Architectural CGIs

Architectural CGIs represent the base of every architecture-related project. Our architectural background is the insurance to accurate, vividly detailed and photorealistic Architectural renderings.

architectural CGI - 3k

CGI environment

Control. Apart from the buildings being in 3D, the environment is computer generated too. This the method of Architectural Rendering process that gives control over everything. Not having to rely on backplates is genuinely a relief from overwhelming logistical operations behind planning a photo shoot.
We create vividly detailed, and photorealistic visualizations from the sketch. We have the purpose of helping you show your ideas to your clients in the best possible way.


CGI Photo Collage rendering

When the time is limited and the real environment has to be shown without any “cheating” CGI Photo collage comes at hand. A combination of 3D rendering and authentic photographs, where both components are presented with similar colours, light and perspective. An ultimate architectural rendering tool for working out and proving your concepts.

[image_section image_url=”” link=”” title=”Architectural Visualization is Photorealistic indeed!” desc=”” image_position=”right” ]We create vividly detailed, and photorealistic visualizations and animations are leading them from the sketch or plan to what appears to be one’s vision of home or working place. We have a purpose to help you show your ideas to your clients in the best possible way. How? – With a cutting-edge technology, combined with our team of experts we simply visualise. Everything. With the highest quality.[/image_section]

[image_section image_url=”” link=”” title=”Architectural Visualization for Competitions” desc=”” image_position=”left” ]Yes, we work with a real-life materials and colour palettes that make our Architectural Visualizations as closest to a real-life experience! The textures are seamless, with high precision. We combine them with real products and custom objects to create a project in the most detailed and realistic way, granting you to win any competition![/image_section]

[image_section image_url=”” link=”” title=”Detail Crops, Atmosphere and Composition” desc=”” image_position=”right” ]What’s the thing about light? Everything! We can combine lighting and composition in architectural visualization in a way that will allow your customers to experience the actual atmosphere of the designed area. To experience the time ahead, when a project is finished. By creating a variety of different scenes, we assure that the customer’s dreams and expectations will come true![/image_section]

[image_section image_url=”” link=”” title=”Architectural Visualizations for Marketing Campaigns” desc=”” image_position=”left” ]Have your project marketing campaigns failed to generate sales in the past? Have the chosen consultants provided imagery that was totally off the target? Improve your marketing imagery for your current projects and beyond.

  • Clearly, showcase the project so that the clients would get an exact idea about it and make an informed decision.
  • Any changes that the architect or the designer wants to make, can be identified and made in order to ensure that the quality of a final project is perfect


[image_section image_url=”” link=”” title=”Floorplans / 3D concept study” desc=”” image_position=”right” ]Using Architectural Visualization software, we generate photoreal floorplans and 3D concept studies which would otherwise be very challenging and time-consuming to create. Just send us hand sketch, 2D drawing or few photos with dimmentions.[/image_section]


[image_section image_url=”” link=”” title=” Architectural Visualization as Interior Design Assistance” desc=”” image_position=”left” ]We assist. In everything. At Tallbox we have the capacity and creativity to assist your big projects with a supportive interior design. We help you with your design concept, and our architect and design directors can assist you with any step of the project creation process. Combining this with our vast library of real 3D objects and years of experience, our team of professionals can be of great support to any project.[/image_section]

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