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Virtual Staging

True and photo-real bespoke virtual staging produced by home stagers and designers.


virtual staging

Virtual Staging of Furnished homes

Virtual Staging of Furnished homes is where the magic happens. It’s easy to stage drag and drop 3D digital furniture in empty spaces; most virtual staging companies can achieve that. But what about the virtual staging of furnished properties?
We developed a unique workflow that allows us to reconstruct at 93% the spaces and stage them virtually.

(2,725) ratings

 FROM £50 / $68

Virtual Staging of Vacant Homes

Vacant properties are one of the easiest to stage. Emptiness is no longer an issue, don’t risk losing on those deals. Additionally, do you know that empty rooms looks smaller? Virtual staging of vacant homes is one of our fastest service.
You are in a hurry, order in the morning get it by the end of the day!

(3,980) ratings

 FROM £40 / $55

Video Virtual Staging

Video Virtual Staging is our brand new service which is becoming popular by hour. We believe that no other company on the market offers video staging! Place an order for pricing, and we’ll write back to you with quotation.

(273) ratings

 FROM £500 / $690 for 10 seconds

Virtual Decluttering

Virtual Decluttering + Staging is a top-selling tool we have. No buyer will look at messy photos and be inclined to waste their time. Unless your idea is to promote “as is” and leave some money on the table.

(7,911) ratings

 FROM £65 / $89

360 Virtual Staging

(3,745) ratings

360 Staging is an emerging trend. The viewer’s high interactivity and the possibility to experience the space while being in control and exploring every corner and detail is the ultimate real estate marketing tool. Suitable for Animated Virtual Staging and Lifestyle Staging add-ons.

 FROM £119 / $165

Luxury Virtual Staging​

Luxury Staging is top of the game. Your project is designed with top-of-the-line furniture brands, decors, and lighting. This service is for luxury real estate above the 1 million price range.

(5,117) ratings

 FROM £80 / $109

Virtual Exterior Renovation

Virtual Exterior Renovation is here to visualize ideas before undertaking real work. It’s useful when the construction work is still being done, but the listing must go live. Help prospect buyers visualize what’s about to see in reality even before it’s finished.

(2,540) ratings

 FROM £95 / $130


(631) ratings

Animated virtual staging is a luxury Add-On service best suitable for sing-page listing websites and open-house demonstrations. Highly engaging and detailed animated stagings are the perfect intro to demonstrate the high potential of listing. Animated virtual staging is not a stand-alone service but an add-on to your main package.

 STARTING AT £140 / $199 for 5 seconds


Virtual Renovation

Virtual Renovation is for these properties where they need a bit more than “touch” or if your vendor is planning on upgrading the space. This service has many purposes, just ask. Virtually we can do anything you need in advance (add/remove/transform) to a property and show what might the future hold.

(17,430) ratings

 FROM £105 / $145

Virtual Staging + Design

Virtual Staging + Design is a bespoke service. Includes all from Staging + and goes deep into the project. We redesign real estate photography to show the maximum in front of potential buyers. Furniture, Lighting, Accessories, Layout many more.
For an additional fee of £165 per image, we can provide spec. sheets and qty.

(2,146) ratings

 FROM £145 / $199



(564) ratings

Lifestyle staging is for those willing to go a step further — the ultimate marketing presentation for penthouses, townhouses, mansions, and multi-bedroom condos. Lifestyle staging is not a stand-alone service but an add-on to your main package. Suitable for Animated Virtual Staging add-ons.


 FROM £50 / $69 per image

Virtual Refurbishment

Virtual Refurbishment is here fast-forward your time for a listing. You can virtually finish the refurbishment and list the property way in advance before the actual refurbishment is concluded.

(4,211) ratings

 FROM £65 / $83

3D Floor Plans / Landscaping

3D Floor Plans / Landscaping are dedicated to helping to sell real estate and landscaping projects. Showcase floor plans in 3D with color, scale, and volume. Most popular among new development projects with off-plan sales.

(344) ratings

 FROM £150 / $195

Google maps Staging

Google maps Staging are useful in those situations when there is no chance or time for sending a photographer to a location. We can data from Google Maps and virtually swap, build, finish real estate or landscape.  

(235) ratings

 FROM £95 / $130

Real Estate Single Listing Webiste

Real Estate Mini-Website is a powerful marketing tool to promote the property for sale or rent. Create a bespoke mini-website for each property with text, photos, staging photos, maps, community information, and many more. 

(601) ratings

 FROM £105 / $145

Virtual Outdoor Staging

Virtual Outdoor Staging can increase the value of the property by 12.4 percent. Why not add dining area, dry patio, a possible pool, a covered deck or playground? Outdoor staging is becoming our best-selling service since 2019!

(2,990) ratings

 FROM £65 / $89

Themed Staging

Themed Staging gives you unlimited possibilities to stage property according to a season, celebration, and even for branding awareness. The highly realistic props we add to the images can cheer up even the most desperate property situation.
Order Themed Staging as an additional service to your main Staging for the best impact.

(419) ratings

 FROM £35 / $45

Weather Styling

Weather Styling doesn’t need explanation. Most real estate agents are schedules to shoot “asap” and the weather may not be the best. If your listings are lacking sun and blue skies, guaranteed you will have 15% less traction with potential buyers.

(655) ratings

 FROM £45 / $60

Virtual Decoration

Virtual Decoration is here to add decoration and accessories to any photos for your listing. Add tables, rugs, vases, or pictures; why not a garden setting. Virtually anything is possible.

(7,019) ratings

 FROM £20 / $25


  • By the greatest contemporary technology, by talent, by imagination and definitely by reason, this makes virtual staging with TALLBOX different and literary boost the potential of your real estate, so it becomes much more likable and valuable. Moreover, all this is more cost-effective than you think.

    Micha Haart

    Top Selling Broker - Ontario, Canada
  • Using Home staging design workflow in combination with Virtual Staging gives TALLBOX the capability to re-create almost everything from different styles of furniture, decors, floors, lights to the new layout of the room or garden re-design. All with real design intent behind and this sells!

    Barley Clair

    Top Selling Broker - Austin, Texas
  • Working with George and TALLBOX has been great experience. From the first day of the project they kept me in the loop of events. Virtually staged images came on the 3rd day and within a week of the listing we sold the house.

    Jake Codin

    Realtor - Miami, US
  • For the past 5 years we have used many virtual staging companies. Since we discovered George and his team at TALLBOX my vendors were impressed by the great attention to details. All of our listings are virtually staged with TALLBOX.

    Jeremy Till

    Realtor - Washington, US
  • I was skeptical at first using virtual staging since, In the past, my office had a bad experience with previous staging companies. The Tallbox team made me re-think my strategy again with their very bespoke process. Now, almost 90% of our vacant homes are virtually staged.

    Realtor, Texas Mich Cove

    Mich Cove

    Realtor - Texas, US
  • All this is very new to me. I started my realtor carrier two years ago, and I can tell most of them started with approaching Tallbox for their virtual staging services. The team goes above and beyond with their customer service team.

    Realtor, Utah US Jeremiah Gabon

    Jeremiah Gabon

    Realtor - Utah, US
  • My Minneapolis brokerage firm has been using virtual staging for a while, and recently we’ve changed providers. TALLBOX exceeded our expectations since day one. On the first 10 projects together, we’ve sold real estate worth 17 million dollars.

    Realtor, Minneapolis, US Martha Thomas

    Martha Thomas

    Realtor - Minneapolis, US


We’ve seen that many of our clients asked how we do virtual staging, and George has managed to publish more than 60 virtual staging tutorials at the virtual staging channel: link.
Or instead, you can visit our Virtual Staging Software page; there are plenty of tips and tricks, including free tutorials on how to do virtual staging and what software you can use.

Pricing is per virtual staging image (as low as £35) and may vary according to size and work required. Get a free quote in three hours:

48-72 hours. We try to do our best to deliver your staged images within 48 hours (Pay per Photo) if there are additional revisions to be made or more details required – 72 hours.
We offer a 24-hour turnaround, too, for an additional 25% per photo.

Every staging project is bespoke and has a dedicated mood board; We do not use 3D catalogs.

Yes, send us a message at and we’ll let you know how you can get your photos staged for free!


This is new with our experienced team of interior designers and unique workflow, where we DESIGN your staging project with real furniture, accessories, fixtures, and decors. Then we issue a procurement pack with all the necessary prices and quotes. This is our ultimate marketing tool, which helps you up-sell the project to the next level and triple your profit.

This is a very new bespoke staging service invented by TALLBOX’s team!
Animated virtual staging is exactly what it means – staging that is animated and holds great detail. Suitable for sing-page websites and open-house demonstrations. The perfect intro to demonstrate the high potential of listing. Animated virtual staging is not a stand-alone service but an add-on to your main package. Prices start at £140 / $198 per 5 seconds.

 Lifestyle Virtual Staging is another bespoke staging service invented by TALLBOX’s team! Our constant R&D paved the way forwards and helped us establish TALLBOX at the top of the virtual staging providers’ ranks.

Lifestyle staging is constructed based on interior design photography. The idea is to show and capture the details from up-close, making the listing even more attractive and engaging with the right buyers. Professional home stagers mostly use the service as part of their home staging marketing packages.

This is not a stand-alone service but an add-on to your main package. Prices start at £50 / $69 per image.


1. Get in touch with us: Phone us or e-mail us. We are open Mon-Sat during regular business hours. We respond to e-mails within two to four hours of receiving them.

2. Information: Let us know what are your needs. Send us information or the photos that you would like to be staged. Write in short what has to be done, e.g. change from a bedroom to the living room or other.

3. The Delivery: You will receive High-quality photo-real digitally staged images of the property delivered to your e-mail within 24-48-72 hours if you Pay per Photo.

You can choose the design direction and our staging expert will complete the design project with all the furniture and details.

When submitting a project for Staging you can choose from different design styles and include examples or sketches of what you are after. Our state-of-art workflow, allow us to achieve the desired look on the preferences you provide. Free of charge revisions are limited to removing the 3D models, change of color/texture, or change of their position. Any other changes as adding new furniture or new design style may occur an additional charge.

Tell them the truth. We advise Real Estate agents to take care of disclosing. Tell your customers the design and decors they see on photos are generated virtually using Virtual Staging Expert to give an impression of the home’s potential. Actual furnishings may not be as they appear in some photographs.


Absolutely. With our state-of-art workflow and most advanced 3d modeling and rendering tools, we can achieve realism that will make you believe it’s a real photo. This type of digital staging will become your most powerful marketing ace.


Renting real furniture and hiring stages, moving companies can be a costly nightmare. Prices start a minimum of £2000 for a small bedroom and £3500 per month. We encourage you to get a quote and compare it to the cost of digital staging.

We bet that your furniture rental company requires you to pay for additional insurance in case of any damage during the agreed period of listing! Digital Staging does not require insurance coverage. The only obligation you have is to state in your advertisement that these images are “digitally staged,” “artistic impression,” or similar.



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    Realtor, Minneapolis, US Martha Thomas
    Martha Thomas - Realtor, US

    My Minneapolis brokerage has been using virtual staging for a while with TALLBOX. We're very pleased with the service!

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