What is Virtual Home Remodeling?

Virtual Home Remodeling is a speedy way to present a design concept for real estate and test layout options and design decors. The interior design process typically has many stages before the end client can see a proposal in 3D. With a design in mind or a reference, this virtual restoration workflow is the fastest way to produce different concepts. There are multiple ways how a virtual remodeling is done:

  • using a DIY virtual renovation software
  • or hiring a virtual renovation designer
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By George Nicola (Expert Stager)

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If your questions is: Is there an app where i can take a picture of my house and remodel? 

Answer: Yes, Virtual Home Remodeling services and apps enable you to remodel your house virtually by taking a picture, offering a three-dimensional planning tool to envision changes before actual renovation begins.

Planning a home-improvement dream, but not truly sure where to start? You looked at app to redesign house, but seemed to complicated?

Virtual Home Remodeling streamlines the interior design process, allowing for rapid visualization of design concepts and layout alternatives. Whether through DIY software or a professional designer, it represents the fastest route to exploring different remodeling ideas.


  • Virtual Home Remodeling offers a quick, 3D design presentation for real estate layouts and decor options.
  • It can be done via DIY software or by hiring a designer, making it accessible for various budgets and skill levels.
  • This guide covers essential aspects, including how it works, cost-saving tips, and preparation steps for successful virtual remodeling.

Virtual Remodeling Before – After | done by TALLBOX

What is the typical route to Home Remodeling?

  • Hiring a designer or architect to create a concept with software for home remodeling.
  • Making a 3-D model based on that project is the first major milestone.

Additionally, many other corresponding steps take time too.

Virtual remodeling software and services changes the game by saving time upfront. It gives you a direction to research ideas before hiring a builder or an architect. All you need is to know how to use a tape measure and take photos with your phone.

Here’s how to get started.

Virtual Remodeling Before – After | done by TALLBOX

How does virtual renovation work?

This remodeling concept method is a cost-effective – and quick – way to see the opportunities before reaching a final decision. From easy home refurbishments to large renovation projects, here how it is done.

Virtual Renovation – Interior Design Process Made Easy

How To Use a Virtual Remodel App To Save Money on Home Improvements

TALLBOX’s Virtual Remodel process allows for a very innovative workflow where homeowners quickly and easily visualize potential changes to their home.

With its intuitive approach, the app makes it easy to explore different design possibilities without the hassle of hiring a professional designer or contractor.

Photo of an empty kitchen with white cabinets and hardwood floors before virtual remodel.
Photo of an empty kitchen with white cabinets and hardwood floors before virtual remodel.
Virtual Home Remodeling: A kitchen with white cabinets and hardwood floors transformed virtually.
Virtual Home Remodeling: A kitchen with white cabinets and hardwood floors transformed virtually.

The pricing for Virtual Remodel App is affordable; it costs from $65-250 per image, depending on the complexity of the project. Additionally, users can also access tutorials to help them get started with virtual remodeling.

Whether you are looking to make minor changes or complete overhauls to your home, Virtual Remodel App is the perfect solution.

DIY doers

Plenty of home-renovation software is out there, some free and some paid alternatives. Like those from Build.com and Wayfair, the big retailers adopted the augmented reality home remodel app approach to visualize virtual products like furniture, wallpaper, paint, and decors, all happening within your phone and the desired room.

For those of you who are really into real DIY virtual home design, the free version of Sweet Home 3D may be your most reliable chance because you get an intuitive viewport interface and many design choices.

The software has numerous appealing characteristics for newcomers, including a well-explained guide and good video tutorials. There is a full version of Sweet Home 3D with even more design options available for $15 in the Microsoft and Mac App stores.)

Most users tend to use the free online edition Sweet Home 3D that works in a web browser.

The next level for DIY users is the SketchUp Free software, with the latest 2021 version made to use with a web-browser. SketchUP is ideal for home remodeling if you want to fully DIY the entire process.

There is a downloadable paid version for more advanced users looking to explore even deep their design limits.

I have recorded a short tutorial giving a brief idea of the possibilities in a short home remodeling guide with the paid SketchUp Pro version:

I’ve also written how you can virtually renovate and improve for sale and save time and money.

Preparing for Virtual Remodeling

Whatever virtual renovation software you choose, everything starts with taking accurate room measurements is a key first step.

Here are some tips when preparing for virtual remodeling:

★ Use a laser distance measure for accuracy. A tape measure can bend/flex.

★ Measure wall-to-wall, including any bay windows or alcoves.

★ Note ceiling height and where it changes within a room.

A couple measures a home with a clipboard and measuring tape to prepare for virtual remodeling software.
A couple measures a home with a clipboard and measuring tape to prepare for virtual remodeling software. / Credit: Catalina Lopez / Lower Makefield Township, PA 19067, USA

Capturing Photos of the Current Space

  • Use a wide angle lens to capture entire room in each shot.
  • Take photos in bright, even lighting at different times of day.
  • Get multiple angles – walls, corners, ceilings, windows, doors.
A group of people virtually working together on a desk.
Homeowners brainstorming on a design mood board for to virtually remodel their house.

Creating an Inspiration Board or Mood Board

Gather images that represent your desired style. Sources:

  • Magazines
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Interior design websites
  • Sample materials – fabrics, tiles, wood samples
A person captures a photo of a room adorned with plants using virtual remodeling service.
A person captures a photo of a room adorned with plants using virtual remodeling service.

💡Pro Tip: Organize inspirations into categories like color palette, furniture style, flooring, etc. 

Developing a Design Brief

Your brief should outline:

  • Goal for renovation – open concept, modernize, etc.
  • Budget – set realistic expectations.
  • Style preferences – traditional, modern, etc.
  • Functional needs – storage, layout, fixtures.
House owner develops a brief to virtually remodel a house on his computer.
House owner develops a brief to virtually remodel a house on his computer.

Sourcing Finish Materials, Furniture, Fixtures

  • Browse stores and websites for ideas.
  • Save product images, specs and pricing.
  • Keep aligned with your style inspiration board.
A couple is sourcing materials from virtually remodelled room by looking at a photo.
A couple is sourcing materials from virtually remodelled room by looking at a photo.

Organizing all this information for the designer ensures an efficient process. Use a shared folder or digital project management tool.

📌 Take detailed room measurements

📌 Capture current space from all angles

📌 Create inspiration and mood boards

📌 Write a detailed design brief

📌 Source potential finishes and fixtures

📌 Use digital tools to share with designer

Does home remodel rendering work for entire house?

Home remodel rendering can work for the entire house. Architects, designers, and remodeling professionals use 3D rendering software to create realistic visualizations of the proposed changes to the entire house.

This allows homeowners to see what the finished project will look like before construction begins. These renderings can show exterior and interior changes, including layout, finishes, and materials.

What can you do with TALLBOX's app for virtual home renovation?

TALLBOX offers a variety of virtual home renovation services to help you visualize changes and upgrades to your property. Our service app allows you to see different design options before undergoing any actual renovations.

Whether you want to change the living room layout and remove walls, change wall color and flooring, add new fixtures or completely remodel a kitchen or bathroom, our virtual makeover services provide realistic renderings to showcase your property’s potential.

Kitchen remodel

  • Change cabinetry style and color
  • Update countertops
  • Add island or breakfast bar
  • Change backsplash tile
  • Update appliances
  • Add pendant lighting
  • Install new fixtures
  • Open concept floor plan
  • and more.

Living Room

  • Fresh wall paint or wallpaper
  • New flooring
  • Built-in shelving
  • Stone accent wall
  • Mounted TV feature wall
  • Add fireplace
  • Update lighting fixtures
  • Furniture rearrangement

Dining Room

  • Wainscoting or paneling
  • New chandelier
  • Bold wallpaper accent wall
  • Change wall color
  • Refinish floors
  • Add built-in cabinets
  • Swap out table and chairs


  • Fresh wall paint
  • Remove carpet for hardwood
  • Update baseboards
  • New ceiling fan
  • Add accent wall
  • Built-in closets
  • Furniture rearrangement

Kids’ Rooms

  • Themed wall murals
  • Add bunk beds
  • Colorful, modern furniture
  • Update floors and baseboards
  • Add play area with toy storage
  • Ceiling clouds and lighting


  • Replace vanity and sinks
  • New tub and shower tile
  • Add accent wall tile
  • Contemporary mirrors
  • Pendant lighting over vanity
  • Add freestanding tub
  • Enclosed glass shower


  • Finished walls and ceiling
  • Laminate flooring
  • Add recessed lighting
  • Wet bar or wine cellar
  • Mounted TV entertainment area
  • Pool table space
  • Extra bedroom and bathroom


  • Stone garden paths
  • Flower beds and shrubs
  • Water features like fountains
  • Landscape lighting
  • Patio and deck areas
  • Pergolas and gazebos
  • Stone fire pit spaces
  • Vegetable garden plots

Guest House

  • Small cottage footprint and layout
  • Match main house exterior style
  • Open concept living space
  • Mini kitchenette
  • Standing shower bathroom
  • Murphy bed and built-ins
  • Lots of windows and natural light
  • Deck or patio space
  • Landscaping around entrance

FAQ on Virtual Home Remodeling (Ultimate Guide)

Can I use Virtual Remodeling for my kitchen project?

Virtual remodeling can be used for every time of remodeling project:

– kitchen
– bathrooms
– bedrooms
– storage
– garage
– garden/landscaping
– facade / exteriors
– loft spaces

Virtually it has no limitation on how it can be used, and the best thing is the cost is almost equally the same for all types of projects.

What does it cost to do Virtual Remodeling?

On average, virtual remodeling costs from £65 / $90 to £250 / $345 per image depending on the type of room and your design brief.

I can help you with your home remodeling >

How to calculate to price for Virtual Remodeling project?

Prices are calculated per photo instead of square footage.

I have a concept, can I use Virtual Remodeling to see it?

The design concept is easy to visualize with virtual remodeling. All you need is to provide photos of your existing space, a short brief, and references. The virtual remodellers do the rest.

Do I need a concept, to see how my house will look like with Virtual Remodeling?

This is where virtual remodeling is a winner. All you need is to provide photos of the existing space, a short brief of what you want to see, and one or two style references.

What is the turnaround time for Virtual Remodeling?

It takes 24 to 48 hours per photo on average, depending on the case it might take longer up to 96 hours.

Can I use virtual renovation software and succeed with the project?

Yes, you can do it yourself; we have produced tutorials with easy steps to follow: Staging Tutorials