Based in London, the Architectural Visualizations and Design agency TALLBOX is sought after for its distinctive ethos as multidisciplinary encompassing, Interior Design CGIs, Architectural Renderings and Interior Design management strategies.

Since its inception in 2011, the team formed by architects, designers, artists and copywriters has come a long way forward, building a distinctive design ethos and character of the practice.

Working alongside innovators in architecture and interior design, they have been able to attain a consistent level of quality upon which their reputation is formed.

TALLBOX combines the quality of design and attention to detail with vast experience to create truly outstanding service while continually is on the lookout of innovating with custom features and evolving their client relationships to a whole new level.

At TALLBOX, creativity is supported, and new ideas are welcomed. The company has built an atmosphere where all clients have become partners, which results in the creation of new business and high levels of exceptional quality.

The team is a unique combination, comprising of professionals across Architecture, Interior Design, and Marketing, and boasts a multi-cultural, multi-national workforce, with a variety of language, culture, and ideas.


The result is a surprising diversity of expertise, knowledge, and character, which is applied with TALLBOX’s proven track record.



Is to assist and to encourage as many clients as we can to dare! To strive and innovate their business to new heights.

This is the ethos of TALLBOX and means each project is unique and reflects the character and requirements of the end client. There’s a mission ahead of us. It has always been one. And it’s also as simple as it gets – to spread the understanding Interior and Architecture CGIs.

To cooperate with businesses to improve their business and influence over their clients. To engage one’s mind and heart into the participation of life, to see a dwelling not just as a place but as a lifestyle and home.

By using the Tallbox platform, we aim to reveal the answers to multiple questions, which interior designers and architects are wondering in a situation when a project is too complex or time is short. 

Our vision is to share everything we know and every bit of experience in the interior design and marketing. In many different forms, in many different ways, it has been happening, and it will happen. So there we are there for YOU – articles, video, informational graphics, inspirations, live events and CPD’s.

All the things that provoke, inspire, create, support and work with creative people.

The professional successes of the people in our staff is a tool to everyone, an instrument which aims to show the future generations that IF one does whatever he/she dreams about, the success is inevitable.

We are so fond of home. Not just here at home, but wherever a home is felt. Our projects are worldwide not just for the work itself, but for communication sake.

For the idea of keeping in touch with our colleagues in the interior design, architectural visualizations, architecture and marketing. Whatever they are.

Studio TALLBOX holds great pride in providing work of the highest order and endeavors to surpass clients’ requirements and expectations, significantly.

TALLBOX’s approach encompasses every element of Interior and Buildings, covering all aspects from conception to use. We start by working closely with clients to recognize their needs and transposing them into innovative and productive design solutions.

We offer services from 3D concept through, managing interior design agencies internal processes to marketing event organization across a diverse range of sectors within the interior design market:

Interior Design Business Management

Concept Design CGI / Design assistance

Interior Design CGI / Renderings

Architectural CGI / Visualizations


Property Marketing CGI

360 ° Master plan overview

Virtual Staging


The talented and professional Architectural and Interior Design Visualization TALLBOX team has been carefully selected. Their collective experience encompasses myriad forms of interior design and architecture from luxury residential homes, developments, and marketing show suites through to innovative and captivating restaurants and hotels.


We are always searching for talented and dedicated individuals to join the team. If you would like to work with us, please send your CV and a PDF Portfolio of your work to office.tallbox@gmail.com