos become irresistible to buyers by showcasing the home’s potential and lifestyle.

Home staged kitchen with white cabinets and a chandelier.
Home staged kitchen with white cabinets and a chandelier.

 Vacant Homes Don't Look Empty and Unappealing

Empty rooms that look unappealing turn off buyers. Virtual staging makes vacant spaces look move-in ready and decorated. Homes appear lived-in and homey online.

Creates Illusion Home is Already Staged

Virtually staged furnishings, art, accessories, and decor create the illusion a vacant home is already impeccably styled. Buyers imagine themselves living in the attractive staged space.

Much More Affordable Than Physical Staging

Compared to the high costs of physically furnishing and decorating a home, virtual staging is a budget-friendly solution. Low overhead costs keep packages affordable.

Shows Buyers How the Space Could Look

Virtual staging shows a room’s potential by giving home seekers a preview of how the vacant space could look once decorated and personalized. This sparks imagination and investment.

With TALLBOX's Bespoke Virtual Staging Service

TALLBOX takes virtual staging to the next level with our customized, bespoke approach. Our virtual staging process includes:

 Interior Design Experts Tailored to Each Home

A home staged living room with a green couch and plants.
A home staged living room with a green couch and plants.

Our trained interior designers hand-select virtual furnishings, finishes, and decor based on the home’s unique floor plan, architectural style, and features. We match the virtual staging to the property.

 Makes Even Modest Listings Pop Beautifully

TALLBOX elevates vacant spaces with tasteful, realistic virtual furnishings suited to any price point. We make even modest homes stand out beautifully online to attract buyers.

 Transforms Empty Spaces

We don’t just fill space – we transform it.

Our designers use virtual staging to showcase a home’s potential, create an alluring lifestyle scene, and make vacant rooms shine.

 Handles Any Design Style

Traditional, modern, farmhouse, coastal, and more – our experts can execute any interior design style you desire with realistic virtual furnishings and lighting.

TALLBOX's Virtual Staging Process and Deliverables

TALLBOX leverages the latest technology to create realistic, professional staging at affordable prices:

Cutting-Edge 3D and Real Estate Photo Editing

Our virtual staging process uses advanced 3D modeling and digital editing which even the best home staging companies can’t achieve. Tailored to each home’s architecture and floorplan we insert lifelike virtual furnishings into listing photos.

Packages for Any Budget

From single room touch-ups to whole home makeovers, we offer a range of pricing packages to meet your budget.

Our virtual approach keeps costs low compared to traditional staging.

Home staged green painted wall with a mirror and a vase with tulips.
Home staged green painted wall with a mirror and a vase with tulips.

Purpose-Built for Vacant Listings

Unlike DIY apps, our affordable services are custom-designed for low-to-mid-price vacant properties only. We take empty spaces and transform them into attractive, buyer-ready listing photos.

virtually staged pinterest board by TALLBOX

Realistic, Professional Results from the best virtual staging company

Our designers have staging expertise to create realistic spaces. We enhance lighting and details for professional, magazine-worthy listing photos every time.

Showcase Your Modest Listings with TALLBOX's Virtual Staging

Want to boost your affordable, mid-range, and low-end vacant property listings online?

Virtually staged home in British country style
Virtually staged home in British country style / Image by TALLBOX

Try Our Free Trial

See firsthand how TALLBOX’s customized virtual staging can transform modest homes.

Budget-Friendly Staging Solutions

Our affordable packages and low per-image rates make virtual staging accessible for any budget.

Attract more buyers without high staging costs.

Victorian Terrace Remodeling
Use add-ons with your virtual staging / Image made with midjourney

Turnaround time

TALLBOX delivers highly cost-effective virtual staging images efficiently:

  • For orders of 1-7 images, our standard turnaround time is 3-7 business days.
  • We can also accommodate rush orders for an additional fee, with staging completed as fast as 16-24-48 hours.

With our team of dedicated designers, we can enhance your listings with budget-friendly virtual staging in less than a week. Our rapid turnaround means your vacant properties get online looking their best faster.

Within just 5-7 days, we can transform those empty rooms into attractive, buyer-ready listing photos.

Our quick and affordable virtual staging helps you start marketing your mid or low-end vacant homes sooner for maximum exposure.

Enhance Listings. Enhance Sales.

Use virtual staging to showcase potential, create attractive lifestyle scenes, and make affordable homes irresistible to buyers. Boost exposure and sell faster!

If you are into DIY we have entire page how to learn virtual staging software

Increase ROI on Mid and Low-End Listings

Make more on the sale by investing just a small amount in impactful virtual staging. The ROI is immense compared to leaving listings empty.

Let TALLBOX virtually stage your next affordable property listing for maximum online exposure and sales success!

tallbox virtual staging