A Modern Techno Apartment

Design specification: the functional allocation of the current space into several areas.

Allocation and functions: the apartment is comparably spacious and with a good location. The young family that was expecting their baby was in need of functional areas to enhance their living, but at the same time not to be an obstacle for the daily busy life. Since the largest room in the apartment was the sitting room, we decided to divide it in three consecutive areas –kitchen, dining room and sitting room. The parents’ bedroom received a baby nook with a cot and a dresser. All this had to be performed in very short terms, as the new family member was coming soon.

Colours and design: as far as colours were concerned, we decided not to impose excessive contrasting colours, whereby our idea was to avoid the undue sterile appearance –which is typical of the techno style. The decision to apply close shades of grey and brown had the purpose of easy maintenance, pleasant and casual atmosphere. The key aspects in the interior were the few decorations, the black spots on the lamps and the wooden parquet in several different tones.