Minimalist industrial one family house

Design specification: Decisions- they are tricky business. But in decisions we found ourselves. Only in decisions and not elsewhere. The best (and sometimes worst) thing in some decisions is that there is no turning back. That’s what makes them so important and vital. It really does matter what your beliefs are, it does matter how you talk to others, it does matter what your childhood was, but it also does matter what legacy you leave the world with. Sometimes you actually give more than receive. And probably that’s the most important thing about being brave in life…..It’s a story of a family home.

Industrial lights and magic

A ladle falls on the kitchen floor, making spaghetti mess all around. A beautiful mess.
The word industrial used for this project is a bit distant from the actual idea for this home. A single mum with her three kids really wanted something special for her and the children. And by special we don’t mean super sophisticated devices or “smart house” which could be moderated from the office or the driveway. No. The mum wanted a home for her and the little fellows. A space where they could be happy, a place where they could run and make mess. A place where you could leave your blanket untidy over the couch. Easy to be cleaned, and maintained. She wanted a kitchen where spaghetti and pancakes smell like home. Where the spilled orange juice or milk leave spots, which have to be cleaned immediately, or “a-whole-day-in-you-room-punishment” goes along. You know- that kind of a home.

Allocation and functions:

Away means close

Indeed. The project is located in a distant place away from a big city. With a beautiful view to a meadow, followed by the nearby woods this dwelling is a real gem. It’s away from the city, but close to nature and in the same time close to any soul which is searching for solitude and calmness. And that’s the philosophical journey which this client has had alongside with us. The idea that sometimes you have to receive a bit less from everything. Less from people, less from work, less from worries and less from aggressive happiness. The idea that sometimes being away brings you closer to everything and mainly to yourself.

Colours and design:

Features of people/Features of home

It’s such a bless when we could afford to do things our way. In this project, the single mother wanted practical lines, useful furniture to fill up the dwelling. The kitchen and dining room needed to be spacious and neat. Living room, the other rooms and corridors go in one style and in line with the whole idea. Massive quantities of light empower the place and the bright colours of the interior.
All the minimalistic and philosophical ideas are being talked over with the client. And that’s the reason that there is nothing accidental in this place.
A basement makes the whole thing even more practical. The terrace and the porch make it like it’s really inhabited by people like there’s real life here.