Luxury Student Accommodation Aerial Imagery

The Luxury Student Accommodation project is a five-star development in a large university town in England.

Location: England

TALLBOX’s team helped with Aerial (Drone) Site-plan and Exterior Visualizations starting with the exterior concept, via a loop of feedback we have created multiple angles from the internal courtyard and the entrance of the building demonstrating the luxe of the development and its recreational areas.

8 exterior architectural visualizations (static images) were produced at high-quality and little less than 40 drafts. A few drone – aerial site-plan visualizations demonstrating the situation of the development within the cityscape. The whole project took a little longer than 4 months with all the feedback loops.

Each Architecture Visualization project with TALLBOX goes under a specific workflow designed to ensure quality, precision and to meet deadlines. (it can be found here)

Aerial site-plan Visualizations