Have you ever thought what is an Architectural Visualizer and what is his/her job as a part of a project or even where to find one?

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Visualizing architecture is not limited to envisioning unbuilt structures or places, it can be used to recreate parts of existing ones, to confirm different conceptual ideas etc. Basically, the implementations are almost infinite in using Architectural visualizations.

Let’s find out more about what job description architectural visualizer has and where we can find one to hire as an employee or as a third-party for your project.

architectural visualizer what is it and where to find one

The year is 2022 and Architectural visualizations have become an intergral part of interior design and architectural studios. The Architectural visualizers are everywhere, as in-house teams, outsourced, freelancers and even as mentors advising and supervising projects. Often property developers or private clients they tend to use visualizers as a 3rd party, as they have better control over the end results. Like any other creative industry in 2022, architectural visualization is evolvind constantly. 

No doubt the future for architectural visualizers is here. Since the Metaverse is becoming more popular by they, some visualizers have shifted their focus onto developing that part of the industry, you can read more on this here.

Architectural Visualizer job description

An architectural visualizer’s job is to produce 3D renderings in support of architecture and design projects with a different purpose.

Visualizers turn ideas, 2D plans, illustrations and sketches to 3D models which after applying light, materials, and textures they become 3D images often called computer-generated images (CGI).
Those visuals are used from design and architect’s teams to justify proposed ideas on buildings, interiors and property developments.

Hiring Architectural Visualizer as an employee?

If you are an architectural or design company on the lookout for a skillful architectural visualizer, you should consider the following.

At TALLBOX we think the architectural visualization market up-to-date becomes more and more convenient for people to hop-on due to flexibility and lacking regulations. A handful of colleges and universities provide training for 3D artists which costs thousands sometimes but the output can vary and it is not a gurantee for fast-track start.

Architecturally trained Visualizer as an employee?

Often architectural projects require knowledge and understanding of details elements in general, the parallel between architecture and visualization is close. Definitely, an architecturally trained visualizer is more valuable as a team member with its skills and will have that complementary understanding and even solve technical problems.

People who go through architecture schools are challenged not only to solve different architectural problems throughout but also face the critics of different opinions and ideas, and exactly that it’s exactly what adds up to their competitive edge.

On the other hand, architectural schools do not teach specifically architectural visualization, they might have it as part of their curriculum, but it’s generalized around essential work and tools.

Hence architecturally trained visualizers are always preferred if put side by side with someone who has not been trained in architecture school.

Not architecturally trained visualizer as an employee?

Lacking architectural training does not mean that skilful visualizers lack the understanding of architecture and interior details.

Expert visualizers have gone through hundreds if not thousands of hours of projects to develop the skills and knowledge. Photography, composition, math, painting, project management and many more disciplines are integral parts of being an expert visualizer.

Comparing trained or not architecturally trained visualiser is tough when looking at expert level. Simply because both sides have experienced countless hours of solving problems and it’s safe to say that both sides are equally preferred for an in-house team.

Qualification and training of Architectural Visualizers

With the recent trends and growing communities of tutors teaching 3D, the industry has seen a growing number of skillful architectural visualizers without architectural qualifications or equivalent diploma from an accredited institute. Platforms list Skillshare:

architectural visualization training on skillshare
Architectural visualization training on Skillshare

Skillshare at the moment of writing offers several architectural visualization courses spanning from just over 60 minutes to 10+ hours. Covering different techniques, software and workflow, each class, answers only a tiny part of the whole architectural visualizer profession.

Domestika is another platform that offers courses and training on architectural visualization:

Architectural visualization courses on Domestika
Architectural visualization courses on Domestika

The truth is that any course or training is just a little introduction to the vast visualisation world. A visualizer must stay on top of the trend and constantly seek to remain competitive and produce quality renderings. Simply because one 3D rendering is the outcome of multiple software combinations, skills and creativty.

The facts show that having a diploma from a certified institute is not a guarantee for success or skillful visualizers.

That by itself leads to three options for you as a company.
– To employ a graduated visualizer
– To employ self-taught visualizer
– To hire a mentor or highly skilled visualizer to train / advise your in-house staff

Both possibilities can bring you equal results if you follow these simple steps and make sure you do thorough due diligence on their past experience and knowledge.

architectural visualiser job requirements

Architectural Visualizer salary expectations ( per year / on average )

This is the part of that article, where I’ll lay some information for those of you who seek to work as an Architectural Visualizer.

Although there are certain trends set by the supply and demand markets, different types of architectural and design companies and the city they are located.

Data from the website glassdoor.co.uk shows the following (at the time of writing this article *update 2022)

  • Newly graduated Architectural Visualizers are supposed to earn in the range of £18,000-£29,000
  • Trained and experienced (3-6 years) Architectural Visualizers are supposed to earn in the range of £25,000-£30,000
  • Senior or Highly skilled (6-10+years) Architectural Visualizers are supposed to earn in the range of £35,000-£42,500

Another great website to find Architectural Visualization jobs: Indeed.co.uk shows that the average salary at the time of writing this article is £32,500 per year:

Citation: from Indeed.co.uk and uk.talent.com
The average salary for a 3d Architectural Visualizer is £32,500 per year in the United Kingdom / US average at $92,000 per year *update 2022. Salary estimates are based on 226 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by 3d Architectural Visualizer employees, users, and collected from past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months. The typical tenure for a 3d Architectural Visualizer is less than 1 year.

A recruitment company provides the numbers provided above. Each range depends on the location, employer, level of responsibility and the software knowledge of the person.

Working at Architectural practice

If you seek to work at Architectural practice as Visualizer, one of the better places to look at is: https://archinect.com/jobs

Before we go and list the top 10 places here is the most common question that goes along with finding an Architectural Visualizer is:

Is it too expensive to hire Architectural Visualizer?

architectural visualiser top 7 to find

It is not necessary.

As almost every project being architectural or design one, have some form of visual presentation.

It doesn’t matter if it is for a client presentation or internal meeting or just for as a single person to justify different conceptual variations.

Actually, according to Wikipedia the methods of visualization through visual imagery has been used as an effective way idea since the dawn of humanity.

Examples of that are cave paintings, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Leonardo da Vinci’s methods of technical drawings and many other.

If you run on a budget or doing your project, It is not necessary to hire an expensive visualizer just for the purpose of having fancy visuals. There are numerous tools out there called one-click solutions paid and free.

With a basic knowledge and a bit of training usually provided by the companies releasing these tools, you can produce some form of 3D / 2D visualization.
On the other side, if you are a company or single person offering services, you might not have the time while running a business to be involved in every phase of a project.

If you need 3D images for your project, there are numerous places where you can find Architectural Visualizers and compare their prices and portfolios.
At TALLBOX we think with the internet and technology today it is more than easy to research and find the most appropriate visualizer for your need.

Top 7 places to find Architectural Visualizer.


architectural visualiser google

Searching on Google has become something as a part of our time spent on the internet. Although ranked number one on my list, searching for Architectural Visualizer on Google might not be the best way to find one.

I just typed the search bar, and the first two pages of results were mainly by recruiters and hiring companies offering Architectural visualization roles at different companies. If you really want to find some, just go beyond page three, but the results still will be mixed with recruiting companies.


architectural visualiser behance

One of the top places to find creatives from different sectors including 3D.

In one of my other articles on the topic How to find Interior Visualizer and contact them, where I listed 5 of the main ways that I would search, and Behance was in the first position there. Owned by Adobe (yes, the company behind Photoshop) I would say that Behance is a well-established platform for sharing creative work on the internet.

The website is so vast that you can spend hours browsing between different portfolios and projects from different creative sectors. Like almost every website, that one is no more different and has a Search bar with options to filter based on Appreciation, Location, Creative field and type of project.

By typing architectural visualizer you might expect to see hundreds of results, but by some weird reason, there are only a few results there – it is strange, I know.

But just by modifying your search to Architecture visualisations or Architectural visualizations (depends on which English language you speak) the waiting is over.

You can search between hundreds or maybe thousands of Visualization projects of all types.

If you like someone’s projects, just click on their profile picture or name you will be able to send them a message with your enquiry.

  1. Ronen Beckerman’s blog

architectural visualiser ronenbekerman

Another very authoritative platform to look for Visualizers. Originally started years ago as hybrid blog-forum where visualizing community was discussing projects and problems. After years of growth, the website became a place to showcase personal and commissioned work.

There are categories Best of Week by years, nominated by a jury. Alongside that, there are sections of Making-of, Tutorials and Jobs. Where you can gain traction with professionals if you have the time to do it.

  1. Evermotion

architectural visualiser evermotion

Years ago a company that was doing 3D decided to make a platform where to sell packages of 3D models for the Architectural Visualization industry.

They had a section as a forum for all 3D visualizers to discuss projects. As with the time, that forum became the place-to-go for every 3D visualizer to gain some exposure and find clients or just appreciation from the community.

They have Gallery and Showcase sections as well. Although it’s not stated, you can find a 3D artist through that website as well.

Unfortunately, It might not be that easy, as it is a still forum based. Therefore you have to register as a forum user, find the profile of the user you want to contact and send them a message.

Be mindful not every user has its company name, so you might not find their company on Google as many of them may be Freelancers.

  1. Cg Architect

architectural visualiser cgarchitect

Maybe the oldest community of 3D visualizers, Architects and all sorts of 3D professionals gathered together. I’ve always been able to find help for specific problems, and the people on that forum are always there to help.

There you will find everything: Gallery, Members tab, Forums, Jobs sections where you browse through and see what you are looking for. Again as this is a forum-type website, you have to register to able to send messages.

  1. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

As everyone is on social networks today, you should expect to find work or portfolios on those as well. It is an excellent way to find Visualizer. It is good to have in mind that by contacting someone there you are disclosing your identity and you might be spammed a lot from Architectural Visualizer freelancers offering you low-cost solutions.

  1. LinkedIn

Well, a known social network for professionals. According to the makers of that network, it should be easy to find a professional that you can contact.

Apparently, you have to put some more work in the search, as not all Visualizers have their folios there, but they have a link to their website or other profiles.

Be aware if you post that you are looking to hire Visualizer you might be spammed to death by random people offering you affordable solutions for 3D.
It is advisable to use as a rule of thumb to research carefully, the one that contacts you. Usually, they are trying to undermine the sector with prices, and they might deliver you poor quality or misleading services.

Looking to start as Architectural Visualizer?

We can provide you with guidance and directions or even find you a suitable position. In the past 12 months, we’ve helped with guidance 85 visualizers to find their dream job.

Conclusion and key points on What is an Architectural Visualizer and 7 places to find one?

TALLBOX‘s founder says: Inevitably the list does not end here, and there are numerous other ways to find on internet Architectural visualizer. We are working to extend that list in a few weeks, so if you are interested in that topic, do come back and check from time to time.


I have less than a year of experience, can I work as Architectural Visualizer?

The chances are meagre. In this case, the best thing is to apply for an internship with a company, where you will see how things sit in reality. This profession often requires overtime work, although not all companies admit that.
A good rule of thumb is to ask at the interview day what is the policy for interns. Your salary expectations should fall below the average for the industry as less than a year experience in this sector is considered as no experience at all.

Are freelance Architectural Visualizers doing good?

Yes and no. There is not a simple explanation of this answer.
Freelancing is the trend today, but this does not mean it’s an easy way of life, and not everyone can steer it in the right direction. Freelance 3D visualization means that you have to be your boss, manager, advertiser, laborer. For an inexperienced person, dealing with all these different work types implies a lot more pressure than usual. The best practice is to start learning with a company, work there for two or three years. During that time, you will learn not only the trade but make friends and find your possible future partner. One important note: Be honest and always mention what is your end goal to your employer.

What is Architectural Visualizer?

Architectural Visualizer is a person or company that produces 3D illustrations through special software. These are the people behind all beautiful 3D images that usually we see on off-plan sale presentations, billboards, magazines and many other sources representing unbuild architecture.

I have not got an architectural background, can I get hired to do architectural visualization?

Yes, firms do often hire visualizers without architectural backgrounds. The only caveat will be that you may struggle at the beginning to understand the language and jargon behind architectural projects and what they mean. Therefore you will need to put additional effort to learn the basics to keep up with the projects.

I have an architectural background but can’t do architectural visualizations, where to start?

In most architecture schools, CAD software is part of their program, so getting your exams means you already know about modelling in 3D; therefore, it’s best to research the types of 3D software and see what feels close to your current 2D CAD workflow. If you don’t have any experience in CAD software, it’s best to start with SketchUp as the most intuitive app for 3D modelling.

What is the architectural visualizer’s salary?

Salary can range from £18,000 to £42,500 in most cases in the UK; up to $92,000 in the US and on 27,000 to 52,500 euro in Central Europe. The salary threshold depends on multiple factors but mainly on your experience and knowledge of the software.

Key points: Architectural Visualizer, what is and 7 places to find one?

  • Architectural Visualizer is a person or company that produces 3D images through special software.
  • Architectural visualizer job is to support architecture and design teams with their projects.
  • When a company is looking to recruit architectural visualizer; They should be looking for professional integrity, problem-solving skills, good portfolio, experience and knowledge, awareness of the design and architecture trends
  • Salary range £18,000-£42,500 UK and $92,000 US depends on skills, location, company and responsibilities

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