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Two Apartments Merged In An Industrial Style

Design specification:  Мerging and reallocation of two separate apartments in an industrial style.

Allocation and functions: Аpartment 1 is bigger than the second one but still it has an improper location of the rooms. Apartment two can be considered a studio that has provoked no interest to buyers for a long time. Upon starting the design of apartment one, we proposed the purchaser to buy apartment 2 as well, which would facilitate our decision concerning the new allocation of the rooms. Our final goal was to obtain a big children’s room for two children, with a lot of play area, a spacious bedroom with a separate bathroom and a toilet, as well as a sitting room with a kitchen.

Colours and design: Сince the apartment is located in the vicinity of the sea, providing a unique sea view and we wanted to achieve a style resembling industrial building but still providing comfort and functionality. The colours are white, black and natural wood without excessively bright spots.

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