Mid-Century Modern Apartment

Design specification: the style of the 60’s of the last century, recreated in a modern way.

Allocation and functions: the main task was the solution of the daily inhabited space and its allocation in several zones. As the premise with the biggest area in the apartment, which was a small sitting room in the past and a small kitchen now, the solution was to keep the feeling of space as we don’t use tall furniture. The dining zone is furnished with a modern black table in a Scandinavian style with several chairs of a different colour, thus avoiding uniformity. The zone around the sitting room is formed with two nooks – sofa and armchairs, one of which is near the inserted fireplace next to the vestibule. The kitchen is in the upper part of the premise, and it has an open area where the main part of cooking is performed, thus providing communication with the family. There are two more bedrooms, a bathroom with toilet, service premise and toilet for visitors.

Colours and design: the colours are in the natural palette of concrete and white with elements of wood, black highlighting colour and accent decorations with pictures and posters in the style of the 70’s. The lighting is divided into several scenarios for each zone. The carpet in the middle of the premise plays the role of an attracting point with its many colours and various textures. The style is a typical mid-century style recreated in a modern view.