Property Developments can benefit in a numerous ways of having quality CGI illustration. 
A large part of real estate development is its marketing. Without this fundamental tool, any property investment company will not achieve the ultimate success of its projects. The only reason we developed our Property Marketing CGI service is we are best at it.

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Before we dive in with information about Property Marketing CGI, let’s answer first the question What is Property Marketing?

Property Marketing is the modern way of advertising real estate via technology and mass media. There are more than fifteen different channels which are utilised for this purpose. Five of them are Social Media Platforms, Property Advertising Portals, Built for purpose websites, Print materials and Property CGI. Reaching and connecting to prospect clients is the main priority for every Property Marketing agency agent.

The virtual property marketing has its predominance and more than 80 per cent of all searches for a property is done online.

 The role of CGI in Property Marketing.

Advertising a new property is 70 per cent visual experience, and explicit marketing imagery is the core, as we humans perceive 73 per cent visually. The rest of 27 per cent is for the other senses.

Property Marketing agencies use photos of the location to showcase their lifestyle. CGI visuals implemented within the real photos demonstrating how the new building stands among the environment and brochures with CGI floor plans for demonstrating the internal layouts and their convenience.

Property Marketing works equally well for small, single-story buildings up-to mass scale developments of city areas, villages or even entire regions.

CGI is used not only as a marketing tool; often property visuals are used at the time when the project is still just an idea, for pitching in front of investors and potential council schemes to secure the investment.

If the time is short for you, jump straight to the FAQ section (use the Table of content) of this article where all questions are being answered for you in short.

How property developments can benefit from Property Marketing CGI?

Timing in the property development industry is crucial. The effect of unplanned marketing with lousy timing can be fatal for a small to medium property development company, not only for a specific project but for the whole company.

Investments at different stages power every housing project.
In every sector, the large, rich and powerful corporations have the advantage of multiple investment streams, while the small to medium development companies are highly dependent on investments to arrive on time for each project.
Marketing CGI’s are marketing tool used as a lever to the continuous release of investments, as allows multiple ways for presentation, clear understanding for the investors of each project and can be quickly adjusted for each specific project.

Credit: Angela Johnson

What are the reasons to hire a CGI Property Marketing agency?

The reasons are many, and few of them are the most obvious ones.

Let’s start with Leverage

As a Property Developer, the goal and the purpose of working on a development project is profit (when we exclude the cases for charity). Leverage is the most reliable tool in the toolbox with which bridges between seller and buyer exist.

If a developer is not in a position of strength to liaison, the development may not become reality at all. Loss of profit, reduced sales and eventually the worst – halt off the project even before it’s been started are three components that no business wants to happen.


To predict the flow of investment and sales, it the key to success. It may seem strange, but Property Development is a complex game, where many players are involved, and the goal is one – win.
Having a CGI Property Marketing agency to do all 3D visuals is a game-changer because visual materials represent 70 per cent of each marketing campaign.

Professional help

Not every marketer or advertising agent knows everything about CGI images, composition, construction materials. They may not even care about these things, as it’s not their job.
Surely a successful symbiosis between a marketing agency and CGI marketing company will give the Property developer advantage in front of its potential buyers.

Planning ahead

Everyone wants a time machine, but such a device does not exist, yet. An excellent substitute is the capability to plan in real estate. Having CGI company onboard for your property marketing will give you the tool to plan and show precisely what you need to show to your buyer- investor.
CGI’s are easy to prepare, they cost less, and they are used not only to showcase the whole project how it will look in the end but also as a design tool.

Training and Experience

A CGI marketing company with experience can quickly determine what can be achieved or even to alarm when something is going wrong. Having one more trained “eye” is an advantage that will accelerate the amount of time needed for sales to go through, which is usually between 3 to 6 months.
Another benefit is the aesthetics of all CGI marketing visuals. If you let your architect do the CGI images, they may not sell what they are supposed to, simply because are made with a different purpose.

Multi-purpose of Architectural visualization for housing developments

One of the main benefits that come with architectural visualizations is multi-purpose. The computer-generated CGI images can be used not only as marketing but as a design tool as well.

Alongside your website:

  • brochures
  • leaflets
  • email campaigns
  • signage
  • interactive virtual technology
  • mobile, tablet, headsets applications
  • open house campaigns
  • investment pitches
  • council/city submissions
  • competitions
  • design stages
  • valuation surveys and future planning

The life span of Architectural visualization for housing developments

The life span of this type of Property CGI marketing images is profuse and has a wide range of use. Another benefit is that property developers can market their project even when the project hasn’t started yet.

Architectural visualization agencies could be involved since the beginning of the project until the end.

Each stage of housing development can benefit from 3D visuals as they can be planned, adjusted accordingly to the investment phases and they are cost-effective.

This method allows property developers to present their projects virtually in almost unlimited ways of scenarios, which in real life will cost a small fortune, complex planning, few different companies involved and can’t guarantee success or funding.

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Future housing development with architectural visualization

Computer-generated visuals are used as a tool to communicate a possible idea to a team of architects or engineers within a few days.

Is perceived that 3D visuals are only for high-end developments and expensive project or new housing developments.

In reality, this is not true at all. As there are different calibres of development companies, there are different calibres of visualization agencies as well.
Often I hear developers complaining of having difficulties conveying the idea of an investment project to the architectural team.

Such problems can be avoided by presenting Before/After 3D scale models of the property, to the architect’s team, where the developer can explain what the idea behind the project is and what the if the goal of the investment project.

Then the process advances and previously created model is re-used for the subsequent design steps, which may be very cost-effective if planned well in advance.

Architectural visualization for new property developments

The London Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) finds London needs between 49,000 and 65,000 new residential developments until the year 2034.
One of the leading powers of architectural visualization for new developments is selling off-plan. No matter what strategy is used for marketing, when all seven add-ons are bound together, the control over the property buyers is better, and a high number of contracts exchanged.

Each new development project can benefit from:

  • Architectural Visualizations
  • Property Virtual Tours (VR)
  • Interactive 3D floor plans with infoboxes
  • Location maps
  • 2D Site plans
  • Aerial perspectives / Drone videos and shots
  • 3D site plans
  • Branding materials
  • Financing pitches

Click on the text below to see an example project of Property Virtual Tour in action.

Architectural visualization for existing property developments

As similar to new developments, renewing or extending an existing property will bring more fans as it perceived as safer, proven by the time and sometimes with ideal locations.

Although, the financing here has to have a continuous flow as with the new developments.

There is a downside of remodelling existing properties, and this is the marketing strategy and sometimes the history of the building.

Architectural visualization can help here, by showing the best of the old and new features of the project, at the early stages. 
The option to market up-front a refurbishing of an often derelict building is the only way to success. CGI visuals are commonly used today with our clients to reach crowdfunding platforms.

Find out more about different types of CGi’s: How 3D Architectural Visualization Is Different To 2D Architectural Illustration

Each development project can benefit from:

  • Architectural Visualizations
  • Before / After photos
  • Interactive 3D floor plans with infoboxes
  • Location maps
  • Site plans
  • Aerial perspectives / 3D site plans
  • Branding materials
  • Auction pitches
  • Financing pitches

How CGI works with Real Estate platforms?

Selling real estate might seem easy. Big or small real estate markets are full of agents, investors, developers and owners trying to pitch their buyers to spend a bit more (all this without no regret).

Twenty years ago advertising and selling were not that complicated for most of the real estate deals. We were doing fine with photos taken straight from the property without any additional marketing or prep.
The rules have changed, and sellers need to become smart and forward thinkers.
Property marketing can help a lot to steer things in the right direction.

CGIs are winning more deals on the real estate platforms (Rightmove, Zoopla, Zillow)

Reinventing the wheel is not necessary, but thinking outside of the box is essential.
Rightmove, Zoopla (UK) or Zillow (US) are platforms where 90 per cent of all listings are uploaded. If we check quickly, we will find that most of the listings are with bad photos not taken from a professional and not they are being staged adequately.

New built or not, outdated furniture or empty interiors may turn off buyers and break the deal in most of the cases if not appropriately shown. Today, buyers are looking for options, design, layout, location, neighbours and many more criteria, e.g. future value, and if a listing can’t offer/show some of these at the first 7 seconds, the chance for enquiry drops with 85 per cent at the 8th second.

How to Demonstrate features and provide value and options with Property CGI strategy.

The CGI marketing strategy gives options to demonstrate a different layout, design styles and before/after options (all digitally done). These visuals not only will make the listing stand out from the rest but will keep the prospects engaged and exploring the possibilities of the project.

For example, the giant in this industry Compass is utilising all possible channels of digital technology in its sales. One of their latest discoveries is the Compass Sign, a digital sign with direct wifi and Bluetooth connectivity offering endless interactivity.

With fantastic visuals of the property, potential buyers will Share and Discuss the future investment with their family and relatives. At some cases they share the listing on their social media asking for approval from their internet friends, all this is equal to more exposure for the listing and even higher chance for a sale.

Sponsor targeted campaigns get in front of the specific group of consumers will increase the pace of the sales with another 15 per cent and when combined with powerful CGI presentation the opportunity for sale will skyrocket even further.



Property Marketing CGI

FAQ about Property Marketing CGI

What is Property Marketing CGI?

The short answer for Property Marketing CGI is known as Architectural visualization for property developments. It is used to advertising all characteristics of the properties of all size and types during a sale process. From small, single-story buildings up-to mass scale developments of city areas, villages or even entire regions

Why do I need Property Marketing CGI?

This type of Property marketing images has a wide range of use. The greatest benefit is that property developers can market their project even when the project hasn’t started yet. There are more than ten different social and marketing channels where Property CGIs are used to reach clients and buyers. Why not benefiting from it?

What property marketing can be done for an existing old property?

The CGI property marketing for old properties can help by demonstrating the best of the past and new features of the project – the overall current and future potential. If you need convincing images and materials for funding, presentation, social marketing or mass marketing; CGI’s are an important tool.
The option to market up-front a refurbishing plans of the derelict property, without spending upfront significant sum is a smart way to success.

What is the potential of Property CGI marketing for Future developments?

Selling new unbuilt real estate up-front and off-plan is almost impossible only via architectural 2D plans and dry text. Customers do not always have this ability to visualise in 3D all the features of the property, and they don’t have to. When we add the fact that new projects are heavily depending on a constant flow of investment during all stages of the building; the more sales at the first stages mean extra safety and profit for the Developer and its Investors. Showcasing all the best property features via excellent CGI’s to your prospects is equal to a successful project.

What is the cost per CGI for Property Marketing?

Costs per image for Property Marketing CGI’s are typically from £390.
All you need to do is to bring 2D plans and Photos of the surroundings. Our Property Marketing CGI service is available for any size of the property and design styles. An ultimate architectural tool for working out your concepts and development projects.

What is the best reason to hire Property CGI company?

If your goal is to sell the Property Development, then this is one of the important steps to take. 
Here are ….. reasons to hire Property CGI company:
1. Leverage / Liaison; You will have the leverage to negotiate better deals for your property based on your CGIs. 
2. Save money
3. Professional help; Training and experience means quality images showcasing the best of your property
4. Planing sales ahead; It’s easy to plan when you have quality images to show
5. Budget; Property CGI’s does not cost much.
6. Wide usage; Property CGIs are used in all types of marketing materials and look awesome.
7. Prove your Idea; When the project is done, and you still haven’t been able to sell it, you can prove your quality by demonstrating what was planned and designed in the past.

If you have no idea where to start – ask us, we’re here to help.

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George Nicola

VIRTUAL STAGING EXPERT / After eight years+ working in high-end design and property business I realised that we are missing a critical part of the property business. We were not providing enough value to these old and empty properties. Not every buyer would have the opportunity to see the potential of vacant property or in a bad state. The idea of Virtual Furniture Staging the property gives the buyer and seller an incredible chance in seconds of taking the critical decision.