In this interview, we are joined by Architect Lloyd Lumpkins, the engine behind L. Lumpkins Architects, formed in 2007 by Architect Lloyd Lumpkins to pursue his passion for creating architecture based on classical design principles.

A successful career over 30 years and inspired by traditional European architectural styles, Architect Lloyd Lumpkins crafts designs for some of the finest residences and estates in Dallas, Texas.

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Who are Lumpkins Architects?


I’m Lloyd Lumpkins, the founder of Lumpkins Architects. We are a small boutique architecture firm in the Dallas area of Texas and primarily focused on high-end custom residential homes.

How did you get started in architecture?

I didn’t discover architecture until college. I started out taking drafting courses in high school and started college as a mechanical engineering student.

IT WAS BORING, and I started looking around to see what else I could do with my passions and took a survey course on architecture, and that was it.

I promptly changed majors and it was a perfect fit for my passions, and I have loved doing it ever since.

What are the primary responsibilities for an architect in 2021?

I do not believe the principle responsibilities of an architect have changed over the years. I still think it is the creation of space that protects, nourishes, inspires, and fosters healthy interactions between all of us.

We must create physically and mentally healthy environments with our creativity.

Tell us about your most recent encounter with obstacles at work

We continually have three main obstacles at work.

– How to get the job done with a tightening labor force.
– How to balance work life, home life.
– How to keep creativity updated.

We haven’t found any solutions for these issues and keep hoping that we will.

What milestones you have set for Lumpkins Architects for the new 12 months?

Over the next 12 months, we are hoping to find one or two new young, talented individuals to hire to help grow the firm for the future.

Describe your design style

The primary style of architecture that we try to do these days is a classical-based architecture. We do homes in all styles, homes that are comfortable to the senses.

How to recognize Lumpkins Architects project signature?

We try to create quiet, elegant homes that fit their surroundings, homes with attention to detail.

On what projects do you work on at the moment?

We have over six homes on the boards right now and eight under construction. The new homes range in size from a 4,500 square foot contemporary to a 30,000 square foot modern classical estate.

Do you use Architectural Renderings and how?

We hand-draw and render all of our projects in the beginning, sometimes live with the client. We believe that this connection between the mind and paper can only happen through the hand. In our opinion, it’s just not possible to create that emotion of creation any other way.

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What CAD software do you use?

We use AutoCad Lite and SketchUp PRO.

If you were to advise your younger self, what would be?

If I were going to advise my younger self, it would be to learn to let negativity flow over, around, and past. You don’t let it diminish your creativity.

Final words

Lumpkins Architects is an ever-evolving firm.

We’ve learned to differentiate between design and styles. We began as a strictly historically focused classical architecture firm. We evolved into a firm that embraces all styles without losing sight that the basics of classically based design is the foundation of good design and that style can then be successfully applied over that foundation.

Please go by our website.

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