Design Of A Two-Storey Loft Apartment

Design specification: Merging of two apartments one of which is a penthouse apartment.

Allocation and functions: Our main task was to solve multiple curves and areas in a functional way, without impairing the visual perception. The apartment is entered through the vestibule which proceeds as a common corridor with no doors to the sitting room and the kitchen. Immediately to the sitting room we used the old premise of the kitchen to open a winter garden with a terrace. The sitting room is located in the middle of the apartment and it is in open connection to the kitchen and the dining room. The staircase is in the middle and actually all premises are around it – staircase, TV zone, wardrobes, fireplace.

Going up to the second floor you enter into a corridor with several furnished niches, which contribute to the functionality of the place. There are three bedrooms on this floor, along with three bathrooms and toilets. The main parents’ bedroom is connected to a terrace, which will have a small massage pool in the future.

Colours and design: The colours are of neutral monochromatic palettes with contrasting elements. The grey-white dominates in combination with grey-white and dark wood. Some rooms visualise elements of minimalism and industrial style. The decoration in some of the premises will be solved by the personal collections of the owners from their trips around the world.