Architectural concept and Idea

The Vintage House at Kings Gate is a contemporary-minimalistic house extension for a family of five located in London, United Kingdom.

During this house extension project, the property received an entirely new underground level, which is a new relax area accommodating bathroom, snooker, library, and storage places.

One of the main tasks set by the client was the new part of the house to receive as much as possible natural lighting (including the underground floor)

Kings Gate House extension - from photo to CGI

Before we start with the fun part of any project, there is a stage where some heavy work needs to be put in place. For example, in this project, we had to use photos of the existing situation, which was challenging by the overgrown garden. 

A lot of effort went into decluttering the garden. Since it was impossible to use only one photo, we used multiple photographs at different angles to construct the final two CGI shots.

The video below demonstrates the process from a photo to a CGI of reconstructing what we need for the project from the photography we received of the back garden.

Play Video about Kings Gate House extension before
Kings Gate House extension

Kings Gate House extension - from photo to CGI #2

Play Video about extension refurbishment rendering

After multiple rounds of revisions between the architect and clients, we changed the concept for the rear extension to a more grand and spacious curtain wall that will let more light into the interior.

Gallery of CGI designs

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