Our main goal is to improve property buyers’ opinions and make them take that decision fast. Virtually staged photos of property help your customers to visualize it as their home with appealing design concepts and decorations. Virtually staged images of homes stand out from competitors selling trough ugly and gloomy photos. Below are some of the popular interior styles we work with. All styles are adapted to the staging market, meaning they will be as neutral as possible.

Contemporary Virtual Home Staging Style

virtual staging style guide


A distinctive feature of contemporary style is the texture. If we choose a splash of color, we don’t need them. If we choose to mix neutrals, then we need lots of textures. Textures mean how an item looks and feels.



Feature at least one lighting element from each category. Shapely fixtures, or pieces made of metals, are a good idea. Champignon, Six-Light Chandelier, and West Elm are the most popular.


Prologue to Contemporary Staging Style

Today the style is constantly evolving. The word “contemporary” means „of the moment,” but what’s of the moment today may change in a few years. That is why keeping up with trends is so important.

The form is one of the foundational elements of contemporary design. We specifically talk about shape, and this is one of the elements that sets this design style apart from others. If you plan to remodel, choose some eye-catching architectural element like a room divider or shapely fireplace, or include some curved furniture, décor elements, or lighting.

Key accent accessories instead of knick-knacks everywhere is also a great point.

If you find yourself admiring the modern style and keep up with trends, then Contemporary is your go-to style.



Don't forget to mention your chosen style at the time of order, or our staging team can suggest a design style.


1. Get in touch with us: Phone us or e-mail us. We are open Mon-Sun during regular business hours. We respond to e-mails within two to four hours of receiving them.

2. Information: Let us know what are your needs. Send us information or the photos that you would like to be virtually staged. Write in short what has to be done, e.g. change from a bedroom to the living room or other.

3. The Delivery: You will receive High-quality photo-real virtually staged images of the property delivered to your e-mail within 48 hours if you Pay per Photo.

Pricing is per virtual staging image (as low as £35) or Monthly Subscription and may vary according to size and work required.  Get a free quote in three hours:

You can choose the design direction and our staging expert will complete the design project with all the furniture and details.

Sure, we can. When submitting a project for Virtual Staging you can choose from different design styles and include examples or sketch of what you are after. Our state-of-art workflow, allow us to achieve the desired look on the preferences you provide. Free or charge revisions are limited to removing the 3D models, change of colour/texture or change of their position. Any other changes as adding new furniture or new design style may occur an additional charge.

Tell them the truth. We advise Real Estate brokers to take care of disclosing. Make your customers happy by telling them that design and decorations they see on photos are being generated virtually with the use of Virtual Staging Expert Agency to give an impression of the home’s potential. Actual furnishings may not be as they appear in some photographs.

48-72 hours. We try to do our best to deliver your Virtually staged images within 48 hours (Pay per Photo) if there are additional revisions to be made or more details required – 72 hours.

Absolutely. With our state-of-art workflow and most advanced 3d modeling and rendering tools, we can achieve a realism that will make you believe it’s a real photo. Virtual Staging will become your most powerful marketing ace.

This is something new. With our experienced team of interior designers and unique workflow, where we DESIGN your staging project with real furniture, accessories, fixtures and decors. Then we issue a procurement pack with all the necessary prices and quotes. This is our Ultimate marketing tool, which helps you to up-sell the project to the next level and triple your profit. If you are a Home Owner, click HERE.

Renting real furniture and hiring stages, moving companies can be a costly nightmare. Prices start a minimum of £2000 for a small bedroom and £3500 per month. We encourage you to get a quote and compare it to the cost of virtual staging.

Virtual styling is simple and effective. There are no deliveries to be organized and costly hourly consultations on-site. Book in your online virtual consultation, and we will help you to plan your virtual staging marketing. There are no additional or hidden charges ever.

We bet that your furniture rental company requires you to pay for additional insurance in case of any damage during the agreed period of listing! Digital Staging does not require insurance coverage. The only obligation you have is to state in your advertisement that these images are “virtually staged,” “artistic impression,” or similar.


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