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Selling a home is about creating an irresistible first impression. One of the most captivating ways of achieving this is through successful home staging.

Our free staging consultation allows you to benefit from our expert eye in select rooms of your home.

We’ll provide verbal recommendations only – no physical furniture arranging or redecorating is included.


Welcome to TALLBOX's Free Home Staging Offer!

Our professional home stagers have years of experience helping sellers showcase their homes in the best possible light.

We’ll provide an objective checklist and plan and point out any changes that can optimize your home’s appeal to potential buyers. Read on to learn how our free staging session can get your house sold faster!

That’s why we’re offering a free home staging consultation for one of your interior spaces.

Maximize Your Home’s Value with a $0 Staging Consultation Trial

Typically for online staging consultation you will pay as low as $250 (£190).

Kitchen & Dining Room

The kitchen and dining room are often considered the heart of a home. That’s why we focus on enhancing these spaces to create an inviting atmosphere for buyers.

Our stagers may suggest decluttering your countertops, adding fresh flowers or potted plants, updating light fixtures, or showcasing any high-end appliances. We’ll arrange your dining room furniture to allow for flow and conversation.

The goal is for buyers to easily envision hosting family meals and get-togethers in these spaces.

Transform Your Kitchen and Dining Spaces with Our Virtual Staging Services

Is your kitchen cluttered with appliances, dishes, and food packages? Do stacks of mail and kids' schedules cover your dining table? These are common kitchen and dining room staging mistakes that could cost you serious money when selling your home.

Our professional home stagers transform these spaces to help you sell faster and for top dollar.

Here's how:

Kitchen Staging

  • Declutter countertops completely - store small appliances and wipe down surfaces.
  • Organize pantry shelves and cupboards to appear 50% full - buyers want to see spacious storage!
  • Clean thoroughly including sinks, appliances and backsplashes until spotless.
  • Style with neutral, matching containers for a uniform look.
  • Add pops of color and texture with fruit bowls, cutting boards, plants.

Dining Room Staging

  • Clear table and sideboards completely of clutter - no bills, kids' items etc.
  • Set table simply with neutral dinnerware and linen napkins folded.
  • Style buffet with decorative trays, candlesticks and flower arrangements.
  • Use an area rug under the table to define the space.
  • Adjust lighting fixtures to create a warm, welcoming ambiance.

Let us maximize your home's potential with expert kitchen and dining staging tailored to your space.

Our advice and services get rooms photo and show ready!

Living & Family Room

When buyers enter your living and family rooms, you want them to instantly feel at home and relaxed. We’ll advise editing and rearranging your furniture to create comfortable, welcoming areas.

Accent decor like blankets, pillows and fresh flowers can also lend a cozy, lived-in feel. For family rooms, we may recommend designating clear zones for watching TV, gaming and other activities.

Our tips will help buyers picture enjoying downtime in these rooms.

Elevate Your Living Room Spaces with Our Virtual Staging Services

Is your living room looking lackluster? Our skilled home stagers specialize in revitalizing living spaces to enhance your enjoyment and boost home value.

Staging Services for Living Rooms Include:

  • Extensive editing and removal of clutter, furniture, and outdated décor to create a clean backdrop. We'll provide an objective eye on what should go.
  • Thoughtful furniture rearrangement for improved flow and clear designation of spaces for conversation, media viewing, reading nooks, etc.
  • Incorporation of cohesive style throughout the space with new window treatments, lighting fixtures, area rugs, and accessories.
  • Addition of greenery like potted plants and flowers along with pillows, throws, and artwork to lend a warm, welcoming feel.
  • Repainting walls in current, neutral colors if needed to give the space a fresh, updated look. New paint can make a huge visual impact.
  • Proactive fixes for minor flaws like chipped paint, squeaky doors, cracked baseboards as they happen so your home always shows best.
  • Evaluation of potential larger upgrades like new wood flooring, marble tile, fireplace refresh, or even structural changes to open up the space.
  • Recommendations for accentuating original architectural details like crown molding, antique windows, arched doorways and built-ins.

We know just how to breathe new life into your living room whether you're planning to sell soon or just want to upgrade your family's enjoyment of the space.

Contact us today for a personalized quote on our staging services. Let us revitalize your home!

Kids & Bedrooms

Bedrooms and kids’ rooms should feel like peaceful retreats. We’ll help with free tips to declutter surfaces and organize closets to create a spacious, serene vibe. Luxury linens and decorative pillows can turn your master into an oasis.

For kids’ rooms, we’ll suggest how to arrange toys neatly and bring accent pieces like a brightly colored rug. The goal is for buyers to envision how seamlessly their family could transition into these private yet livable spaces.

Create Dreamy Bedrooms and Inspiring Kids' Rooms with Our Home Staging Services

Turn lackluster bedrooms into dreamy retreats with our professional home staging services. We create bedrooms and kids' spaces that inspire and delight.

For Serene Master Bedrooms:

  • Showcase the space with calming colors and breezy window treatments
  • Layer on cozy textures with rugs, bedding and pillows
  • Declutter surfaces and organize closets to give an airy feel
  • Add personalized touches like framed photos and collected art
  • Accent with greenery, lamps and other warm lighting sources
  • Fix flaws and focal points like update ceiling fans or lighting

For Playful Kids' Rooms:

  • Paint or accessorize around a fun theme kids will love
  • Mix in colorful or patterned bedding, rugs and window shades
  • Designate clear zones for sleeping, playing, studying
  • Contain toys neatly in baskets and organizers
  • Showcase the child's personality with meaningful artwork
  • Maximize storage with shelves, bins and customized closets

Let us create bedrooms and kids' spaces that your family will adore.

Contact us today to get inspired for refreshing your home's bedrooms!


Free Home Staging Consultation Includes

Tailored action steps 15-minute voice over video from one of our professional home stagers. A detailed review of the space you submit of one room/space in your home. An evaluation of how the space is currently furnished and decorated. Checklist form of tips to better showcase the room to potential buyers.

Your Free Home Staging Consultation Checklist will include:

  • A 15-minute voice over video from one of our expert home stagers who has 7+ years experience showcasing properties.
  • A review of 5-10 photos you submit of one room or area needing staging advice.
  • An evaluation of furniture layout, decorative accents, lighting and more in the space.
  • A personalized staging checklist with tips to optimize buyer appeal such as:
  • Editing and reorganizing furnishings
  • Decluttering surfaces
  • Incorporating decorative pillows and artwork
  • Adjusting lighting fixtures and bulbs
  • Guidance on cost-effective upgrades like paint, fixtures, and hardware.
  • Instructions for re-photographing the room to highlight improvements.
  • An email summary after our call with our complete staging recommendations.
  • Answering any other staging questions you have about the space*.

Our goal is to provide actionable, expert staging advice to help you showcase one key room before listing your home. Claim your free 15-minute voice over session now and get valuable tips to sell faster and for more!

*Additional staging questions beyond the included 15 minutes are subject to a fee of $50 minimum.

Staging Photos

Learn How to Take Photos for Home Staging

Following this photo action plan will provide us the necessary shots to evaluate your space and make informed staging recommendations. We'll review the photos carefully and reply with suggestions to help your home shine! Learn how to photograph your spaces to help us understand more.

Instructions for Taking Photos with a Smartphone for Home Staging Consultation

Following this photo action plan will provide us the necessary shots to evaluate your space and make informed staging recommendations. We'll review the photos carefully and reply with suggestions to help your home shine! Let us know if you have any other questions as you photograph your rooms.

Photo Action Plan:

  1. Declutter the room completely is possible - remove personal items, clear all surfaces.
  2. Let in lots of natural light - open blinds, curtains, turn on all lights.
  3. Photograph the entire room from various angles - each corner, windows/doors, ceiling, floor.
  4. Take wide shots to capture the full room then closer shots of features.
  5. Focus on architectural details - crown molding, fireplace, etc.
  6. Shoot problem areas - stains, damages, worn carpets.
  7. Organize shots room-by-room and label photos.
  8. Use the highest resolution camera available - smartphone or DSLR.
  9. Ensure images are well-lit, in focus, free of shadows or glares.
  10. Limit decor and furnishings in shots to feature the bones of the space.
  11. Photograph outdoor living areas and views if applicable.
  12. Send 10-15 of your best, most representative photos.

Staging pitfalls

Common Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

When preparing your home for sale, it's important to avoid some common staging pitfalls that can turn off potential buyers. Here are tips from our professional home stagers. Let us know if any of these common mistakes apply to the room you're seeking staging tips for. We're happy to provide specific solutions.

Avoid These Common Home Staging Pitfalls (Advice for already Staged Spaces)

You hired a home stager, but your home still isn’t selling? The staging may have some issues turning off buyers. Avoid these frequent mistakes we see even in staged properties:

  • Leaving too many personal photos and items that distract buyers
  • Fridges and counters that are cluttered
  • Cupboards, closets, drawers that are overflowing
  • Not removing enough items to declutter (should remove 50-75%)
  • Small rugs that don't define seating areas
  • Outdated window treatments and linens
  • Too much stuff left in the house that makes buyers unsure about timing/ease of the sellers' move
  • Sellers not giving their realtor permission to make blunt staging recommendations
  • Real estate agents not being proactive in providing staging advice to sellers
  • Not renting a storage pod to remove excess clutter
  • Not taking time to thoroughly stage the house before listing
  • Not adding any new/current decorative accents to freshen up the space
  • Not hiring a professional stager for an outside perspective on improvements
  • Hanging artwork too high on the walls, should be around mirror height
  • Having curtains that are too short and don't reach the floor
  • Using rugs that are too small for the seating area
  • Styling shelves and mantels with items that are unevenly spaced
  • Having too many accessories and decor items that overwhelm
  • Leaving outdated decor pieces that should be updated if possible
  • Having too many extra rugs in bathrooms/hallways, limit to main living areas

Get your home sale-ready and avoid sabotaging yourself by:

  • Reading through this list carefully to identify any problem areas in your home.
  • Making a plan to address each staging mistake that applies.
  • Reaching out to our team to claim a free 15-minute home staging consultation.

Don't go it alone and risk making novice staging mistakes. Leverage our experience to maximize your home’s appeal. Contact us today to start staging your home the smart

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  • Our free 15-minute staging consultation to get a second opinion.
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Terms of Use for TALLBOX's Free Home Staging Service.

TALLBOX Free Home Staging Service - Terms of Use

  1. Introduction

This document outlines the terms of use governing the free home staging consultation service offered by TALLBOX. Please read these terms carefully before requesting or using our complimentary staging consultation.

  1. Service Description

TALLBOX provides a one-time 15 minute phone consultation with one of our home staging experts. This involves reviewing 5-10 photos of one room or area of your home and receiving verbal staging recommendations. No physical products, labor, accessories etc. will be provided.

  1. Eligibility

The free staging consultation is open to residential property owners preparing their home for sale. Only one 15 minute voice over consultation is offered per property. The service is limited to unoccupied homes that are being staged for listing.

  1. Scheduling

Consultations are scheduled based on TALLBOX's availability on a first come, first served basis. We will attempt to accommodate requested times but cannot guarantee specific scheduling.

  1. Photos

To receive suggestions, high quality photos depicting the overall room and key areas/features must be submitted in advance. TALLBOX is not responsible for advice given based on unclear or inadequate photos.

  1. Advice Provided

The staging recommendations offered are merely suggested guidelines. TALLBOX does not guarantee increased buyer interest or higher selling price as a result of implementing them.

  1. Marketing

TALLBOX may reference non-identifying photos, information or details from your consultation for our own marketing purposes. No personal information, personal photos or property details will be shared.

  1. Liability

You agree not to hold TALLBOX (Tallbox Property) liable for any staging advice offered during the free consultation. We make no warranties that our suggestions will lead to a successful sale.

  1. Additional Services

Further staging services may be available for a fee upon request.

By requesting a free staging consultation, you agree to comply with these terms of use. Please reach out with any questions to