4D Construction Rendering for New Industrial Estate

TALLBOX was instructed to produce 4D construction rendering for marketing purposes. Depicting an ongoing construction project showcasing new industrial estate within existing location and its features.

These types of renderings are often called 4D construction renderings or digital construction renderings. 

We had two options, to build a complete CGI environment or use a 3D – photo technique.
Typically in our true fashion, we decided to use one of our virtual staging methods and made some precise adjustments to fit the need of the project.
Since it was more time-efficient and results – highly photorealistic. Just what we did in this residential project too.

To speed up the process, we decided to use a photo to 3D workflow. First, an aerial drone video and photographs were needed, from which several elements had to be removed to fit the scope of the project and the rest to be modelled and rendered entirely in 3D.

Since the project brief was specific and not the usual 4D construction project, we developed a workflow consisting of 5 phases.

Phase 1
We removed all unnecessary photo details (such as cars, trees, and industrial buildings) using a combination of post-production and CGI techniques.

Phase 2
This phase primarily focused on modeling. We spent six days modeling the two new industrial buildings, along with lorry and car parking, soft landscape, and details. Additionally, we purchased some ready-made models to support and expedite the project’s timeline.

Phase 3
We had to completely redo the road in front of the industrial estate and remove all moving cars, as they were a distraction for the time-lapse 4D construction animation. We also split the entire building into elements and sequenced them according to their real-life construction order.

Phase 4
This phase involved refining the models and adding more details. We incorporated additional details and lighting effects to the project to better blend and integrate the 3D objects with the photo.

Phase 5
Throughout each phase of this 4D construction rendering, our primary focus was to demonstrate how the new industrial estate would seamlessly integrate with the existing environment.

4D Building Construction Rendering - Final Image

new construction rendering
new construction rendering

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