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Virtual interior design may be the new norm for designing our homes; it is time to embrace the truth and live with it.

This informative article covers the 22 best virtual interior design services in the US and the UK. We’ve compared them on cost, benefits, disadvantages, and timeframes. Additionally, you will find information on the basics of virtual interior design, and what differentiates it from the traditional interior design we’ve known till this moment.

First, you will learn why virtual design might be the new norm and how important it is for the industry.

What is a virtual interior design?

Virtual interior design is practical and a solely digital form of interior design where the client doesn’t meet in person with the designer. The brief of the design projects is based on a client’s tastes recorded through questionnaires, and 90 percent of the discussion happens online.

When virtual interior design became a thing?

The idea originated from 1990-2000 but gained popularity between 2014-2015 in the US, and over time, it gained popularity between low-end interior design project-clients, where mostly redecorating is the main achievement.

What used to be a meeting between client and designer face to face is shifted to online platforms resulted in cost-effective projects.

Why is Online interior design a new trend?

The main benefit of virtual interior design is turnaround time and costs. If your project requires mostly redecorating or organizing the decors and furniture around, the budget is limited, and most importantly, all you need it this to happen quickly – virtual design is the solution.

While researching this topic, I’ve read on the internet that someone compared the virtual interior design to fast food shops. It does the job quickly, but if you are into the grande project, don’t waste time. Let’s find out why is that.


Realistically the virtual interior design can be free of charge (at least the design project). But for the designer or company to earn its money, there will be a commission places on the furniture order and decors. Typically their commission varies between 3% for decorations and accessories and up to 60% with most lighting and sofa companies.

A detailed list of virtual (online) interior design providers.

I’ll also list some of the companies offering virtual interior design, their pros, cons, and what you can achieve by using their services. You will love this reading if you are searching for a free interior design advice or online interior designer. Keep reading and you’ll find it below.

Constructive criticism – opinion

There is a downside as well to all this virtual (online) interior design industry; The Majority of service providers offer only simplified solutions for projects, which may not be enough.
The above means if your project requires more engagement and you have a grand idea which will involve building codes & regulations, floor planning, mechanical and electrical planning, interior fittings and furniture; virtual design services won’t be at much help.

The author of this article

According to the BusinessWire in their market research forecast for 2018-2025, the global interior design market is estimated to grow at a significant rate.

Changes in the social environment and changes in standard of living among millennials will boost the global Interior Design market in the upcoming year.


Moreover, the growth of the middle-class population size and augmentation in their desire to strengthen their standing in the society will drive the global interior design market. Interior design is the practice of appreciating and recognizing people’s behavior in order to construct a well-designed space within a building.

The ideal client for Virtual (online) interior design

The residential market and specifically middle working-class families, singles, students. Millennials sit at the top of the target group along with the rapid changes of the society, adopting habits that are shifted to the online environment.
Today we have less time, and we need everything as soon as possible. For this reason, online interior design is a suitable option because its base idea is to offer ready-to-ship furniture and decors for the end-user to arrange according to the floor plan and mood boards provided by the online designer.

Virtual (online) interior design vs. Traditional Interior Design

We can’t say both services are direct competitors, although it may seem like that based on the nature of the client’s needs.

Surely some of the small interior design studios might lose the client’s attention if they don’t adapt to the ever-changing market. All it takes for a studio is to set up a bare-bones design service providing value to the client – digitally.
This will create an opportunity for indirect overlapping competition with virtual interior design companies.

Alone in the US in 2019, the interior design industry sales were close to $11 billion ( £887 million), and the majority of the projects we’re executed by the traditional interior design companies.

How to choose an online virtual interior designer?

Now is the time to get into the details, direct comparisons of the virtual design companies. Of course, when you pick at least three options, you will need to prepare yourself.

This is something you will learn below, let’s get started!

Top 5 reasons you might want to hire an online designer

  1. Hiring an online (virtual) designers will help you to achieve a celebrity look at home but on a budget.
  2. A traditional interior designer might bill you more simply because your project is too small, and it does require additional attention of а traditional designers to make it happen.
  3. Online interior designers are competent in redecoration, and all you need is a simple redecoration (so we’ve got a perfect match) with some furniture arrangement
  4. Traditional interior designers are not keen on wasting time (doing feasibility studies) and unlikely to help if you are planning to buy a new property and need to check if it will work for your needs in advance of the purchase.
  5. You have only a few questions; therefore, a quick interior consultation with a virtual designer is perfect for this “exercise.”

TIP: Before choosing to approach digital interior designers, gather as much information about your idea of what you want to achieve. All online designers will ask you to provide them with photos of the property, measurements, and you should fill in a questionnaire.

Costs of virtual interior design

Costs of virtual interior design can vary. “Seek, and you shall find.” it is a rule which applies in full power to most of our daily life activities.
With virtual interior design, the smaller the budget is, the less information is supplied. Some of the firms offer even free online interior design consulting, which can’t be trusted much (to my opinion).

On average:

In the UK market for online interior design projects vary between as little as £90 ($112) up to £350 ($437) – 400 ($500) per room, some competitors offer FREE online design mini-consultation.

On average:

In the US market mini-consultations start at $19 and per room designs at $69 (£55) up to $900 (£720), and as in the UK, some competitors offer FREE online design mini-consultation.

List of four different virtual design services which vary in quality and costs:

  • Full online virtual design (AI does most of the preliminary processes)
  • Hybrid virtual design (remote interior designer does design)
  • Virtual design with a more personal approach (very similar to the hybrid model, but the designer add more personal touch by sending packs with printed designs and guidance
  • DIY Interior Design Software ( the end-user is in charge of their design)

22 Best Virtual Interior Design

Below you will find the 22 best virtual interior design services in the US and the UK we’ve manage to compare.
Each company/design is introduced shortly with their history and main goal, Cost of their virtual staging services, benefits you get with them, disadvantages, and project timeframes.

Full Online Virtual Design

Some of the AI-driven design companies refer to them as owning a Virtual interior design app; given the name that suggests they have some form of a platform or mobile app where the end-user is able to interact with the system but it’s not fully self-driven and automated.


Website: Modsy.com

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, this US-based home renovation company uses advanced 3D technology, computer graphics, and creative décor curation for customers seeking home design guidance and ideas. Founded in 2015, Modsy allows homeowners and renovators to use inspirational designs from the perspective of their own homes before implementing any changes.


Right for you if…you want expertly designed 3D renderings and graphics irrespective of the price range.

Negatives: Clients are limited to specific items/retailers for their designs

Price Range and Packages

  • Classic – $89/room – Collaborate with a rising designer
  • Premium – $159/room – Work with experienced designers with broad portfolios;
  • Multi-room – from $259/room – Work with expert designers to design 2+ rooms.
  • Luxe – $499 – Enjoy end-to-end VIP support to design 1-8 rooms.

Timeframe: 2 weeks or more


Website: Spacejoy.com

Based in Bay Area, California, Spacejoy is a fast-growing online interior design service provider that designs any room in your home in 3D with very easy and simple steps.


Right for you…. if you are looking to transform your home through a 3D design experience that complements your budget, style, and functional need.

Negatives: None so far

Price Range and Packages:  You can shop for products and designs all at once or add to your space together with one shipment at a time. You can decorate your virtual room as you shop for products anytime and anywhere.

The pricing packages are:

  • Delight Design Service- $49.00
  • Bliss Design Service – $99.00
  • Euphoria Design Service – $ 149.00

Timeframe: Depends on how fast you create your virtual room

DIY Interior Design Software

DIY Interior Design software is a tool for designing spaces often referred to as a Virtual interior design app. The results depend entirely on software and its user. Most of the interior design software apps are DIY and require you to have knowledge about colors, space, layouts and shopping management, project manager, and many more. This is one of the cheapest ways for millions of homeowners or renters to achieve good design results by doing it themselves.


Website: Wayfair.com

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Wayfair was founded in 2002 to sell wide-ranging home products online in different categories including the bathroom, bedroom, dining, kitchen, living room, home entertainment, etc. Employing more than 3000 people, the company stands out as one of the leading online platforms for home improvement, with offices in Berlin, England, Galway, Ireland, Kentucky, London, New York, and Utah.


Right for you if…you want an assortment of over 18 million home furnishing and home improvement products.

Negatives: You only have 30 days to report any product/service issues.

Price Range and Packages: Professional designs and items vary in price according to quality, quantity, and size. You can create and decorate your virtual room with suitably fitting furniture for your space and purchase them using your preferred option!

  • Wayfair – Free shipping over $35
  • Wayfair Professional – Free shipping over $35, top design experts, and complimentary design services

Timeframe: 1-3 weeks for delivery


Website: Houzz.com

Houzz is a US-based online interior design platform for home renovation, home improvement, architecture, landscaping, and decorating. The company has expanded to 14 other countries, including the UK, India, Singapore, Spain, France, Australia, and many others. Houzz also connects homeowners with the right design and construction professionals and the best tools.


Right for you if…you want to become part of a community of homeowners and professionals across the country and around the world.

Negatives: Requires you to be consistent and participate in the community if you want to achieve good results. There is no dedicated designer working on your project.

Price Range and Packages: There are four categories:

  • Free – Includes Basic Profile, Directory Listing and Lead Inbox
  • Starter – $59
  • Essential – $49 (Recommended – Save 50%)
  • Ultimate – $199

Timeframe: At least 3 weeks depending on the project.

Home Design 3D

Website: Homedesign3d.com.cn

This is a Chinese interior design company that provides home decoration 3D design simulation and remodeling APP for a professional result at your fingertips. You can draw floor plans in 2D and 3D; design and decorate both interior and outdoor, and visit your project in real-time from anywhere. With about 100k monthly app downloads, Home Design 3D can help you visualize the results before you begin remodeling your actual home.


Right for you if…you want to become your own home designer using both 2D and 3D simulations. Highly cost-effective.

Negatives: You must download the app and learn it. There is no dedicated designer working on your project – it is you, who must do the project.

Price Range and Packages: The app can be downloaded/bought in two packages:

  • Freemium Edition – Trial version with basic app functions – Free
  • Home Design 3D GOLD – Full version – $4.99

Timeframe: AI does most of the preliminary processes so it depends on how fast you are. 

Home by me

Website: home.by.me

Home.by.me is a true virtual interior design app as the user is doing everything themself. The French software company develops home decoration 3D design simulation and remodeling APP for good results, and it is entirely website-based with the intent of being fully DIY. They provide a 3D planner that allows you to switch from 2D to 3D with a click of a button, and there is a curated gallery with inspirational images. The extensive library of 20,000+ products will become your best friend. The software allows you to export 360 views and even VR.


Right for you if…you have time to learn and explore all options. Great interface, easy to use.

Negatives: Medium learning curve. There is a huge chance that you might waste time playing with 3D renderings online without achieving the ultimate design results.

Price Range and Packages: There are two price models: per plan and a subscription.

  • Per plan cost you £12.50 / $15.40 for 5 projects and 15 renderings.
  • The subscription plan stands at £30.90 a month and with it, you have unlimited projects, unlimited renderings, 360-degree images, and copyright to use publically those renderings.

    For an additional fee they offer you:
  • to convert your plans to a 3D project inside the software – £15.99 / $19.75
  • to redecorate a room of your choice according to your preferred style – £65.00 / $80.30

Timeframe: It all depends on your skills, times may vary from 5-7 days to weeks.

Planner 5D

Website: Planner5d.com

Home.by.me is a Lithuanian design – a software company that develops an advanced 2D/3D home decoration tool. They claim to have up-to-date 55,424,837 design accounts. They have a design blog where you can discover many ideas on how to create your best design.


Right for you if…you have time to learn and explore all options. On their website is an education section, where you will be able to discover all possibilities of the software quickly. It also comes with pre-made selections of decors, which is a great thing to have!

Negatives: It is lacking vital information as Bills of materials; Contact management; Quotes/Proposals; Drafting

Price Range and Packages: It comes with a free trial. If you keep working on the software for a longer time and need access to a more extensive library of models they offer a few levels of pricing.
No design help, unless you ask in their forums.

  • Under $3 / £2.50 gives you access for 7 days to a catalog of 3000 furniture objects.
  • Under £4 / £3.25 you have access for 60 days
  • $10 / £8.10 gives you access for 1 year
  • $19.99 / £16.20 gives you unlimited access and HD rendering option

Timeframe: All depends on your skills, times may vary from 10 days to weeks.

Easy Homestyler

Website: Homestyler.com

Easyhome is another Chinese software company that developed the Homestyle app in March 1999 with the idea in mind for a “one-stop” DIY service for home design with furniture and decors from more than 200 brands.


Right for you if… you are a fan of DIY and ready to take the step and learn the software. A positive side is they have catalogs with ideas and inspirational designs.

Negatives: You are restricted to only what they have in the catalogs. No design help from a professional.
Bills of materials; Contact management; Quotes/Proposals; Drafting

Price Range and Packages: Entirely free

Timeframe: All depends on your skills, times may vary from 10 days to weeks.

Room Sketcher

Website: RoomSketcher.com

Room Sketcher is a Norwegian software company that developed the app around 2000. Initially, it has been in use to 3D visualize sub-sea oil industry projects, and later in the years, it gained enough traction, which made the developers shift the use course of the app to help homeowners do DIY home designs. Up-to-date on their website, they claim, the app is used in 180 countries and has 7 million projects on the servers.


Right for you if… you love pottering about your dream home design. The company has an excellent customer support service. All models in their catalogs are from real-life brands. They have as a feature interactive-live floor plans.

Negatives: No design support. The free account does not provide even a 2D floor plan option. There is no Print to Scale option.
Can’t export: Bills of materials; Contact management; Quotes/Proposals; Drafting

Price Range and Packages:

  • It has a free account but with limited options (ideal for personal use)
  • VIP account at $99 / £80.20 which is used even by some design businesses

Timeframe: All depends on your skills, times may vary from 10 days to weeks.

Sweet Home 3D

Website: www.sweethome3d.com

Sweet Home 3D has been around for a while. First public release in 2005 made by the French software company Eteks. The application must be downloaded locally on a computer. It’s simple to work with and offers a ton of options. It comes with thousands of predefined objects (most of them not real) to drag-and-drop; it is available in multiple languages.


Right for you if… you are ready to spends days designing your dream space. It has a huge community of amateurs, and it is constantly updated with new assets.

Negatives: You must improvise and find real-life analogs of the furniture and decors after designing your home with the app; no design support.
Can’t export: Bills of materials; Contact management; Quotes/Proposals; Drafting

Price Range and Packages: Free to download online / ~ £13 / $15 to purchase offline with an installation CD

Timeframe: All depends on your skills, times may vary from 10 days to weeks.


Website: www.cedreo.com

Cedreo is founded in 2005 with the idea of general 3D guides for selling solutions. It is used mostly by home builders and real estate agents to simulate the potential of a property during the pre-construction stage. In 2012 the company takes a decision to open the software for the general public which include the DIY home owners.


Right for you if… you are enthusiast ready to dive deep into designing his project. Cedreo is one of the few DIY apps which comes with Animation options, Collaboration Tools, Drafting, Contact management, Filtering, Annotations, and 3D modeling tools.

Negatives: It is lacking some 3D libraries. Models used are not real; no design support.
Can’t export: Bills of materials; Drafting; Project management

Price Range and Packages: Starting price at $79 / £64 a month

Timeframe: All depends on your skills, times may vary from 5 hours to days.

Space Designer 3D

Website: www.spacedesigner3d.com

Space Designer 3D is identified as a prominent rising star in the interior design software market (stated as per on their website). Asynth is a technology french company who is the engine behind Space Designer created in 2009. Their main goal is to achieve efficiency and offer intuitive design tools mostly for the DIY market. Up-to-date they have +1million users and raised 1 million euro in 2018 for further development of the software.


Right for you if… you are a DIY enthusiast with time to spend learning the software and have at least some understanding about design and colors. The software allows you to Quotes and Estimates (which is rare in DIY design apps) and offers Live online training teaching how to use the software. It has a design templates option.

Negatives: Limited 3D libraries (You can import your own 3D objects). Models used are not real; no interior design support.

Price Range and Packages: Offer a free limited trial

  • Starting price at $9.90 / £8 per floorplan
  • $19.90 / £16.10 a month gives you unlimited floor plans and one 3D rendering
  • $49.90 / £40.40 a month allows you to import your own 3D objects

Timeframe: All depends on your skills, times may vary from 24 hours to days.

Hybrid Virtual Design

My Bespoke Room

Website: www.mybespokeroom.com

My Bespoke Room Limited is a UK-based prize-winning professional interior design company that helps homeowners to style, design, and furnish their homes. Established in 2013, this company provides its customers with easy-to-use interior design services online to transform their houses into beautiful homes. It is also listed as one of the top 1,000 design professionals by the House & Garden magazine.


Right for you if…you want your own online professional interior designer to provide you with unsolicited advice about creating a happy home effortlessly.

Negatives: (None so far)

Price Range and Packages

  • Free – Includes Basic Profile, Directory Listing, and Lead Inbox
  • Mini Makeover – $240 / £195 ( perfect for finishing touches & accessories )
  • Complete Design Experience – $365 / £295 ( perfect for single room transformations )
  • Ultimate – $432 / £350 ( best for larger spaces, dual-function rooms & bathrooms )

Timeframe: 2-3 weeks service delivery with their express package.


Website: Homewings.co.uk

Homewings is an online marketplace based in London UK for clients looking to decorate a space with a professional interior designer in a fun, flexible and affordable manner. Homewings gives you exclusive access to the best furniture products through their brand partners, in line with your personal style and budget.


Right for you if… you are looking for support to design the space by incorporating new furnishings and accessories.

Negatives: None so far

Price Range and Packages: Free delivery services for orders over £1,000 with all your boxed items shipped within 3-5 weeks of placing your order. Installation can be booked for an additional fee. Packages include:

  • Full Design – A blank canvas or room transformation – £199 per room
  • Premium – Ideal for a full design with extra service – £299 per room

Timeframe: Premium single room project takes up to 2 weeks, the multi-room project will have 3 additional days per room—furniture delivery 4-6 weeks.

Laurel & Wolf

Website: laurelandwolf.com

Founded in 2014, Laurel & Wolf is a US-based interior design website that provides customers with budget-friendly home design solutions by connecting them to expert designers. Laure Fine and Brandon Kleinman established this e-commerce company to allow shoppers to find and hire professional designers affordably and to ease customers’ fears of cost and time.


Right for you if…you want to select your most preferred room designs from a broad list including Bohemian, Scandinavian, Mid-century Modern, Industrial, Preppy, Rustic, etc.

Negatives: Closed operations in March 2019 due to multiple reasons including substandard services, but reopened in early 2020 under new management.

Price Range and Packages: Professional designers vary in price and services. Once contented with the final design, customers can order the curated list of products at exclusive discounts!

  • Classic Design Service- $74.99
  • Premium Design Service – $219.99
  • Luxe Design Service – $ 449.99

Timeframe: Designers take about 10 days to design a room using different concepts


Website: havenly.com

Havenly is a US-based e-commerce platform and online interior design company established in 2014 to provide budget-friendly ways to design spaces in homes. With over 200 professionally trained interior designers, Havenly is one of the leading home décor companies with the highest number of interior designs.


Right for you if…you want to visualize and customize room layouts with expansive floor plans.

Negatives: The more expensive the package, the more customized the experience.

Price Range and Packages: Professional designers vary in price and services. Once contented with the final design, customers can order the curated list of products at exclusive discounts!

  • Havenly Mini – $79 – For modernising your space/adding finishing touches
  • Havenly Full – $159 – For complete makeovers or designing rooms from scratch

Timeframe: 1-2 weeks (Havenly Mini) and 2-3 weeks (Havenly Full)


Website: Roomlab.co.uk

Based in London, UK, RoomLab has a dedicated online platform that connects customers to their chosen designer throughout the entire process making it very quick and easy. The amazing designers will find the perfect furniture for your space, style, and budget and show you how it will look in your room.


Right for you if…you are looking for a professional interior design service that matches your budget and incorporates your personal style perfectly.

Negatives: Items purchased online cannot be returned or exchanged, unless they are faulty or damaged.

Price Range and Packages: Prices start with the initial call with your designer. The team places orders and organizes deliveries on your behalf, which unlocks access to trade discounts leading to saving time and money. They include:

  • RoomLab Classic – Ideal for single rooms – £499 / $616
  • RoomLab Premium – Ideal for double reception rooms and open spaces – £699 / $863

Timeframe: Between 5 to 21 days for their final design and up to 4 weeks of post-design support.


Website: Decorist.com

Founded in 2013, Decorist is an e-commerce interior design and home décor company that acts as a bridge between customers and professional designers. The website allows clients to work individually with top designers online and create cohesive designs and layouts for improving the home space in style and budget.


Right for you if…you want a budget-friendly high-profile designer to help you select the best design choices for your room.

Negatives: Designers complain about payment delays.

Price Range and Packages: Professional designers vary in price and services.

  • DIY Decorating – Free – Multiple designs to choose from by yourself
  • Classic package – $299/ £242 room – Directly communicating with a rising designer
  • Elite package – $599/ £485 room – Work with experienced designers with broad portfolios;
  • Celebrity package – $1,299/ £1,051 room – Work exclusively with top designers!

Timeframe: Designers take 2-8 weeks to design a room

West Elm

Website: www.westelm.co.uk

Founded in 2002 in Brooklyn US, as a sister company focused on modern design and affordability. They claim that 90% of their products are designed in-house with organic materials and sustainably sourced. Today, West Elm has stores in 90 cities in the US and 3 stores in the UK too.


Right for you if…you love roaming around thousands of furniture pieces without a design focus. West Elm offers free virtual design services.
Also, on their website, you can find a few buying guides with ideas and steps on how to choose your furniture to match your style.

Negatives: It is almost a no different than a regular furniture and decor retailer. The free virtual design advice is limited to questions. You ask, they answer straight without much creativity.

Price Range and Packages: Prices vary and depend on the type of furniture you choose.

Timeframe: Varies from days to weeks

Virtual Interior Design with a more personal approach

Room Lift

Website: Roomlift.com

Established in 2017, Room Lift is an e-commerce Interior Design company that provides home design ideas for people seeking to transform their unique spaces! The website is packed with reasonably priced design ideas to incorporate in your home. You also receive a Room Lift box having a floor plan, wallpaper samples, product images, prices, and styling notes that matches your personal style.


Right for you if…you prefer choosing from tangible samples to computerized ones.

Negatives: (None so far)

Price Range and Packages: Here, you choose from two types of roomLift Boxes and get 20% discount if you buy 3+!

  • 1 roomLift with 2 Designs – from $695
  • 3+ roomLift with 2 Designs each – from $1,668  

Timeframe: 2-3 weeks

The Mini Interior Design Company

Website: theminiinteriordesigncompany.com

This UK-based interior design company provides you with some of the most innovative interior design concepts that can make lasting memories in your perfectly-styled home. It connects you with a professional interior designer to work with you on an individualized basis. All conveniently done online you can create the beautiful home decor tailor-made to match your personal style and budget.


Right for you if…you want to become part of a community of homeowners and professionals across the country and around the world.

Negatives: Kitchen and Bathrooms currently excluded

Price Range and Packages: You must request a quote if you are not keen on their inspirational packages which are:

  • from £1,560 / $1,926 for Guest room concept with most of the center pieces included
  • to £4,060 / $5,013 for a Living room concept with most of the center pieces included

Timeframe: At least 28 days to receive your design idea by email.

LLI Design

Based in London UK,  LLI design deliver inspiration design by understanding and interpreting clients aesthetic and lifestyle needs though interior designs, architecture and space planning for both residential and commercial projects. The company provides the client with draft layout showing space utilization, furniture layout and structural modifications and options for fabrics, finishes. They also design high quality furniture pieces for personalized looks.

Right for you if…you are looking for a London-based on site designer who can work on small intimate spaces and large renovation projects.

Negatives: Costs you more if you compare the rest of their competitors. It is not an entirely virtual interior design agency.

Price Range and Packages: Once you meet the designer, you will receive a draft cost plan for the total project cost. A procurement fee is also charged at each stage.

Timeframe: Timeline is shared privately based on the project and the progress monitored on-site on a regular basis.

Virtual Online Design and its caveats

It is essential for YOU to the readers of this article to receive the best-unaffected opinion on every topic we write here.

In the list above (which will be updated continuously, there is one missing name; and that is Homepolish. The company was one of the first companies to skyrocket in this field, but as with everything new, if you are too fast to go up, you can crumble down loud at the same speed.
Around September 2019, Homepolish experienced a crisis; only a few months later, the company was operating already entirely on a skeleton staff.

Homepolish has collapsed. Its designers are reeling


This is one of the caveats in most industries; if a company is outgrowing its success and relying entirely on investors for funding to grow, the problem can be seen from afar.

My take on this would be, always take this and every journey with a propper due diligence in place. Do not fall for a glimpse of a beautiful chair or carefully staged interior photography. Even when we take into consideration that the end-user these days is well protected with refunds in place, things can go wrong as past has shown us already.

The virtual interior design service can be an excellent tool if you are looking to arrange cost-effective design advice for your home. Still, in the end, there are always costs of the furniture, decors and the actual work.





Virtual interior design is practical and a solely digital form of interior design where the client doesn’t meet in person with the designer. The brief of the design projects is based on a client’s tastes recorded through questionnaires, and 90 percent of the discussion happens online.


In the UK market for online interior design projects vary between as little as £90 ($112) up to £350 ($437) – 400 ($500) per room, some competitors offer FREE mini-consultation.
In the US market mini-consultations start at $19 and per room designs at $69 (£55) up to $900 (£720)


Virtual interior design projects takes typically between 7 days up to 4 weeks if done with a company. DIY virtual designs might take from hours up to weeks or months, depending entirely on the user’s skills and passion.


Virtual interior design is a service like any other. If you consider that it is highly cost-effective and has an advantage of the quick turnaround time, the result will vary from project to project. The success of results depends on the client’s expectations and the designer’s skills.


Online interior design is entirely done online (hence the name). You do not have to meet your designer.


Furniture and decors may not be included in the price of the project. Although with some providers of the service, a certain package of design has the furniture included in their end price.


An online interior design project is simple and always starts with the first step – initial consultation.
The client (buyer) must provide the following information:
– to select references
– to choose a design style
– do describe the idea / end-goal
– to provide room measurements/layout
– to provide room photos (if possible)
– to specify budget
The second step is the actual project. The client/buyer should receive within days the proposal of the designer, which may include one or more design options.
The third step is placing the order with the chosen design option (furniture, decors and more)
The fourth step is the installation of all design elements into the property.


George Nicola

VIRTUAL STAGING EXPERT / After eight years+ working in high-end design and property business I realised that we are missing a critical part of the property business. We were not providing enough value to these old and empty properties. Not every buyer would have the opportunity to see the potential of vacant property or in a bad state. The idea of Virtual Furniture Staging the property gives the buyer and seller an incredible chance in seconds of taking the critical decision.
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