Garage conversion to flat for two

Design specification: a garage turned into a practical home for two

Allocation and functions: the main task was to solve the nonstandard space and the economical allocation of the internal space which is 32 m2, because of its peculiar shape. The premise is a former garage with a big metal door and no windows whatsoever. Another interesting characteristic was the underground part of the garage which is entered by an aperture in the garage itself and which was turned to a cellar at a later stage of the design works. The effective decision was to make the bedroom at the second level, and locate the toilet and bathroom underneath, thus saving the maximum of the floor area. The kitchen is located around the whole module which gives us as short pipeline and communication routes as possible.

The large metal door was left for decoration whereby we designed an aperture for a two-steps vestibule therein, that will form an air pocket, too. Next to the front door there is a huge wardrobe with a height of 3,5 meters, which is intended for clothes and accessories of the family for the current season. The sitting room is a transition room in the middle of the premise, with a sofa for visitors, a small coffee table and s TV module. Under the metal staircase which was designed especially for this premise, we formed a second cellar and a place for the dog of the owners.

At the second level there is a bedroom with small furniture for bedclothes, the whole module is surrounded by dense curtains which provide privacy when necessary.

Colors and design: the colors are in the black-and-white palette with elements of contrasting natural colors. At some points, elements of light classic, minimalism and industrial style are present. The interior is created by means of materials such as natural stone, black metal, textile, plaster casts and natural wood.