Our goal at Tallbox is to provide readers with practical, honest advice and insights based on our 15 years of real-world design experience.

Content Creation

  • Our blog content is created by experienced designers and architects who have worked on actual projects.
  • We carefully select writers with expertise in specific topics like home renovation, remodeling, new building construction, 3D renderings, real estate buying and selling, home staging, marketing and more.
  • We also work with freelance writers and have a thorough process for ensuring quality, vetted by George Nicola

Fact Checking

  • We have a rigorous fact checking process to verify all information is accurate before publishing.
  • Our team ensures recommendations reflect current best practices in the field.
  • We also rely on input from active design professionals to provide insider knowledge.

“We promptly correct any factual errors and appreciate readers reporting inaccuracies.”

Original Content

Tallbox is committed to providing 100% original content. We do not use Automatic AI-written content or plagiarize other sources.


Our editorial content remains completely independent and is never influenced by sponsors or advertisers.


  • Our seasoned team of contributors are drawn from active design professionals.
  • Our bloggers stay current by working on real-world projects.


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