Balearic Islands- CGI Luxury Residential Complex

The XO Residences is a Luxury Residential CGI project that we have been involved in since its inception at the drawing board.
The building consists of multiple overground and underground levels, and it has a very luxurious and distinctive exposed concrete facade. A mix of minimalism and brutalist architecture will change Palma De Mallorca’s architecture and raise the level to a new degree for luxury residences.

Location: Palma De Mallorca, Balearic Islands

TALLBOX’s team helped with 3D Interior Design support starting with the 3D interior design concept, via more than 10 client presentations with many revisions and alterations of the initial idea.

More than 400 interior & exterior visualizations (static images) were produced at the preliminary stages and as close as 60 high-quality interior visualization images. Few sets of CGI Exterior and Interior animations; 3D drone site plan, multiple 3D floor plans and situation plans. 20 full Exterior and Interior VR scenes were needed too. The whole project took a little longer than 17 months.

The 3D Drone site plan was produced entirely with Google maps data and our 3D reconstruction workflow. Our team couldn’t secure the flight time permission with the local airport authority within the project timing. The airport is 15 mins away from the site location by car.

Each Architectural Concept Rendering phase undergoes few rounds of revisions. Working side by side with the architectural designers ensures the ultimate reproduction of architectural details in the project. The process may seem slower at first, but good preparation leads to quality results. We had to establish an entirely new type of workflow to fit the specific project needs and still meet the deadlines.

XO residences Exterior 3D rendering
XO residences Exterior 3D rendering
XO residences External 3D rendering
XO residences External 3D rendering



George Nicola

VIRTUAL STAGING EXPERT / After eight years+ working in high-end design and property business I realised that we are missing a critical part of the property business. We were not providing enough value to these old and empty properties. Not every buyer would have the opportunity to see the potential of vacant property or in a bad state. The idea of Virtual Furniture Staging the property gives the buyer and seller an incredible chance in seconds of taking the critical decision.