In this interview, we are joined by Nesh Home Staging + Interiors and the home stager Lorna Rayner. The Newmarket, Suffolk-based Home staging studio is focused on providing top-notch service to smaller developers and residential clients.

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Who are Nesh Home Staging + Interiors?


Hello, my name is Lorna and I run Nesh Home Staging + Interiors, I work alone although I do collaborate with other designers on bigger projects. I also work closely with property developers, estate agents, and homeowners.

I established Nesh in September 2019; I worked for a Show Home Interior Design Company for several years and launched Nesh to bring that service to smaller developers and residential customers.

My home staging services cover East Anglia – Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex based in Newmarket, Suffolk.

At Nesh, using interior design and home staging techniques, I help people sell their homes. I advise my clients on improving the look and feel of their properties to increase their chances of a successful sale at a reasonable price.

I have always been good at transforming spaces and making them look and feel better and more appealing. As a design enthusiast, I wanted to use my skills to help others make the best of their spaces.

To learn my trade and understand more about the industry, I began working with a show home company that taught me how staging demonstrates a property’s potential. I am still amazed at the difference staging makes to an empty room.

A property can feel cold and unappealing when open, but adding color, texture, and furnishings create a more extensive, more welcoming environment. In this space, you can visualize yourself living and enjoying.

As a practical and hands-on person, I like to get involved and show my clients how rethinking a space can transform them. Often a little bit of hard work and small investments can make a big difference to how our homes perform.

What are the main responsibilities of a home stager in 2021-2022?

To help people sell their homes quickly and for the best price so they can move on and continue with their plans.

Tell us about your most recent encounter with obstacles while staging interiors?

I recently visited a client’s house – an ex-rental property, they wished to sell it for a reasonable price to buy a property in a more expensive area. The property was empty, and they wanted it staged with furniture and accessories.

After a visit to the property, it became clear to me that more work was needed. Dressing a property is the final touch it has the most visual impact but needs to be placed on sound foundations.

I advised the client to invest money into the property, especially the key areas such as flooring, kitchen, and bathroom.

– There were also smaller maintenance tasks that needed attention.

– Gave the client an action plan detailing each task and a timeline.

– I made recommendations on which tasks were a priority.

The downside is that I may not get to stage the property now or in the future. The positives are that I was honest with my client and gave them clear and achievable directions on reaching their goal.

What milestones you have set for the firm in the new 12 months?

Lorna: I would like to have a new project every month and educate my community on the benefits of home staging.

TALLBOX ASK: It seems to me that you’ve just started educating your home staging tribe!

Describe your design style?

Laid back, natural colors, and textures with pops of brighter colors. I like to design spaces that aren’t fussy but welcoming, relaxing, and calming

From where do you draw inspiration?

Nature and the outdoors; If I walk into a space and it makes me feel happy, I try to pick out the features of that design and replicate that in my work.

For color schemes, I work with natural landscapes where the most unusual combinations work together.

How to recognize Nesh Home Staging + Interiors' project signature?

I have a calm and organized approach to my work, and my clients can be stressed and disheartened if their property is not selling. However, I like to offer encouragement, motivation, and focus.

Through our discussions, I hope that I install confidence through my experience in the industry.

On what projects do you work on at the moment?

I am working on residential projects in Essex, helping the clients move on to their next adventures.

I am due to stage a very historic property in Norfolk that has just been refurbished. And I am moving a show home from one property to another on a small development in Bury St Edmunds.

Do you use staging software or CGIs, and how?

I recommend CGI’s to clients who are working with empty properties as a way of increasing their marketing time.

It is also a great way to demonstrate how different interior styles can work in one space. For interior design clients, CGI images are a great way to show them the look of a finished project in advance.

What would you be your advice to someone who hasn't got the budget for staging - the DIY approach?

Clean, clean, clean!
A clean home looks and feels so much better – a viewer will notice the house and not the dirt.

Tidy and declutter – if you are moving, it’s something you will have to do anyway; the sooner you start, the easier it is.

Look at your furniture – could you move it around to improve the flow of the house? Perhaps you need to remove a few pieces.

If your property is empty, consider CGI (Virtual Staging) to demonstrate the size and proportions of your rooms.

Add curtains and light shades – small finishing touches go a long way to show you care about the properties you build


Describe your most complex project and is there a limit to what home staging can achieve?

A historic refurbishment. Plans can change due to the age of a property; designs need to be adapted, so you have to keep an open mind.

Generally, things take a lot longer than you expect. This project has been ongoing for over a year. Don’t panic; take your time and stay organized.

Final words

I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into the world of staging. Staging is a process with a lot of thought and consideration, it is not all about cushions and magnolia paint!

To find out more please visit my website or drop me an e-mail