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What is 3D visualization and why is important for property development?

Also known as 3D rendering, 3D visualization is the method by which things are designed making use of the 3D computer graphics. It is the process of using the computer to create an environment with the liking of a natural one. The 3D designs also incorporate the features that would most likely surround the focal point which could be a building in real life. The 3D property visualizations are used to create picture-like high definition images through creating and designing spaces. The 3D visualization can also be referred to as 3D rendering, computer-generated imagery, etc. Here are some interesting facts about the development of the word 3D visualization itself.

3D visualization and Property Businesses.

The use of 3D visualization has been on the rise for the last couple of years because of the ease and less cost. For instance, before the 3D visualizations were so popular, companies and organizations had to pay studios for photo shoots and then use the pictures to show a sample of their work, but today, with 3D visualization, things have changed. Instead of getting the services of a photographer, companies are now making use of 3D graphic designers to help them do at a lower cost a better form of the same thing.

The 3D rendering of the same building looks as good as if not better than a photograph and an added advantage is that you can tweak the design to give it the best angle instead of trying to retake the photo to get a great angle.

3D rendering in kitchen

The advent of property visualization has irrevocably changed the way that business is done. Businesses are no longer funnelling a lot of money into proposals with their fingers crossed and hoping that their investment would turn in a profit. That trial and error method does not hold in business anymore with the 3D property visualizations. Companies now have a chance at seeing a realistic simulation of proposals, and with this, they can judge the workability of the proposals before giving their sanction and putting their money into such a plan.

The importance of property imagery has clearly impacted any type of business but none more than the world of property development. The uses and advantages of the computer generated images have no limit at all in the field of property development.

Importance of 3D visualizations in property development.

The importance of 3D rendering cannot be overemphasized in the field of property development. Some of the include:

  1. It can be used to get the investors of a project to get the financial juices going.

With the 3D visualization, the investors in a particular real estate market would feel a lot better about putting their money into a business venture after they might have seen the designs through the property visuals of the place. It also gets them a lot more interested in the project because it is one thing just to funnel your money in a project and ask for progress without any true personal investment in the work and it is another to feel a personal investment in the completion of the work. However, with the 3D development rendering, the investors would be caught up in the fever of wanting to transfer the image into reality.

 3D visualization for investors
3D visual of interior
  1. It drastically reduces the chances of encountering a big problem on the ground while doing the construction.

Before the 3D development rendering were brought into property development, the designing of a building was solely done by architects who used boring 2D CAD drawings made to talk to builders and engineers. There was some form of architectural illustration, but no every project had the budget to afford it.
Sometimes after the drawing has been approved and taken to be built, the workers encounter some problems and either the entire thing has to be redrawn, or more money would be spent to correct the fault. However, with the development rendering, the chances of encountering a problem with the design is drastically reduced because all major mistakes and even minor ones are detected easily.

 3D visualization for construction companies
3D property visualization for construction companies
  1. 3D development rendering are used to get the interest of others.

Apart from the investors who have to sink in a lot of money into the building, there is list of other people who have to be interested enough for you to get your project off the ground. One of them is the people you work for. It could be a proposal of some sort after which the best architectural designer gets to be awarded and given the contract to build. 3D visualizations can give you an edge when it comes to these proposals. Seeing the beauty of the virtual building cannot be compared to seeing just designs and having to get them interpreted. It also gives people the feeling of living in that space.

  1. With 3D visualizations, there are no unforeseen surprises.

In business, surprises are not welcomed. It doesn’t matter the nature of the surprise because, in business, plans are made according to facts at hand. A surprise would be a complication that is not necessarily welcomed. It is better not to be surprised positively or negatively so that you would not run into any form of complications. With 3D visualizations, the chances of getting surprised are low, and even if you eventually get surprised, 3D visualization still has an edge because it can be easily tweaked to accommodate whatever crops up.


3D visualizations have changed the trend of property development for the better. Offering better quality at a lower cost and with a wider range of tools to combat loss, property development can only get better with 3D visualizations.

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3D visualization of property development before/after

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