Georgian House Extension (South Side) CGI and Interior Design

The South Side project is a house conversion of typical Georgian style to a modern contemporary home for a family of four. The property received a complete interior design project and rear extension.

Location: South of London
Architecture: L + Architects

TALLBOX’s team helped with 3D Interior Design support starting with the 3D interior design concept, via three client presentations with many revisions and alterations of the initial idea.

More than 15 interior visualizations (static images) were produced at high-quality and little less than 40 draft interior visualization images. Two VR tours and some Conceptual Visualizations were needed too. The whole project took a little longer than 1 month.

SouthSide-house extension

Contemporary extensions to traditional Georgian style homes often require taking inspiration from the existing environment. The plan is to obtain that gentle equilibrium between the current house and the new extension with one flowing scape. The South Side project is a typical Georgian home, located in one of the South London boroughs. It has been sitting for over four decades with minimal maintenance on the facade, poorly planned enhancements, leaving it as a gloomy and unwelcoming home.

This is how we decided to approach the interior and presentation package of images.

We have received the images below as a point of design aspiration from the clients.

Each Interior Visualization project with TALLBOX goes under a specific workflow designed to ensure quality, precision and to meet deadlines. (it can be found here)

The property was planned to undergo a full interior refurbishment, and this is where TALLBOX had to add value to the project. Concept Interior Visualization is the moment when entire 3D environment of all spaces are build which provides unlimited flexibility for the client to explore and request different options.


At that stage, we already had a clear idea of where the project was going. The internal layout hasn’t been approved by the clients, so a few additional Concept Interior Visualizations were needed. The Interior Design CGI is a step where the project goes into detail, and mood boards become a reality. The 3D renderings above are showing how the project looked at the preliminary design stage before the last round of revisions. The animated gifs below are showing the evolution of the project before it came to full approval.

SouthSide-garden layout design

At the early stages of the project, we explored even a few concepts with the architects, and the above image is one of them. The structure at the back of the garden was relatively new and existed at the time of designing the extension. With that in mind, the next expansion had to match the summer house and at the same time to please the clients.

Later in the project we have decided to not include the “summer house” with the presentation as it was too distracting.

Interior Design CGIs / Details and Materiality

Following the last rounds of revisions finally the decisions were taken, and after a nearly 40 draft interior visualization images in four weeks, we moved to a phase with high-quality renderings at 5000 pix. Resolution.

Interior Design CGIs / Presentation quality / Living - Dining - Kitchen - Rear Garden