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Welcome to TALLBOX DESIGN, where digital interior design meets cutting-edge 3D rendering services!

Redecorating or renovating a home is about visualizing the perfect new space. One of the most useful ways of achieving this is through professional digital interior design.

Our digital design consultations allow you to benefit from our expert eye by creating 3D renderings of rooms in your home.

For a reasonable fee, we’ll provide virtual remodeling and redecorating 3D images to help you envision the possibilities before committing to any changes. With our photorealistic CGI technology, you’ll be able to see your dream home come to life.

Whether you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, redecorate your living room, or add a new extension, our digital interior design services enable you to explore different layouts, colors, textures, lighting and more. We help make the process of renovation and redecorating easier, faster and more cost-effective.

Get in touch today to learn more about our almost free digital interior design services and fees. We’re here to help make your ideal home a reality.


Welcome to TALLBOX's Digital Interior Design Offer

Our professional digital interior designers have years of experience helping homeowners and interior designers visualize renovations and redecorating.

We’ll provide an objective digital rendering and plan, and point out any changes that can optimize your space. Read on to learn how our design consultations can help make your dream home a reality!

That’s why we’re offering a free digital design consultation for one of your rooms.

Visualize Your Ideal Home with a Free  Digital Design Trial Service (Worth $250)

Typically for online interior design visualizations we charge $700 (£555) or more per room.

Our discounted trial allows you to see the possibilities before paying for a full digital redesign of your space. Take advantage of this offer to get a photorealistic 3D rendering of how we could transform one room.

With no commitment required, it’s a risk-free way to experience the benefits of our digital interior design services first-hand. We’re confident you’ll love what you see!

Kitchen & Dining Room

The kitchen and dining room are often considered the heart of a home. That’s why we focus on reimagining these spaces to help you create your dream environment.

Our digital designers may suggest decluttering your countertops, adding fresh flowers or potted plants, updating light fixtures, or showcasing any high-end appliances – all virtually. We’ll arrange your dining room furniture digitally to allow for optimal flow and conversation.

The goal is for you to easily envision hosting family meals and get-togethers in a beautifully redesigned kitchen and dining space. With our photorealistic 3D renderings, you’ll be able to visualize changes like opening up the kitchen, changing the cabinetry, installing an island, or knocking down a wall between the kitchen and dining room.

We help you see the possibilities so you can make informed renovation decisions and create a kitchen and dining area that perfectly suits your needs and style. Bring your vision to life with our digital interior design services.

Reimagine Your Kitchen and Dining Spaces with Our Digital Design Services

Is your kitchen cluttered and outdated? Does your dining area lack personality? Our digital designers can help envision fresh, functional spaces tailored to your family's lifestyle.

With photorealistic 3D renderings, we transform these high-traffic areas digitally to bring your vision to life.

Here's how:

Kitchen Design

  • Declutter countertops completely in CGI visuals for a clean look
  • Organize pantry shelves and cupboards digitally to optimize storage
  • Visualize a thorough deep clean of surfaces, sinks, appliances and backsplashes
  • Style with coordinating containers and appliances for a uniform look
  • Add pops of color and texture with digital fruit bowls, cutting boards, plants
  • Reimagine the space with upgraded cabinetry, counters, backsplash and flooring

Dining Area Design

  • Style table settings simply with neutral dinnerware and linen napkins
  • Display decorative trays, candlesticks and flower arrangements on buffets
  • Define the space with an area rug digitally placed under dining table
  • Adjust lighting fixtures virtually to create a warm, welcoming ambiance
  • Open up the space by knocking down walls, extending the area, adding a breakfast nook

With photorealistic 3D renderings, we help reimagine your kitchen and dining areas to suit your family's needs and lifestyle. Contact us today to bring your vision to life!

Living & Family Room

When envisioning changes to your living and family rooms, you want to create spaces where you instantly feel at home and relaxed. We’ll advise editing and rearranging your furniture digitally to create comfortable, welcoming areas.

Accent decor like blankets, pillows and plants can also lend a cozy, lived-in feel. For family rooms, we may recommend designating clear zones for watching TV, gaming and other activities through our 3D renderings.

With our photorealistic visualizations, you’ll be able to see what your living and family rooms could look like with a fresh coat of paint, new furniture arrangements, additional lighting, or even major renovations like removing a wall.

Our digital design tips will help you picture enjoying downtime in a reinvented living room or family room tailored to your needs. Bring your vision to life and make these shared spaces the heart of your home with our services.

Reimagine Your Living Room with Our Digital Design Services

Is your living room looking lackluster? Our skilled digital designers specialize in revitalizing living spaces to enhance your enjoyment and bring your vision to life.

Digital Design Services for Living Rooms Include:

  • Extensive virtual decluttering and furniture rearrangement to create an open canvas. We'll provide an objective eye on what could go.
  • Thoughtful virtual furniture placement for improved flow and clear designation of spaces for conversation, media viewing, reading nooks, etc.
  • Digital incorporation of cohesive style with new window treatments, lighting fixtures, area rugs, and accessories.
  • Virtual addition of greenery like potted plants and flowers along with pillows, throws, and artwork to lend a warm, welcoming feel.
  • Visualizing repainting walls in current, neutral colors if needed to give the space a fresh, updated look. New virtual paint can make a huge visual impact.
  • Evaluating potential larger upgrades like new wood flooring, marble tile, fireplace refresh, or even structural changes to open up the space through 3D renderings.
  • Recommendations for accentuating original architectural details like crown molding, antique windows, arched doorways and built-ins.

With photorealistic CGI, we can help you see your living room brought to life with a new layout, furniture, finishes and more. Contact us today for a personalized quote on our digital design services. Let us help visualize your dream living room!

Kids & Bedrooms

Bedrooms and kids’ rooms should feel like peaceful retreats. We’ll help with digital tips to declutter surfaces and organize closets to create a spacious, serene vibe. Luxury linens and decorative pillows can turn your master into an oasis through our 3D visualizations.

For kids’ rooms, we’ll suggest how to arrange toys neatly and bring in accent pieces like a brightly colored rug – all virtually. The goal is for you to envision how your family could enjoy redesigned private yet livable spaces tailored to your needs.

With our photorealistic renderings, you’ll be able to see bedrooms and kids’ rooms brought to life with fresh paint colors, new furniture arrangements, custom closet systems, accent lighting, and more. We can help you reimagine these intimate spaces as spa-like retreats or whimsical havens.

Our digital interior design services enable you to try out different layouts and designs risk-free. Bring your vision for dream bedrooms and kids’ rooms to life with our help.

Visualize Dreamy Bedrooms and Inspiring Kids' Spaces with Our Digital Design Services

Reimagine lackluster bedrooms into dreamy retreats with our professional digital interior design services. We create photorealistic renderings of bedrooms and kids' spaces that inspire.

For Serene Master Bedrooms:

  • Showcase the space virtually with calming colors and breezy window treatments
  • Layer on cozy textures with digital rugs, bedding and pillows
  • Declutter surfaces and organize closets digitally to give an airy feel
  • Add personalized touches like framed photos and collected art visually
  • Accent with greenery, lamps and other warm lighting sources in 3D renderings
  • Evaluate updates like new ceiling fans or statement lighting fixtures virtually

For Playful Kids' Rooms:

  • Visualize painting or accessorizing around a fun theme kids will love
  • Mix in colorful or patterned bedding, rugs and window shades digitally
  • Designate clear zones for sleeping, playing, studying in 3D layouts
  • Contain toys neatly in virtual baskets and organizers
  • Showcase the child's personality with meaningful artwork and décor
  • Maximize storage with digital shelves, bins and customized closet systems

With our CGI technology, we can help you envision bedrooms and kids' spaces tailored to your family's needs. Contact us today to get inspired for a digital refresh!


Free Home Assessment Consultation

Get a Personalized visualization plan 15-minute video overview from one of our professional digital designers. You submit at least two photos and measurements for - one room in your home and we return a video review of the space. Take advantage of this free offer to experience our digital interior design services first-hand. Our designer will provide customized tips tailored to your aesthetic and lifestyle needs to help bring your dream room to life!

Your Free Digital Design Consultation Includes:

An evaluation of how the space is currently furnished and decorated and what can be improved.

A floor plan visualization of the room with tips for layout changes, furnishings, colors, lighting and more to match your vision.

  • A 15-minute video review from one of our expert digital designers who has 13+ years of interior design experience.
  • A review of 2-3 photos and measurements you submit of one room needing a refreshed look.
  • An evaluation of your existing furniture layout, decor and architectural details.
  • A floor plan visualization of the room incorporating our design recommendations such as:
  • Virtual editing and reorganization of furnishings *
  • Digital decluttering of surfaces * 
  • Incorporating decorative pillows, plants and artwork visually
  • Adjusting lighting fixtures and bulbs in renderings
  • Guidance on cost-effective upgrades like paint colors, fixtures, and hardware.
  • Instructions for re-photographing the room to match the 3D renderings.
  • An email summary after our call with the 3D visualization and complete design recommendations. *
  • Answering any other interior design questions you have about the space*.

Our goal is to provide actionable, expert digital design advice to help you envision improvements to one room before committing to any changes. Claim your free 15-minute consultation now to experience our services first-hand!

*Additional design services and questions beyond the included 15 minutes are subject to additional fee.

Digital Photos

Learn How to Take Photos for Digital Design

Following these photo guidelines will provide us with the necessary visuals to evaluate your space and create customized 3D visualizations.

We'll review the photos and measurements carefully and get to work transforming your room digitally with our CGI technology. Learn how to photograph and measure your space to help us generate the most accurate renderings!

Photo Guidelines for Digital Interior Design Consultation

Following these tips will provide us the necessary visuals to create accurate 3D renderings and design recommendations for your space. Take comprehensive photos and measurements to set us up for success! Let us know if you have any other questions as you photograph.

Photo Checklist:

  1. Remove personal items and declutter the room as much as possible.
  2. Open blinds/curtains and turn on all lights for natural light.
  3. Photograph the entire room including all corners, ceiling, and floor.
  4. Take wide shots showing the full room then closer shots of features.
  5. Focus on architectural details like crown molding, built-ins, etc.
  6. Capture problem areas needing improvement.
  7. Organize photos room-by-room and label clearly.
  8. Use the highest resolution camera available - smartphone or DSLR.
  9. Ensure images are well-lit, in focus, without shadows or glare.
  10. Limit furnishings to highlight the architectural bones.
  11. Measure room dimensions, windows, doorways, ceiling height.
  12. Send 10-15 of your best, most representative photos and all measurements.

Comprehensive photos and dimensions enable us to digitally recreate your exact room with precision. This allows us to tailor our 3D visualizations and recommendations to your space. Quality visual references are key for inspiring, photorealistic designs!

Design pitfalls

Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

When looking to redesign a space, it’s important to avoid some frequent pitfalls that can limit your vision. Here are tips from our professional digital designers. Let us know if any of these common mistakes apply to the room you want to refresh. We're happy to provide specific virtual solutions. Let us know if any of these common issues apply to your space! We're ready to help envision optimized, photorealistic rooms tailored to your needs.

Avoid These Common Interior Design Pitfalls (Advice for already Designed Spaces)

When looking to redesign a room, it's important to avoid some common mistakes that can limit envisioning its full potential. Here are tips from our professional digital designers.

Let us know if any of these apply to the room you're seeking a refreshed look for. We're happy to provide specific virtual solutions.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Clutter everywhere - counters, tables, floors. Digitally declutter and reorganize.
  • Furniture that overwhelms the space. We can recreate room layouts.
  • Dated color schemes and fabrics. We'll suggest fresh modern palettes.
  • Rooms feel closed off and dark. We'll add light virtually!
  • Mismatching styles and textures. We'll unify the space digitally.
  • Neglected cleaning and damage.
  • DIY projects done poorly.

Get your home re-designed and avoid sabotaging yourself by:

  • Carefully review the list of common mistakes to see if any apply to the room you want to redesign.
  • Make a note of any problem areas in need of improvement.
  • Reach out to our team to claim a free 15-minute digital interior design consultation.

Don't try to envision changes alone and risk limiting the potential. Leverage our interior design expertise to reimagine an optimal, photorealistic space tailored to your needs.

Contact us today to start visualizing your dream room with our digital rendering services! We're ready to help make your ideal home a reality.

Our Digital Interior Design Process

No cheats, no shortcuts. 100% bespoke process and unique end results.

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Reinvigorate Your Design Vision

Breathe new life into your space with:

  • A review of common mistakes to identify areas for improvement. Look critically any room you select.
  • Simple updates like virtual furniture rearrangements, editing decor, or new window treatments.
  • Our free 15-minute digital consultation to get a second opinion on your vision.
  • Affordable digital solutions from our designers to elevate your room’s look.
  • Expert tips on accentuating your home’s strengths and architecture through virtual staging.

Don’t settle for lackluster rooms that don’t match your dreams. Leverage our digital interior design services to reinvigorate your vision and see your home’s potential!

Contact us today to claim your no-cost design session! There's no catch - it's 100% free for one room!

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Terms of Use for TALLBOX's Free Digital Interior Design Service.

TALLBOX DESIGN's Digital Interior Design - Terms of Use

  1. Introduction

This document outlines the terms of use for the free digital interior design consultation offered by Tallbox Property ltd. Please review these terms before requesting or using our complimentary service.

  1. Service Description

Tallbox Property ltd provides a 15 minute video review from one our interior designers. This involves reviewing 2-5 photos and measurements of one room and receiving a design consultation in the form of a review with design recommendations. No physical products, labor, accessories, FF&E (product specifications), 3D renderings, Detailed floor plans or Management will be provided.

  1. Eligibility

The free consultation is for residential homeowners seeking interior design advice. Only one 15 minute session is offered per household. The service is limited to occupied residences.

  1. Scheduling

Consultations are scheduled based on availability on a first come, first served basis. We will attempt to accommodate requested times but cannot guarantee specific scheduling.

  1. Photos

Quality photos and measurements depicting the overall room must be submitted in advance to generate accurate consultation. Tallbox Property ltd is not responsible for advice given based on unclear or inadequate photos/measurements.

  1. Recommendations

The design recommendations offered are merely suggested guidelines. Tallbox Property ltd does not guarantee the suggestions will meet all your needs and preferences.

  1. Marketing

Tallbox Property ltd may reference non-identifying photos, information or details from your consultation for our own marketing purposes. No personal information or photos will be shared.

  1. Liability

You agree not to hold Tallbox Property ltd liable for any advice offered during or after the free consultation. We make no warranties that our suggestions will lead to desired outcomes.

  1. Additional Services

Further interior design services may be available for a fee upon request.

By requesting a free consultation, you agree to comply with these terms of use. Please reach out with any questions.