Contemporary House Interior Design & CGI

The Almeria house is a contemporary-minimalistic home for a family of three located in Spain. It is designed from the ground – up and consist of basement part with car garage, backyard garden, small driveway upfront. Internally groundfloor is intended to be an open space accommodates a kitchen, living room, pantry and guest toilet while the first floor has three en-suite bathrooms and pantry.

Location: Almeria, Spain

The location of the house is at proximity to the beach in a developing part of the city where the sea breeze can be sensed in the morning. Therefore the architect intended to create those open at both ends to allow the airflow freely.

3d house spain

TALLBOX’s team helped with 3D Interior Design support starting with the 3D interior design concept, via three client presentations with not much revisions and alterations of the initial idea.

Interior Design animation and a few VR scenes along with some Interactive Visualizations were needed too. The whole project took a little longer than two months.

Each Interior Visualization project with TALLBOX goes under a specific workflow designed to ensure quality, precision and to meet deadlines. (it can be found here)

The property was planned to undergo a full interior refurbishment, and this is where TALLBOX had to add value to the project. Concept Interior Visualization is the moment when entire 3D environment of all spaces are build which provides unlimited flexibility for the client to explore and request different options.

Contemporary house moodboard
Interior Design Casa_Almeria-(2)-back

The above images represent the front and back facades.

The above aerial rendering demonstrates the shape of the structure, where it sits and all external finishes.

Pre-design CGI - casa almeria (2)
Pre-design CGI - casa almeria (1)

At that stage, we already had a clear idea of where the project was going. The internal layout has been approved by clients thanks to the previous Concept Interior Visualization stage. Pre-Design CGIs / Lighting study is a phase where the project goes into detail, and natural/artificial is tested.

Pre-design CGI - casa almeria (3)
Pre-design CGI - casa almeria (4)
Interior Design and CGI (1)

Following the rounds of revisions necessary for the client to make the decisions on the lighting and some materials we reached 30 draft interior visualization images in two months.

Pre-Design Virtual Tour

Interior Design CGI Animation

Interior Design CGIs / Presentation quality / Living - Dining - Kitchen - Garden

3D interior Design - casa almeria (2)
3D interior Design - casa almeria (1)