Interior Design Of a 200 m2 flat

Design specification: complete renovation and reallocation of the old apartment in a modern and traditional style

Allocation and functions:  the apartment comprises several small rooms which had to be cleaned and shaped in the beginning, whereby we had to remove some of the walls and construct new ones at different spots. It was necessary to form three major zones in the main premise – a dining room, a kitchen and a sitting room, whereby there was some space left which we turned into a relax nook. A wall consisting of furniture was designed between the kitchen and the dining room, which was intended to play a major role in the shaping of the two zones, simultaneously playing a functional role. The requirement for minimal furniture in the room was met exactly by means of this wall, which is a perfect place for storing things. Then we have 2 children’s rooms, 1 parents’ bedroom, 1 main bathroom with a toilet, a home office and a toilet.

Colours and design: the colours are the main light palettes with no particular presence of too many bright spots. Grey-white dominates on walls and ceilings, combined with grey-white floorings and light furniture. The combination of a light classic line and modern furniture contributed to the required luxurious appearance of the apartment.