SHEEN LANE CGI Interior Visualization

The Sheen Lane house is all about living with nature. The full house extension and garden remodelling are designed to allow the inhabitants to spend more time out somewhat in, even during the winter. This open-plan space accommodates the ideology of one area for all.

TALLBOX’s team helped with 3D Interior Design and 3D interior design concept, via two client presentations with very few revisions of the initial idea.

8 interior and exterior visualizations (covering 3D house extension and 3D garden remodelling) were produced at high-quality and little less than 12 draft interior visualization images. The whole project took precisely 2 weeks.

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With each Interior Visualization project, TALLBOX goes under a specific workflow designed to ensure quality, precision and to meet deadlines. (it can be found here)

The property was planned to undergo an extension of the kitchen-living area and garden remodeling. During the Concept Interior Visualization, the project was extended, and the whole ground floor got a new layout, increasing the initial design plan by 35 percent.

Concept Visualization phase is the moment where the entire 2D drawings of the areas subject to the new design turn to a 3D environment. This phase provides unlimited flexibility for the client to explore and request different layout options without bothering with much detail.