Are you are a luxury property developer or you are wondering how you can improve your CGI images to market better your new development or maybe trying to help someone.
Inevitably if you looked once for new housing developments, you stumbled upon CGI images presenting a quality of a building, an idea or house designs. All with the intention for an easy off-plan sale.

How Interactive CGI images will change new housing developments?

I am glad to be able to share that new tool called Interactive CGI Images in use to new housing developments which we implemented as a part of their strategy.

For the purpose of a better explanation of what Interactive CGI images are, I have to make few analogies and examples.

How interior designers can benefit from Interactive CGI’s

Dealing with interior design clients is not an easy task. We know by our experience that the majority of the clients do not understand or can’t read 2D plans, and why they should?

Imagine having the possibility to showcase multiple design options at once – remotely.

A trick that will save both parties time and efforts.
As an example, I’ve turned one of our 3D floor plans to an interactive image.

The end user (the client) can interact with the image by clicking inside the image.

And why not giving them limitless options while showcasing your design ideas with Interactive Interior 3D visualization?

How property developers can benefit from Interactive CGI’s

I went on google and typed luxury new build homes CGI, and one of the first results was this one:

interactive cgi images

I went on their website, and I wasn’t surprised by the result. Two CGI images were used as a part of off-plan marketing strategy.

All texts and descriptions of the plot and the building are well written and composed. Promotional video of the Local area, Floor plans and even Google map is included.

So far, great work.

Unfortunately, their efforts would have a better ROI if the project and building plot is presented with better CGI images and improved marketing.

The CGI images that represent part of a luxury off-plan strategy that aims to sell a property with price tag £3.85M is immensely a weak point. The CGI images itself are lacking important details, have mismatching areas and colours that do not look like part of the overall luxurious idea for such a sophisticated sale strategy.

To fix that I would suggest the following:

1. Improving the static CGI images

  • Refined details and textures will give the house that needed sophisticated glance.
  • Higher resolution will add even more information and impress the viewer.

2. Implementing our Interactive CGI images

Our Interactive CGI images will provide the seller with multiple options to show all of the luxury features of the house.
Interactive CGI images can be built-in into the website, and they are Seo friendly, which is another added benefit for the seller.

The picture below is an elaboration for example.

In other words, each CGI image or floor plan will bring more attention by being interactive with almost limitless options.

I would advise anyone looking to buy a luxury off-plans to go and visit Octagon’s website for more details, as they are a fantastic Design and Build company that works in the prime residential of London.

Benefits of Interactive CGI images

We understand what the idea behind luxury new developments selling off-plan is.
The property industry is a vast market where competitors can be ruthless sometimes. The bigger and better always wins more. Budgets or other limitations are daily life for property developers.

Why cutting half of the potential of each off-plan sale strategy?

Options with Interactive CGI images

Showcasing the most and best of the development’s features conveniently for the end user and your website is a significant advantage.

You can import your promotional video, price lists, pdf files, floor plans, voice messages or why not different design options for each space or external area.

With interactive images, any project will benefit by having interactive CGI visuals and plans as a powerful marketing asset while being a cost-effective tool.

Imagine the option to showcase all possible or most desired features of a kitchen or bath by giving the opportunity to your client to explore themselves while being on your website?

Yes, this is three times more beneficial than just a standard landing page with a description and static CGI images of new development.

Conclusion and key points on How Interactive CGI images will change new housing developments?

New housing developments are a particular niche that requires a specially targeted marketing. Targeting the wrong audience or saving a few hundreds of pounds by cutting marketing budgets won’t put you in between the top sellers.

Most of the properties in the UK are advertised on websites such as Rightmove where they provide you with set amounts of options to market a property. On top of that these sites are not niche websites and it is likely to achieve the best results.

Alongside this strategy, it is not a good idea to advertise a new development just online and hope for the best. High-end and new development property require a bit more attention to details.
Generally, it’s not about how many people you will reach, but more about how you reach them and what you provide them.
In other words – quality over quantity is the key.

Key points on How Interactive CGI images will change new housing developments

  • Interactive CGI images is a unique property marketing tool that gives unlimited options of showcasing important property features and information, all within the image.
  • They are cost-effective and can be built-in into any website
  • SEO friendly – an additional benefit for any new development advertising strategy. Ask your website developer.
  • Interactive CGI images can handle videos, website links, voice messages, link to contact forms, price lists, pdf files and many more.
  • 3D or 2D floor plans can be turned to interactive images by providing valuable information about each room, area, materials or other technical information.

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How Interactive CGI images will change new housing developments?
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How Interactive CGI images will change new housing developments?
Inevitably if you looked once for new housing developments, you stumbled upon CGI images presenting a quality of a building, an idea or house designs.
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