Old House Of 1886 Designed Into A Contemporary Home

  • Location: Ostuni, Italy
  • Interior accent and materials: Brass and Marble, Reclaimed veneer
  • Area: approx 70 m2 / 753 ft2
  • Credit:  Flore & Venezia Architects

By George Nicola

George is the founder and Interior Designer at TALLBOX, an Interior Design & Architectual Visualization Agency specializing in helping the businesses of interior design and architecture maximize their ROI while being cost-effective. 

Today’s project takes place in a house dated 1886 in Ostuni, Italy. Studio Flore & Venezia Architects worked on the interior design with the idea to preserve the historical details; the task given by their client is an exceptional opportunity for them to mix the technologies and history of the past. The apartment was supposed to correspond to the lifestyle of the new owners, to respect their habits, while closely linking them with the spirit of this place and with the city habitat.

The apartment has a straightforward layout: traditional but adapted to new functions. Space restoration was carried out with minimal intervention and maximum delicacy. In the course of the work, several traces of the past were discovered, frescoes, holes filled over time, and immured niches. All of them have been restored with particular attention to detail by using as much as possible the ancient techniques of work with wood, and metal processing.

“The design of the property is the result of a fusion of ancient and contemporary objects, a combination of colors, materials, and products developed by Flore & Venezia Architects for this project and custom-made by local artisans.”

The kitchen area designed as a friendly and intimate place that can stimulate communication, demonstrating respect for the relationship between the existing and the ancient. The kitchen isle is made of marble and contrasted with a table that refers to the olive trees of Puglia, a region in southern Italy bordering the Adriatic sea. The dining room is connected to the kitchen and surprises not only with a beautiful view from the window but also with an incredible ceiling mural.

Interior accent and design ideas

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