The perfect family home is a housing concept that is the idea of the design and function of a house that can accommodate a family’s lifestyle without any sacrifices. It includes the house’s location size and the rooms’ layout. It could be a luxurious mansion with every amenity, a simple cabin in the woods, or something in between.

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By George Nicola (Expert Stager)

All families are different, both in size and preferences. Some prefer a large backyard where the kids can play and have a pool party in the summers, whereas some prioritize having an oversized garage for older children. 

When choosing a house layout, it is essential to consider your family’s needs and budget. Ask yourself whether you want a luxurious multi-story house or a simple single-story one.

To save you from that trouble, we have curated this detailed guide to help you choose the best house layout for your family and some of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a family layout.

What Is a House Layout?

Imagine the house layout as a vascular system of a house where the corridors and hallways are transport tunnels, the kitchen, living, and dining are social hubs, and bedrooms – are private spaces.

The layout is vital because it helps homeowners plan their budget allocation and understand what their homes will look like from the inside. Additionally, architects and builders can use these concepts to create a blueprint for a house.

A well-designed family house is not a luxury one, with numerous additions, but one with a well-designed flow that improves the quality of life of its habitants.

modern house concept
Home designer's illustration of a modern house concept

House layout - what to consider for perfect family home?

Room arrangement

A house layout is the specific way rooms are arranged within a house. It can be pretty straightforward or very complex. But ultimately, the layout will dictate how easy it is to move around and how functional the space is overall. 

There are a few things to consider when choosing a house layout, such as the size and shape you want to construct your house, your family’s needs, and your budget.

Take your time to consider all of these factors before settling on a particular layout. And remember, making changes according to your needs is always possible.

Features of a perfect family home

When it comes to finding the perfect family home, there are a few key features that you should look for. The most important thing is that the house’s layout is functional and suits your needs. 

You should also consider things like storage and outdoor space. A family home should have a good layout that uses every square inch of available space. 

Room functions

Carrying out meetings with potential clients who accept your bids not only opens up more opportunities for bidding for other contracts but also provides you with a platform for discussing possible home design projects that would scale up your design business.

Every room has a function, sub-functions and even co-functions with adjoining rooms

The rooms should be arranged in a way that is convenient and functional. Some additional features to look for when choosing a family home are:

  •  A large kitchen with plenty of counter space and storage cabinets
  •  A formal living room or dining room
  •  Enough bedrooms to accommodate the family
  •  A backyard with a patio or deck for outdoor entertaining
  •  A garage or driveway

What’s the Ideal Size of a Family Home?

Regarding the size of a family home, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. 

Some families prefer a spacious and luxurious home, while others are content with something more modest. What matters most is that the home meets the needs of the family members.

new-house-concept size
The lifestyle of a family decides their home's size

Lifestyle + Layout

For example, if you have young children, you will need plenty of room for them to play and explore. On the other hand, if you have teenagers or senior parents living with you, you will also need extra space for them. 

It’s also important to consider your lifestyle and how much time you spend at home. If you work from home or like to entertain guests often, you will need a different layout than someone who spends most of their time away from home.

Ultimately, it all boils up to your requirements and preferences as a family. However, ensure that your layout is spacious and ensures privacy for each family member.

Where Should Your Family Home Be Located?

The location you choose for your home mainly depends on how feasible the travel is to either your workplace or your children’s school.

If there are no school-going kids in your family, then a location close to the central city area would suit you best to get to work early.

On the contrary, a location near local schools would be a good option if you have school-going children.

Some other factors to consider when choosing the location of your house are the facilities available in the area around you. A friendly neighborhood with parks, spots for recreation, hospitals, and emergency departments would be an ideal location. 

How to Do a House Concept for a new family house

new-house-concept-open space
Hiring an architect and a house designer from the start ensures ultimate results

Where to Start

The first step is to develop a basic concept for your new house.

What kind of feeling do you want the house to have? What style do you like? 

  • Once you have a general concept, it’s time to start thinking about the details.
  • What kind of layout do you want?
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?
  • What size do you want the house to be?

Many homeowners who are planning the design of their next family home either have past experience or chose to acquire a “house designer” skillset not to offset the expert’s job, but to make better decisions over their house concept.

Becoming your own house’ designer is more about having the requisite knowledge to carry out better decisions during the projects. We’ve explained in-depth more about the process, here.

Plan for an Architect

When hiring an architect, keep the project’s aim in mind. What is the building’s purpose? What kind of vibe do you want? Before designing plans, the architect must address these questions.

You must also communicate your requirements and desires to the architect. What design do you have in mind? Do you require extra space? Features? Specificity is preferred.

A well-planned budget is crucial. Be adaptable or seek a less expensive architect. But don’t scrimp on quality.

Hiring an Architect to Design From the Ground Up

Hiring an architect to design a new home has numerous perks and cons. An architect can help you build your dream home and turn your thoughts into a budget-friendly plan.

However, they can be pricey. But hiring one will help you help bring your ideas into reality. And after seeing the results, the extra cost is usually worth it.

People think home designers who are glorified decorators and architects are just building nerds who can’t design a pretty house. But the fact is, there are pros and cons to hiring both professions, and this is what we’re exploring in this blog post.

architectural maket
Architectural scale model of a very futuristic house

Ready-Made House Plans

There are advantages and disadvantages to using ready-made house plans. Ready-made designs are less expensive than hiring an architect. They are quicker and easier to apply for busy families.

On the other hand, they may only fulfill some of your requirements. For instance, they may not match the overall layout of how other houses around you are built or might need more visual aesthetics than you had in mind.

Budget-conscious individuals who want to begin their home projects quickly and easily should consider purchasing ready-made house plans. But if you have the funds and want a more customized solution, an architect is the ideal choice.

Monsterhouseplans has a large variety of well-designed family homes.

Houseplansdirect is one of the UK’s go-to websites for ready-made house plans. It includes well-designed plans for bungalows, Dormer Bungalows, Two stories, and even annexes.

House plans is one of the go-to US websites for ready-made house plans with a large variety of plans. Modern ranches, simple and elegant family homes, and even tiny cabins.

Design layout

Finding a family-friendly house design requires several considerations. First, the residence should be family-friendly.  It should also be practical and efficient, with open floor layouts, abundant storage, and easy-to-use utilities.

Home aesthetics are also significant. Families like bright, welcoming spaces with lots of natural light. Before starting your search, knowing what you’re looking for is helpful. 

There are specific house layouts that could be family-friendly. For example, homes with small bedrooms and no common living space may not be practical for larger families. 

Layout Considerations

When choosing a layout for the perfect family home, it’s essential to work around the crucial details. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the essential layout considerations.

new-house-design layout
Aesthetic is a significant part of a house' layout

Bedrooms layout

When choosing a house layout, consider how many bedrooms you’ll need. For instance, you’ll want a layout with plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms if you have small children. Or a layout with fewer bedrooms if you’re an empty nester.

Open Spacing

Open spaces are essential in a family house layout. They provide a sense of community and allow for movement and activities within the home. When designing a family home, consider how much open space is needed and where it should be placed. 

In particular, focus on creating common areas that all family members can use, such as a kitchen/dining area, living room, and backyard. Open spaces help create a connected and communal feel within the home.

open space-concept
Designing open space layout is one of the most requested house features today

Storage + layout

In terms of storage, a perfect family house requires plenty of space to store belongings, especially if the family is large. Therefore, a good layout will include plenty of storage spaces inside and outside the home. Moreover, try to find a home with a garage or basement which can provide additional storage areas.

Luxurious And Optimal features

Some people like a large kitchen and living room, while others desire more bedrooms or a backyard. Numerous additions can transform your home into a palace regardless of your objectives.

For a luxury home, you could build a kitchen with high-end appliances, a movie room with a big-screen TV and surround sound, or a master bedroom with a spa-like bathtub.

These features will transform your home into a soothing haven. 

A luxury home it is not one with numerous additions, but a one with well designed layout that improves the quality of life

Key Takeaways

When choosing the best family house concept for your family, there are many things to consider. First, you want to ensure that everyone has enough space and room for activities and storage. 

Your layout will also affect how well you can connect with other family members. If you have any queries about creating the perfect home layout for your family, you can reach us at tallboxdesign.