When you are on your way to selling an empty property or, in other words, in your best wishes and attempts to do that, there must be some stressful occasions that can appear through the process, and it concerns time!

The free to sell a house or other kind of property comes with its specifics and things you should try to present in their best way to your potential clients.

Sometimes you might need to make a deal in a short time. And to optimize this idea, you could try to sell a vacant property in 30 days; how about that?

It is not about telling something that is not true. It emphasizes the best things about this property. For example, imagine you want to buy a car or something else. You will need to know if this car is comfortable enough, fast enough, secure enough, but mainly for YOU!
That is the foremost important thing – the necessities that the selling property can fulfill for its future inhabitants.

buying vacant property

In this process of advertising and selling, you should always put a strong meaning to the advertising. Good presentation of the house that is available means every one of the potential clients should see it their own way. You should prioritize on the good look of the merchandize.

The next step concerns something else. It is not time, but the prize. Of course, you need to make the deal fast enough. But can you do it for the money you need or wish for? It’s a long and tough process if you simply do not have the tools for it.

Virtual property staging is one of the best ways to improve this process and to see that there are absolutely no such things as impossible. And make no mistake. It’s 2018, and there is no better way to sell a vacant property than this one.

Where to start when relying on the virtual staging for empty space

Selling a vacant property in 30 days is a painful and time-consuming process, but only if you live a few years back in time.

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First of all, you have to build a lived-in look

The most important thing in this process is to create a space that looks just like there is someone living in it. That could be a harsh task having in mind that you are selling a vacant property. So obviously there will be the need for staging. And when it happens to be virtual staging, things are becoming less obscure and more vivid.

This way furnishing and the visual idea of occupation are super easy to create. You can mash ideas; you can mix up everything you want in order to sell prepare a proper and beautiful look for the vacant property.

3D visualization for investors

What are the main important steps in that

  1. Keep some of the belongings of the house. Inside furniture and details may be a potential hook that shows that the place is built for a living. This way, you accomplish the idea of inhabited space, and clients may see it as their next home;
  2. You may use some second-hand furniture to reach the lived-in look that you want if space was already emptied from its original ones;
  3. May the force of the accessories be in with you! Many accessories may indeed become a vital part of staging the home for potential customers;
  4. Curtains may improve the idea of inhabitants and the soft complexity of the home. Lampshades instead of bare bulbs will help in this direction as well. On this occasion, you may also not take the floors for granted and improve them with a rug or a carpet, so there is that comfortable feeling;
  5. Think about seasons. If it is winter, you might want to stage the property similarly. Some carpets, rugs, and furniture say simply cozy and warm. Do not go for the empty board and floors.
  6. The lived-in look must be achieved, and the possibilities are few, for that matter. So you can keep the utilities partially on, so this way, you can keep the heating on a low level. At least this would help pipes not freeze during the colder months of the year.
  7. As we said before – keeping the place as much as possible looking inhabited will improve its visuals and maintain the high possibility of selling in in just 30 days or less. Maintaining the appearances may seem not much for you, but it will be more like a home than just a space for the potential clients.

Another important thing you might want to do is to secure the viewings.

This is a method for a really quicker selling of a property, and there are main steps that you might want to use in this process.

  • Air the house. There is nothing more pleasant than a naturally hygienic home.
  • Arrange meetings when potential buyers may become familiar with the security principles of the house.

Think about who needs to know that the property is for selling and probably empty at the moment. Local authorities may be informed for this occasion, as well as the council offices, considering with taxes. So they can be reduced. This way you won’t need to pay for services you actually do not use.

Police authorities and neighbour watch are also possible to be informed that the house is emptied and in the process of selling. If there is an insurance contract with such a company, you also better tell your agent for that matter.

Another important fact that you have to be aware and completely ethical about and where we laid the foundation of the answer to it, is the question Is virtual staging deceptive?

As a final but significant act, it is better for you to have a regular program of maintenance for the vacant property. That includes some simple things like taking basic care of the insides of the house, while it is for sale, trimming the garden and taking any accidently appeared rubbish there. Remove things that make the view to the place too heavy or put some things that might make it look livable. This way your property will be a lot easier to sell in just 30 days or less.

If you feel that Virtual Furniture staging is for you and might be your rescue buoy, here you can read more about this service: Virtual staging experts