What is a virtual interior design?

Virtual interior design is practical and a solely digital form of interior design where the client doesn’t meet in person with the designer.

In this from of online interior design services from brief and design concept to communication and design project everything is delivered via a website platform i.e video chat or e-mail. 90% of the discussion happens online, 10% over the phone and 0% face to face.

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Virtual interior design may be the new norm for designing our homes; it is time to embrace the truth and live with it.

This informative article covers the 17 best virtual interior design services in the US and the UK.

We’ve compared them on cost, benefits, disadvantages, and timeframes.

Additionally, you will find information on the basics of virtual interior design, and what differentiates it from the traditional interior design we’ve known till this moment.

First, you will learn why virtual design might be the new norm and how important it is for the industry.

What is a virtual interior designer?

A virtual interior designer provides interior design services completely online, without meeting the client in person. Here are some key things to know about virtual interior design services:

  • Services provided virtually: Everything from the initial consultation to final walkthroughs are done virtually via video calls, emails, online chats, etc. The designer typically never visits the physical space.
  • More affordable: Virtual designers charge lower fees because they have lower overhead without a physical office space. Hourly rates can be 20-50% cheaper than traditional designers.
  • Still get personalized service: Clients are matched with a dedicated designer who provides personalized suggestions tailored to their style and budget. It’s not just generic recommendations.
  • No in-person interactions: Some clients prefer face-to-face meetings and consultations. Virtual design lacks this personal touch.
  • Best for smaller projects: Virtual designers are ideal for small projects like one room makeovers. Larger scale renovations may benefit from an in-person designer.
  • Emerging industry: Virtual interior design is relatively new compared to the traditional model which has been around for decades. But it is rapidly gaining popularity.

So in summary, virtual interior designers offer a more affordable and convenient option for those who want professional design help but don’t require intensive in-person collaboration. The end results can be just as good!

Is there a house designer free service?

Yes, there are some free home design services available online for homeowners and those looking to build or remodel. While they have limitations compared to full-service interior designers, these free options provide a good starting point.

Here are some of the most popular free house design services to consider:

3D Interior Design by TALLBOX

For homeowners seeking comprehensive 3D interior design support TALLBOX offers a Free Trial House Designer, an offer aiming to answer all first questions to anyone who is at the beginning of their home makeover.

The specialized CGI and VR-enabled design services to digitally conceptualize, refine and visualize interior spaces with precision:

  • Photorealistic 3D Renderings – We create accurate 3D models of existing rooms or spaces to showcase proposed redesigns with real-world textures, lighting and materials simulated digitally.
  • Immersive VR Walkthroughs – Clients can explore photorealistic 3D renderings of redesigned rooms via virtual reality using VR headsets for next-level immersion and interaction.
  • Space Planning – We digitally experiment with furniture layouts, circulation flow, storage solutions and room divisions tailored to your functional needs.
  • Custom Fabrication Design – Our 3D modeling expertise enables designing customized architectural elements like cabinets, built-ins, and accent walls to your exact specifications.
  • Budgeting and Specifications – Our 3D interior design deliverables include detailed pricing breakdowns, measurements, technical drawings, etc. to streamline procurement and construction.

With end-to-end 3D interior design services for residential and commercial spaces, TALLBOX helps you manifest your vision digitally with cutting-edge CGI technology for informed design decision-making.


Here are other popular free house design services to consider:


  • Intuitive online tool to design 2D and 3D floorplans from scratch or using templates
  • Drag-and-drop furniture and décor elements to visualize layouts
  • Create multiple designs to compare
  • Download plans with exact room dimensions

HomeStyler by Autodesk

  • Interactive floor plan and interior design platform from industry leader
  • Design detailed 2D and 3D renderings for remodeling or new construction
  • Extensive catalog of furniture and décor in different styles
  • Photo-realistic visualizations to convey the look

SmartDraw Home Design Software

  • User-friendly way to draft floor plans and experiment with layouts
  • Customizable home design templates for various room types
  • Resize spaces and place common furnishings automatically
  • Annotate plans with dimensions and notes

Sweet Home 3D

  • Open-source home design application used by amateurs and experts
  • Straightforward tools for drawing floor plans and placing decorative elements
  • Extensive library of 3D models and textures to visualize concepts
  • Create realistic renderings and walkthrough animations

So while not as robust as professional interior design services, these free home design programs provide DIY home builders and renovators an effective way to conceptualize and experiment with home layouts and interiors conveniently online.


The idea for a simplified design process originated from 1990-2000 but gained popularity between 2014-2015 in the US.

A genius idea offering low-budget design lovers who can’t or do not want to hire a professional designer. With online interior design service you can virtually decorate any space, employing the skills of an in house designer, but paying a fraction of the price.

Over time, it gained popularity between low-end interior design project-clients. At first the typical a project would start with virtual consultation and a style quiz.

Followed by a scaled floor plan suggestions with mood board of the room design. The service evolved, and more services appeared:

  • custom floor plan with design board options
  • shopping list
  • custom layout and room flow
  • furniture layout
  • basic 3D renderings
  • textile samples
  • multiple revisions
  • product suggestions
  • paint recommendations

Where all evolved into a complete package.

What used to be a meeting between client and designer face to face is shifted to online platforms resulted in cost-effective projects.


The main benefit of online design services is turnaround time and costs.

If your project requires mostly paint colors, existing furniture and accessories swapping around.

Your budget is limited, and most importantly, all you need it this to happen quickly – virtual design is the solution.

While researching this topic, I’ve read on the internet that someone compared the virtual interior design to fast food shops.

It does the job quickly, but if you are into the grande project, don’t waste time.

Let’s find out why is that.

Virtual interior design infographic with the best online design resources.


Realistically virtual interior design service can be free of charge (at least one of the design packages). With most of the providers I’ve looked, first client interaction is a design brief – style quiz, populated by the client.

Based on these style preferences the company creates the concept for the new space. Depending on the complexity and scale of a project, it is possible to offer a free interior design project to some degree.

The designers in this scenario earn their money from a commission on the furniture order and decors. Typically their commission varies between 3% for decorations and accessories and up to 60% with most lighting and sofa companies.


Below is a list of online interior design service, their pros, cons, and what you can achieve by using them.

You will love this reading if you are searching for a free interior design advice or the best online interior design.

Keep reading and you’ll find it below.

Constructive criticism – opinion

There is a downside as well to all this virtual (online) interior design industry; The majority of service providers offer only simplified solutions and not custom furniture layouts for projects, which may not be enough.

The above means if your project requires more than online shopping list and you have a grand idea which will involve building codes & regulations, floor planning, mechanical and electrical planning, interior fittings and furniture.

That type of design services won’t be your solution.

According to the BusinessWire in their market research forecast for 2018-2025, the global interior design market is estimated to grow at a significant rate up to almost $7B. Alone in 2022 the industry grew by 5.8%

Changes in the social environment and changes in standard of living among millennials will boost the global Spatial Design market in the upcoming year.


The growth of the middle-class population size and augmentation in their desire to strengthen their standing in the society is the main driver of the global market.


The residential market and specifically middle working-class families, singles, students. are ideal client.

Millennials sit at the top of the target group along with the rapid changes of the society, adopting habits that are shifted to the online environment.

Today we have less time, and we need everything as soon as possible. For this reason, virtual interior design is a suitable option because.

Based on the idea to offer ready-to-ship and buy furniture and decors for the end-user to arrange according to the floor plan and mood boards provided by the online designer.


best interior design software for homeowners
best interior design software for homeowners

No, online services will not take over the traditional. But they will co-exist and it is likely that traditional designers will adopt more digital approach. Both services are not direct competitors, although it may seem like they are given the the nature of the bussiness.

Surely some of the small interior design studios might lose the client’s attention if they don’t adapt to the ever-changing market.

All it takes for a studio is to set up a bare-bones design service providing value to the client – digitally.

This will create an opportunity for indirect overlapping competition with virtual interior design companies.

Alone in the US in 2019, the interior design industry sales were close to $11 billion and the majority of the projects we’re executed by the traditional interior design companies.


Now is the time to get into the details, direct comparisons of other online design services and companies. Of course, when you pick at least three options, you will need to prepare yourself.

This is something you will learn below, let’s get started!


5 reasons to use the best virtual interior designer
5 reasons to use the best virtual interior designer
  1. It’s affordable: With online designers, you can get professional design assistance at a flat fee per one room.
  2. Tailored: Online designers can offer customized design solutions that fit your specific needs with a tool called – layout visualizations, no matter how small the project is.
  3. Quick and Easy Redecoration: If you only need a simple redecoration and space planning, the online analogy can provide you with quick and efficient solutions, including full room furniture arrangement with your existing pieces.
  4. Time-saving Feasibility Studies: If you’re planning to purchase a new property, online designers can provide feasibility studies to help you determine if the property will meet your needs before you make the purchase.
  5. Convenient: With the online analogy, you can have a quick consultation with just a few questions to help you get started on your design project with personal shopping list.

TIP: To make the most out of your online design service experience, gather as much information as possible about your desired design, including photos, measurements, and a completed questionnaire. Check of the designer availability and ask for trader discounts. 


cost of the best online design
cost of the best online design

Costs of virtual interior design can vary.

In the UK market for online interior design projects vary between as little as £90 ($112) up to £350 ($437) – 400 ($500) per room, some competitors offer FREE online design mini-consultation.

On average:

In the US market mini-consultations start at $19 and per room designs at $69 (£55) up to $900 (£720), and as in the UK, some competitors offer FREE online design mini-consultation.

Remember this rule: the smaller the budget is, the less information is supplied. Some of the firms offer even free services besides the online interior design consulting, so take their advice with caution.

If you know you need help with your design project, consider reading this blog post: Hiring An Interior Home Designer | Interior Design Cost & Questions


After analyzing 17 companies, here are the four main online design options:

  1. AI Powered Online Virtual Design: This type of service is supported by AI automation. With AI taking care of the majority of preliminary processes. Great for those who want a quick and affordable solution.
  2. Hybrid Virtual Design: In this option, you’ll work with a remote interior designer who will create the design. It’s a great balance between automated design and the personal touch of a traditional interior designer.
  3. Virtual Design with a More Personal Approach: This option is similar to the hybrid model, but the designer adds a personal touch by sending packs with printed designs and guidance. Ideal for those who want a more hands-on approach.
  4. DIY Interior Design Software: With this option, the end-user is in charge of their design. Perfect for those who want complete control over the design process and have the time and expertise to do it themselves.

TIP: When choosing an online interior design option, consider your budget, design preferences, and how much control you want over the final design process.

BEST 17 Online Interior Design Services

After analyzing and comparing 17 interior design services in the US and the UK, we’ve compiled a list of the best services available. This is the information for each of them:

  • Service Name: Short introduction about the company’s history and main goal.
  • Cost: Price of virtual staging services.
  • Benefits: Key advantages of using this company.
  • Disadvantages: Any potential drawbacks to consider.
  • Project Timeframe: Estimated time to complete your project.


Some of the AI-driven design companies refer to them as owning a Virtual interior design app; given the name that suggests they have some form of a platform or mobile app where the end-user is able to interact with the system but it’s not fully self-driven and automated.


Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, this US-based home renovation company uses advanced 3D technology, computer graphics, and creative décor curation for customers seeking home design guidance and ideas. Founded in 2015, Modsy allows homeowners and renovators to use inspirational designs from the perspective of their own homes before implementing any changes.

  • This service may be discontinued for new clients. While the website remains operational, it is not clear if they are accepting new clients to date

you want expertly designed 3D renderings and graphics irrespective of the price range.

Clients are limited to specific items/retailers for their designs. Some past clients state that the company relies heavily on visualizations overall to win clients, and not on a design.

  • Classic – $89/room – Collaborate with a rising designer

  • Premium – $159/room – Work with experienced designers with broad portfolios;

  • Multi-room – from $259/room – Work with expert designers to design 2+ rooms.

  • Luxe – $499 – Enjoy end-to-end VIP support to design 1-8 rooms.

2 weeks or more


Havenly is a US-based e-commerce platform and online interior design company established in 2014 to provide budget-friendly ways to design spaces in homes. With over 200 professionally trained interior designers, Havenly is one of the leading home décor companies with the highest number of interior designs.

You want to visualize and customize room layouts with expansive floor plans.

They even offered in-home meeting with a designer at highest tier*

Some clients state that designers may be unprepared for a scheduled meetings, missing appointments, suggesting an upgrade to the client’s plan.

Professional designers vary in price and services. Once contented with the final design, customers can order the curated list of products at exclusive discounts!

The pricing packages are:

Online Mini- $99.00

Online Full – $159.00

In Person – $499.00

 1-2 weeks (Online Mini) and 2-3 weeks (In-Person and Online Full)

Hybrid Virtual Design


Using these tips, decorate a long hallway with a unique collage of items. Add a lamp and a vase to create an interesting focal point.

Virtual Interior Design has never been more exciting than with TALLBOX. Since its inception in 2011, TALLBOX has established itself as a moving force in the industry, bringing together a team of architects, designers and artists to create a distinctive design ethos and character.

The team at TALLBOX is unique, comprising professionals across Architecture, Interior Design, and Marketing, with a multicultural workforce, resulting in a truly outstanding Virtual Interior Design service.

you need your dedicated virtual interior designer to provide you with a full package of bespoke advice and answers on your specific needs. Highly realistic and accurate renderings. Serves customers globally.

Might not be able to handle large volume of projects at a time.

With design packages starting at just $69 – $145 – $299 per space, clients can access a range of add-on services and resources to create the perfect space for their project.

1-3 weeks service delivery with their express package

My Bespoke Room

My Bespoke Room Limited is a UK-based prize-winning professional interior design company that helps homeowners to style, design, and furnish their homes. Established in 2013, this company provides its customers with easy-to-use interior design services online to transform their houses into beautiful homes. It is also listed as one of the top 1,000 design professionals by the House & Garden magazine.

you want your own online professional interior designer to provide you with unsolicited advice about creating a happy home effortlessly. Mostly right for UK based clients.

Almost none, except some people are complaining from slow response.

Complete Design Experience – £395

Complete Design Experience PLUS – £450

Complete Design Experience MAX – £595

 2-3 weeks service delivery with their express package



Homewings is an online marketplace based in UK. For clients looking to decorate a space with a professional interior designer in a fun, flexible and affordable manner. Homewings gives you exclusive access to the best furniture products through their brand partners, in line with your personal style and budget.

you want your own online professional interior designer to provide you with unsolicited advice about creating a happy home effortlessly. Mostly right for UK based clients.

Clients describe the service in their reviews as “underwehelming” and “not happy with the experience”. Often designers exceed client’s budgets.

ree delivery services for orders over £1,000 with all your boxed items shipped within 3-5 weeks of placing your order. Installation can be booked for an additional fee. Packages include:

Full Design – A blank canvas or room transformation – £199 per room

Premium – Ideal for a full design with extra service – £299 per room

Premium single room project takes up to 2 weeks, the multi-room project will have 3 additional days per room—furniture delivery 4-6 weeks.

Laurel & Wolf


Founded in 2014, Laurel & Wolf is a US-based interior design website that provides customers with budget-friendly home design solutions by connecting them to expert designers. Laure Fine and Brandon Kleinman established this e-commerce company to allow shoppers to find and hire professional designers affordably and to ease customers’ fears of cost and time.

you want to select your most preferred room designs from a broad list including Bohemian, Scandinavian, Mid-century Modern, Industrial, Preppy, Rustic, etc.

Closed operations in March 2019 due to multiple reasons including substandard services, but reopened in early 2020 under new management. At the time of this review, their website looks operational. Do your research before signing up with them!

Classic curation – $149.99

Premium curation – $299.99

Luxe Custom – $499.99

Designers take about 10 days to design a room with a concept


Based in UK. RoomLab has a dedicated online platform that connects customers to their chosen designer throughout the entire process making it very quick and easy. The amazing designers will find the perfect furniture for your space, style, and budget and show you how it will look in your room.

you are looking for a professional interior design service that matches your budget and incorporates your personal style perfectly.

Very few customer complaints, except some stating their design was great, but with a terrible customer experience or often exceeding budgets.

Prices start with the initial call with your designer. The team places orders and organizes deliveries on your behalf, which unlocks access to trade discounts leading to saving time and money. They include:

Starter – Ideal for single rooms – £699

Standard – Ideal for double reception rooms and open spaces – £999

Superior – £1,499 per room

Between 5 to 21 days for their final design and up to 4 weeks of post-design support.



Decorilla is an online interior design service that connects clients with professional interior designers. The company was founded in 2012 and is based in New York City.
Overall, Decorilla aims to make professional interior design services accessible to a wider audience by offering affordable and convenient online design services.

you are looking for a professional interior design service that matches your budget and incorporates your personal style perfectly.

Generally most reviews online are positive. There are still negative reviews some of which staging that the designer “did not follow the brief” or “we did not receve any valuable ideas for the amount of money we paid”.

Bronze – $549 per room with 2 designer concepts

Silver – $649 per room with 2 expert designer concepts

Gold – $849 per room with 2 leading designer concepts

Designers take 2-6 weeks to design a room

West Elm


Founded in 2002 in Brooklyn US, as a sister company focused on modern design and affordability. They claim that 90% of their products are designed in-house with organic materials and sustainably sourced. Today, West Elm has stores in 90 cities in the US and 3 stores in the UK too.

you love roaming around thousands of furniture pieces without a design focus. West Elm offers free virtual design services. Also, on their website, you can find a few buying guides with ideas and steps on how to choose your furniture to match your style.

Customer says their products are great, but their customer service is terrible. Costly deliveries. 

Prices vary and depend on the type of furniture you choose.

Varies from days to weeks


Room lift

Established in 2017, Room Lift is an e-commerce Interior Design company that provides home design ideas for people seeking to transform their unique spaces! The website is packed with reasonably priced design ideas to incorporate in your home. You also receive a Room Lift box having a floor plan, wallpaper and paint samples, product images, prices, and styling notes that matches your personal style.

you prefer choosing from tangible samples to computerized ones.

Customer says their products are great, but their customer service is terrible. Costly deliveries. 

Here, you choose from two types of roomLift Boxes and get 20% discount if you buy 3+!

  • 1 roomLift with 2 Designs – from $695

  • 3+ roomLift with 2 Designs each – from $1,668  

2-3 weeks

The Mini Interior Design Company

This UK-based interior design company provides you with some of the most innovative interior design concepts that can make lasting memories in your perfectly-styled home. It connects you with a professional interior designer to work with you on an individualized basis. All conveniently done online you can create the beautiful home decor tailor-made to match your personal style and budget.

you want to become part of a community of homeowners and professionals across the country and around the world.

Almost none.

You must request a quote if you are not keen on their inspirational packages which are:

from £1,560 / $1,926 for Guest room concept with most of the center pieces included

to £4,060 / $5,013 for a Living room concept with most of the center pieces included

At least 28 days to receive your design idea by email.




Cedreo is virtual interior design online app for DIY home design platform. Cedreo is founded in 2005 with the idea of general 3D guides for selling solutions. It is used mostly by home builders and real estate agents to simulate the potential of a property during the pre-construction stage. In 2012 the company takes a decision to open the software for the general public which include the DIY home owners. The company has grown up to $5M revenue in 2023 alone due to its advances in the home design platforms.

you are enthusiast ready to dive deep into designing his project. Cedreo is one of the few DIY apps tha comes with Animation options, Collaboration Tools,Photorealistic 3D Renderings, Drafting, Contact management, Filtering, Annotations, and 3D modeling tools.

The learning curve is flat for a beginner making it one of the easiest interior design capable software, yet it will take between 45 mins to 120 mins on average to learn how to navigate.

Cedreo has a Free plan and paid plans available. Paid plans start at $9 per month. Discounts for annual subscriptions. The Free plan is enough for 1 user and 1 project.

Depends on the complexity of the project. Simple designs can be completed in under a few hours or 2-3 days. More complex projects may take weeks.


Homestyler is an online home design platform that includes a variety of 3D rendering and house planner options for interior decoration. It’s downloadable on both the Google Play Market and the Apple App Store.

Homestyler is a user-friendly programme that facilitates the processes of interior design, décor, furniture placement, and home redecorating. It also has an informative interior design database.

Homestyler is preferred because it is easy to use and has free option with 100,000+ 3D models and materials. It is most ideal for amateur interior designers and home owners.

During the time we tested Homestyler we did not encounter any issues, but it is reported by other users that sometimes there are bugs and glitches and can be annoying to deliver your final concept.

The Pro plan starts at $4.9 per month and adds 75 renders for 2K and 4K per month, the removal of the Homestyler watermark, the opportunity to upload your own 2D textures and 3D models (up to 300 of each), and access to the render retouch real-time lightmix, among other things.

Unlimited 4K picture rendering, the opportunity to upload your own 2D textures and 3D models (up to 500 each), more monthly video rendering capacity, and more monthly 8K & 12K panoramic rendering quota are all included in the Master plan, which starts at $9.9 per month.

The Team plan from Homestyler costs a minimum of $19.6 per seat per month and is designed for groups. In addition to all the features available in the Master plan, this tier grants access to all premium models, a shared design area, a shared model and texture library, the ability to create and manage sub-accounts, add a custom logo to your renders, and increase your monthly rendering limit.

The Enterprise plan at negotiated rates. Single sign-on (SSO), 3D model creation, a virtual photo studio, a white label and branded environment, and additional services on demand are all part of this package in addition to everything in Team.

You can realistically put up a project in a day or two



Foyr is a software company that provides visualization solutions for the design. Their product, Foyr Neo, is an interior design software that allows users to convert 2D plans into 3D designs and photorealistic renders quickly. It offers an end-to-end design workflow and is known for its speed compared to other interior design software

its biggest plus is in the catalogue of furniture and decors. You can use the models you can source to your clients.

More expensive than the rest on the market. Similar look to SketchUp, and the rendering is basic with low-quality reflections and overexposed lighting.

However, be careful of cheating too much, as Foyr allows you to scale objects unproportionable. 

Foyr offers Basic, Standard, and Premium 3D rendering plans. Home stagers and individuals can use the $44-per-month Basic plan. The plan includes 60 render credits per month and a single user licence. For an additional fee, you can export floor plans and elevations.

The Standard plan has 135 render credits per month, two user licences, and a 1-click 3D walkthrough for professional designers. Exporting elevations and a monthly masterclass are also included.

Design teams and studios can export floor plans and elevations with 240 render credits per month, five user licences, and the Premium plan. 3 monthly masterclasses, 25 custom models, and dedicated customer support are included.

All plans include free Foyr Community access, and yearly subscriptions offer significant discounts.

You can put up a project in a day.

Room Sketcher

Room Sketcher is a Norwegian software company that developed the app around 2000.

Initially, it has been in use to 3D visualize sub-sea oil industry projects, and later in the years, it gained enough traction, which made the developers shift the use course of the app to help homeowners do DIY home designs.

Up-to-date on their website, they claim, the app is used in 180 countries and has 6 million projects on the servers.

you love pottering about your dream home design. The company has an excellent customer support service.

All models in their catalogs are from real-life brands.
They are best known for their floor plan software with interactive-live feature.

If you are not picky and after realistic renderings, this app is for you.

The software has issues with incorporating vaulted ceilings and limited material finishes based on some reviews.

During the trial time we tested the software it seems capable enough for amateur designer or home owners to do their designs. Some other consider their credit system limiting, especially if you are under timeline to deliver the final concept.

There are three different price points for Room Sketcher: enterprise, individual, and academic. Pricing for the Commercial plan begins at $38 per user per month, while the Personal plan is completely free. The free Education plan is restricted to educational institutions.

The Business plan comes with a variety of perks, such as professional drawing assistance, prompt delivery of a digital floor plan, and in-kind furnishings. In addition, you may print to scale from both 2D and 3D floor plans, as well as 3D images. Yet, it lacks more sophisticated options like 3D pictures, 360-degree views, and copying a design directly from a plan.

For an additional $99 per year, you may access the Room Sketcher Pro plan and its many premium features, such as 3D snapshots, 3D floor plans, and the ability to swap out materials. Another 50 credits are available for orders of $20 or less per level of the floor plan. In addition to modifying floor designs, users can also add measurements, compute total area, design site plans, and connect to an order system.

Customers with a monthly floor plan production volume of 101 or more can upgrade to the High Volume plan. The cost is accessible upon inquiry, and it offers everything included in the Pro package, plus unlimited users and profiles, personalised training, and a dedicated account manager.

In general, Room Sketcher’s price plans provide a variety of alternatives to meet the demands and budgets of any user. Those who only require basic floor plan services can opt for the Business plan, while those who need more extensive features and customizations can benefit from the Pro or High Volume programmes.

You can design an entire apartment in two to three days.

Sweet Home 3D

online-interior-design_sweethome3d review

Sweet Home 3D has been around for a while. First public release in 2005 made by the French software company Eteks. The application must be downloaded locally on a computer. It’s simple to work with and offers a ton of options. It comes with thousands of predefined objects (most of them not real) to drag-and-drop; it is available in multiple languages.

you are ready to spends days designing your dream space. It has a huge community of amateurs, and it is constantly updated with new assets.

 You must improvise and find real-life analogues of the furniture and decors after designing your home with the app; no design support.

There is known SweetHome3D to Blender workflow that will allow you to render your designs realistically.

Free to download online / ~ £13 / $15 to purchase offline with an installation CD

All depends on your skills, times may vary from 10 days to weeks.

Space Designer 3D

Space Designer 3D is identified as a prominent rising star in the interior design software market (stated as per on their website).

Asynth is a technology french company who is the engine behind Space Designer created in 2009.

Their main goal is to achieve efficiency and offer intuitive design tools mostly for the DIY market. Up-to-date they have +1million users and raised 1 million euro in 2018 for further development of the software.

you are a DIY enthusiast with time to spend learning the software and have at least some understanding about design and colors. The software allows you to Quotes and Estimates (which is rare in DIY design apps) and offers Live online training teaching how to use the software. It has a design templates option.

Limited 3D libraries (You can import your own 3D objects). Models used are not real; no interior design support.

SpaceDesigner3D is an effective web-based design tool that provides a range of pricing tiers to accommodate individual requirements. The various pricing tiers are outlined below.

This plan is ideal for casual users who only sometimes need to create detailed floor plans or interior elevations. Those interested in communicating efficiently with their loved ones can do so for a monthly fee of $9.99 per project.

Standard: The standard plan is best for those who wish to build trust with their clients by guiding them through the design process. A fully functional online tool with support for up to 10 projects across 5 tiers is available for $59.99 a month. It also has a form builder, plugin support, area calculations, and other advanced features.

This plan is geared towards commercial enterprises who intend to make extensive use of SpaceDesigner3D’s configuration options.

There is no limit to the number of projects or levels you may create, and you can also modify the area calculations, the tools, the forms, the plugins, and the design catalogue to your liking. Your company can generate leads while also integrating your furniture inventory. If you’re interested in this option, please get in touch with SpaceDesigner3D so we can discuss price.

Plans range in price, but all include features like email support, online tutorials, and PDF export. All three plans allow you to export to formats like AutoCAD and 3D (GLTF), and the commercial plan even lets you export to Revit.

All plans provide a certain number of render credits, with larger credits and better quality available at the higher tiers. Branded environments, website integration, and API access via API Key are also part of the business plan.

In conclusion, SpaceDesigner3D provides a number of subscription tiers to meet the needs of diverse users. The casual plan is perfect for on-the-fly creation, the regular plan gives a robust application for designers, and the commercial plan allows for tailored presentations for corporations.

All depends on your skills, times may vary from 24 hours to days to deliver final concept.


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In the list above (which will be updated continuously, there is one missing name; and that is Homepolish. The company was one of the first companies to skyrocket in this field, but as with everything new, if you are too fast to go up, you can crumble down loud at the same speed.

Around September 2019, Homepolish experienced a crisis; only a few months later, the company was operating already entirely on a skeleton staff.

Homepolish has collapsed. Its designers are reeling


This is one of the caveats in most industries; if a company is outgrowing its success and relying entirely on investors for funding to grow, the problem can be seen from afar.

My take on this would be, always take this and every journey with a propper due diligence in place.

Do not fall for a glimpse of a beautiful chair or carefully staged interior photography.

Even when we take into consideration that the end-user these days is well protected with refunds in place, things can go wrong as past has shown us already.

The virtual interior design service can be an excellent tool if you are looking to arrange cost-effective design advice for your home. Still, in the end, there are always costs of the furniture, decors and the actual work. 
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Virtual interior design is practical and a solely digital form of interior design where the client doesn’t meet in person with the designer. The brief of the design projects is based on a client’s tastes recorded through questionnaires, and 90 percent of the discussion happens online.

In the UK market for online interior design projects vary between as little as £69 ($85) up to £350 ($437) – 400 ($500) per room, some competitors offer FREE mini-consultation.
In the US market mini-consultations start at $19 and per room designs at $69 (£55) up to $900 (£720)

Virtual interior design projects takes typically between 7 days up to 4 weeks if done with a company. DIY virtual designs might take from hours up to weeks or months, depending entirely on the user’s skills and passion.

Virtual interior design is a service like any other. If you consider that it is highly cost-effective and has an advantage of the quick turnaround time, the result will vary from project to project. The success of results depends on the client’s expectations and the designer’s skills.

Online interior design is entirely done online (hence the name). You do not have to meet your designer.

Furniture and decors may not be included in the price of the project. Although with some providers of the service, a certain package of design has the furniture included in their end price.

An online interior design project is simple and always starts with the first step – initial consultation.

The client (buyer) must provide the following information:
– to select references
– to choose a design style
– do describe the idea / end-goal
– to provide room measurements/layout
– to provide room photos (if possible)
– to specify budget

The second step is the actual project. The client/buyer should receive within days the proposal of the designer, which may include one or more design options.
The third step is placing the order with the chosen design option (furniture, decors and more)
The fourth step is the installation of all design elements into the property.

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