Why virtual furniture boosts your sales

It’s quite a thing what virtual reality is in architecture, design and staging. It seems like it is a bit more real than virtual. It is much more complexed and closer to life and everyday living that to some fantasy, built by photographs and upgraded by a computer. Now, this reality is considered to be one of the best ways of selling your property in no time.

Yes, you might say that there is the idea of a price for something that basically you cannot see in front of you. There is no team, that comes to your house few days in a row just to put things together for the pictures you need for the selling. There is no problem with the light, no additional things that have to be removed from the big picture or from the detailed one. Actually, when we think is there a problem at all?

Well. Rather not. Virtual staging boosts your sales and there is a solid reason for that. Actually, maybe not just one.

But how it actually works?

It could be named as a CGI project, just like the ones in the Hollywood blockbusters. If we had to be more precise we must say that computer-generated images are used to build a virtual place, but the difference Is that it could actually be made a real home out of the images (nothing like the CGI in Hollywood). The idea is to put virtually some examples of pieces of furniture in an empty room.

It is an idea of a great importance for every one that deals with selling apartments and houses basically. In the beginning, this kind of staging needs a professional photographer for instance. When the pictures are taken, they are being edited with special design software so virtual furniture is being added to the basic photos of the space.

So, how can you use Virtual staging of furniture in the most effective way? First of all, don’t forget that the perfect vision reachable with the VR staging is the thing that impresses potential clients and buyers.


Here are some of the best points of the virtual furniture staging and why it boosts your sales

  • You can reach and show the full potential of the property which is designated for selling. When you show a house but filled with the exact and proper furniture you create a lot greater impression on the viewers and a better appeal and outlook;
  • Dated furniture is a problem no more. Even if there are any in the house or apartment, they could be easily replaced with the virtual software and the special abilities of a specialist in this area. This way is a lot more easier than the actual removing of furniture. Did we mentioned it could be a lot faster and cheaper?;
  • The finishing touches. If there are any unfinished parts of the home or wanted improvement, but they still haven’t been made, virtual furniture staging can deal with the problem;
  • Images can sell not only now at this particular moment. They can sell online, they could be put into brochures, magazines and other types of media for a greater promotion of the dwelling;
  • Virtual images may inspire a great inspiration and feeling that pushes the imagination of the buyers into a positive and sentimental way;

As well as all best points that virtual furniture staging brings there are other sides of the story that you should be aware of because these might end up costing you a lot of the house price. The first one is How to stage house before selling?

Other benefits of the virtual furniture staging

Do not get us wrong. It is still an imaginary staging. But after all, when you trying to sell a property the main idea is not to imply a deceptive idea of a dwelling. No, it is quite the opposite idea. You are still trying to sell a house or an apartment, but with the power of the imagination of your potential clients. Virtual furniture is helping them to imagine “what it could have been”. And actually, there is nothing more effective and pushing idea that the one that starts with “what if…?”

This way of staging does exactly this thing.

There are also some benefits

  • Number one – it is a lot easier and quicker to make. But do not forget – you still need a professional for this occasion;
  • It is a lot cheaper than you probably expect. Basically, it is more like affordable. It is really important for you to know that actual furnishing of an apartment that has to be sold is a lot more work and money that the virtual staging of this process;
  • It provides the sales agent with a lot faster process of preparing the property;
  • Attracts a lot more buyers that are ready to pay the necessary price;
  • Creates greater appeal. It does the most important thing – impresses the buyers and makes come and the rest is left to the abilities of the reactor;
  • It provides a lot more visual stuff. When buyers are looking at some professional virtual furniture staging photos they can imagine themselves living in this place. This way this particular service creates emotions for the potential future owners of the residence;
  • Eliminates some of the items that are visually not necessary or not pleasant for the big picture. Computer generated images don’t only create. They can also erase some of the personal items and possess, visuals that are not in favour of the selling process;

The importance of the live view of the property.

When potential buyers view the empty property (it is still empty, the furniture is virtually staged, you like you know), there will be no furnishing. That is why when realtors show the property to potential buyers they have to ensure that they know it is actually an empty space.

This process represents also a virtual renovation of a place that needs a little bit of a professional touch. It is not the brutal truth, but the necessary adjusting showing what things might become with a little bit a high-class furnishing. It doesn’t matter that it is only virtual. The buyer knows that it is virtual only for a while. The next step is the actual building of the home that they need and deserve.

Always keep your work ethic on top of everything when using virtual staging services, this has the same importance at your real estate business like the air and water we have to consume in order to live our lives: Is virtual staging deceptive?

So, if we have to sum up all the important things in one, we should stay that real estate virtual photography gives the best perception for a future dwelling not only for the client but also for all the people involved in the process of providing a well-build up service. It is the magic that can turn into a reality. Using the special powers of the virtual home staging professionals.

It fits the needs of the potential buyers, and it also fits the necessary amount of work for the realtors. That is how a simple property can become a real home, virtual on the first base, and absolutely real at the end.

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George Nicola

VIRTUAL STAGING EXPERT / After eight years+ working in high-end design and property business I realised that we are missing a critical part of the property business. We were not providing enough value to these old and empty properties. Not every buyer would have the opportunity to see the potential of vacant property or in a bad state. The idea of Virtual Furniture Staging the property gives the buyer and seller an incredible chance in seconds of taking the critical decision.