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By George Nicola (Expert Stager)

Looking to design your home with a consistent style matching the architecture of the building or your vision but you are on a budget?

Online interior design services can make it effortless for you to enjoy the experience of working with a professional interior designer to design your home.

Working with traditional interior designers certainly is the best scenario but it is a time-consuming and costly process. Now, wide-ranging online interior design services are easily accessible, and affordable thanks to the ever evolving internet businesses.

Whether you are a landlord or a homeowner enthusiastic about the look of the property, we’ve dedicated this article to answer 3 important questions about online interior design services, read on to learn more about:

  • How Online Interior Design Services Work
  • Benefits of Online Interior Design Services
  • Best Online Interior Design Services in 2022 / 2023

Online design projects typically takes must less time compared to the traditional interior projects due to the nature of how the project program is designed.

On average online interior design projects take:

– up to 10 days per room
– up to 25 days for small apartment
– up to 35 days for large apartment
– up to 40 days for small house
– up to 60 days for large house

Online design projects typically are more affordable compared to the traditional interior projects due to the nature of how the project program is designed.

On average online interior design projects cost:

– up to $150 for small size room
– up to $225 for large size room
– up to $600 days for small apartment
– up to $1200 for large apartment / small house
– up to $2500 for large house

With Online design projects 80% of the designers require upfront payment, but it is possible to find companies who require payment after your design projects is completed & approved.

Interior design processes online are similar to the experience you will get with the traditional service. Everything is effortless and made around the client (you) and your taste. 

Interior design involves multiple phases of planning, layout, furniture design, color theory, interior construction, management, and many more aspects.

Therefore the online version of the interior design service has identical programs and phases but focuses more on internal layout, color, and furniture improvements rather than the general layout and internal architecture changes. It is safe to say that online interior design is a “lighter” version of traditional design services.

How Online Interior Design Services Work

You don’t have to meet your online designer; instead, the meeting is done in a virtual office, where you can explore all aspects of the project together with the designers.

Many have web platforms driving the project’s program where plans and information are 24/7 accessible and up-to-date, making it easy to follow design revisions, technical plans, price lists, and almost everything needed for a complete interior project.

Today, nearly all professional services are available online, including interior design.

As such, it has become not only easier but more affordable to access experienced interior designers compared to the past. It is important to note that nowadays, interior design services are provided by three main categories of professionals:

Freelance interior designers who work independently.

  • Independent, online businesses with websites.
  • Furniture companies and retailers like IKEA.

However, how do interior designers deliver their professional services remotely?

When working with an online interior design service, the following are the common steps in the process:

Step 1: Share your preferred design, budget allocation, and overall goals for your space

While many interior designers usually share assorted photos that you can choose from, others will ask you to upload your own inspiration photos.

Depending on the company size, you can be assigned the most suitable designer after answering a series of automated questionnaires or sometimes talk to a designer in a virtual room.

Step 2: Take photos and measure the dimensions of your interior space

Measuring your space can be somewhat arduous and thus requires patience.
Depending on the room you want to be renovated, take photos (and sketch it), measure the space accurately, and
upload the photos.

Step 3: Design your home

The design phase begins with the interior designer providing you with some personalized ideas.

These include décor, furniture, color, accessories, and arrangements.

All this is done virtually via email, phone calls, or video conferencing.

Most designers allow a pre-set number of sessions and concepts. Once you have made the final selections, you can order the designs directly from the designer or a recommended source.

5 Benefits of Online Interior Design Services

1. Less Expensive

Even though they provide different packages, online interior design services cost far less than traditional home staging services. According to the American Home Shield, in-person interior designers charge an average of $2,500 per month, while virtual stagers’ fees range from $100 – $1000 per room. The rates of online interior designers are not only much lower but there are also discounts for every extra room or space.


Not only do online interior designers have access to wide-ranging layouts and styles for clients to choose from, but their services are also available to people living in remote areas.

Their services also come in handy in places where there is a highly limited number of experienced designers.

Some virtual interior design companies also provide online consultations from the comfort of your home and also collaborate with top-end designers.


The virtual design process allows you to connect with your designer effortlessly and fast without juggling schedules like in traditional home staging. The designers also provide the services more promptly.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for online interior design services significantly increased as many homeowners conveniently shopped from the comfort of their homes.

This shows that online interior design services eliminate multiple trips and recurrent meetings with the designer.


The invention of 2D and 3D BIM (building-modeling-information) interior design software has made it possible to easily customize layouts and styles using easy-to-use and interactive tools.

Virtual designers can design layouts and floor plans of interior spaces including walls, ceilings, floor plans, furniture, and many other design elements.

It is also important to note that virtually amending your home’s design is not as time-consuming as traditional home design, as virtual designers use specifically made-for-the-purpose software. Either way has its own pros and cons.

Increases your Home’s Value

If you are a homeowner who is looking to sell your home quickly, it is advisable to hire online interior design services to help you figure out the right upgrades and renovations that will add value to your home.

If your home does not require any major renovations, you can hire a professional virtual designer to refine the curb appeal of the rooms before placing them on the market.

7 Best Online Interior Design Services in 2022 / 2023

1. Modsy

Right for you if: You want design packages priced per room

Region of operation: USA 

Main style: Eclectic / American contemporary

Pricing: The Premium package is priced at $179 per room and allows you to work directly with a designated designer.

The Multi-Room package is priced at $299 and allows you to work directly with a designated designer to work on two or more rooms.

The Luxe package is priced at $499 per room and is recommended for large projects because you can save up to $120 for any
extra room.

How it works: Start by submitting photos and measurements of your rooms.

You will then take a style quiz and provide all prerequisite information about your preferred styles, layouts, furniture, budget, and other specified interior design elements.

You will receive two custom 3D design plans for your rooms, which you will modify with guidance from a professional designer and their 3D style editor.

2. Havenly

Right for you if:  You are looking for a fairly-priced package for a large project.

Region of operation: USA / Canada

Main style: Mixed – Scandinavian / American Traditional

Pricing: The Havenly Mini package is priced at $79 and is suitable for modernizing your home and custom-styling every room of your choice.

The Havenly Full package is priced at $129 and is suitable for designing a room from scratch with guidance from a professional designer.

Havenly At Home package costs $499 and allows face-to-face collaboration with a designer.

How it works:  First, you’ll take a survey to assess your style before uploading photos
of the rooms.

You’ll then discuss your visualization of the space with your designer or, preferably, fill out a design brief.

You’ll receive two customized design concepts that you’ll rate and ask for revisions. Finally, a virtual shopping cart will be filled with all the items from your designs, ready to be delivered to you.

3. Joybird

Right for you if:  You want to explore a wide range of vintage-inspired styles of furniture.

Region of operation: USA

Main style: Mixed / Traditional

Pricing:  As an online furniture brand, Joybird’s main product line is couches with prices ranging from $50 to $8,000+. They have a 90-day return policy.

How it works: First, you’ll take a style quiz on their interactive design request page. Your designer will use your answers to create room designs that match your idea book. A professional designer will share the design concepts of your newly designed room. Feel free to ask for revisions.

This service is free.

4. Decorist

Right for you if: You want to work with a high-profile designer on a budget.

Region of operation: USA

Main style: American Traditional / Mid-century

Pricing: The classic package is priced at $299 per room and allows you to work with an up-and-coming designer.

The Elite package is $599 per room and allows you to work with an experienced designer.

The Celebrity package is priced at $1,299 per room and allows you to work with a star designer.

How it works:  Start by choosing a room you want to have designed, then provide details about your preferred styles, layouts, furniture, budget, etc.

You’ll be provided with a designer who will then provide you with two initial design concepts.

You’ll then ask for revisions until you are satisfied with the final design.
Finally, you can order the products from your shopping list.


Right for you if: You want to design your own home for living or to sell

Region of operation: Europe / USA

Main style: Contemporary / Scandinavian

Pricing: There are 3 design packages. The most cost-effective package (Tier 1) is priced at $99 per room and it gets you a re-decoration and design advices, floorplan, one 3D rendering per room, decluttering suggestions and shopping list.

The highest package (Tier 3) is $599 per room and allows you to work with top designer and your project per room includes:

– everything from (Tier 1)
– new and existing furniture specs 
– remodelling plans 
– electricity and lighting plans 
– plumbing / bathroom* 

How it works:  Prepare in advance your information and details. Provide details about your preferred styles, layouts, furniture, budget and photos of the room / spaces.

A designer will provide you with two initial design concepts within the first 7 days.

You can ask for revisions until you are satisfied with the final design.

Finally, the designers will prepare your plans and 3D renderings along with the products for your shopping list.

6. Pottery Barn

Right for you if: You are looking for free one-on-one experience with a design expert.

Region of operation: USA

Main style:  Traditional

Pricing: Pottery Barn provides no-cost assistance from their expert designers for space planning, style advice, or complete redesigning of homes. You only pay a small fee for installation services, such as painting a room, mounting a TV, or hanging curtains.

How it works: First, you’ll set up a free appointment with a design expert to chat about what you are looking for.

The designer then creates a floor plan as per your visualisation.

Through its Room Planner technology, you will find accent recommendations and realistic images of furniture to put together.

The design expert will guide you from start to finish.

7. Laurel & Wolf

Right for you if: You are looking for a dedicated service

Region of operation: USA / Canada

Main style:  Traditional / Contemporary

Pricing: The Classic package is priced at $149.99, and only provides you with two design drafts for your selected rooms.

The Premium package is priced at $299, and offers you a custom floor
plan for every selected room, along with two rounds of revisions.

The Luxe package goes for $499.99, and allows you to access a custom floor plan and unlimited revisions.

How it works: To get started, share your photos and inspiration, along with what you want to retain in specific rooms.

You’ll be matched with a designer for your space, style and budget.

Your designer will help you transform your space virtually as you discuss any changes until your space is perfect.

They also recommend clients to shop for products through their trade partnerships for exclusive discounts.

Key Takeaways

  • There are three main categories of online interior design professionals: freelancers who work independently, online businesses with websites, and furniture retailers like IKEA.
  • Online interior design services are less expensive, more accessible, more convenient, and easily customizable compared to traditional interior design.
  • Most customizable list of products can be directly bought through websites providing online interior design services.
  • Online interior designers offer one-on-one consultations with popular experts

George Nicola

VIRTUAL STAGING EXPERT / After eight years+ working in high-end design and property business I realised that we are missing a critical part of the property business. We were not providing enough value to these old and empty properties. Not every buyer would have the opportunity to see the potential of vacant property or in a bad state. The idea of Virtual Furniture Staging the property gives the buyer and seller an incredible chance in seconds of taking the critical decision.