Japandi House design and CGI

TALLBOX was invited to help with the design and digital imagery for a garage conversion into a house. From a garage to a 3 story mini-house that we designed in Japandi interior design style. 

Japandi is an intersection of Scandinavian and modern Japanese interior design styles.
In this case, we’ve tried to mix it with Wabi-sabi, a Japanese philosophy that has been around since the 15th century.

The facade design came from the architects, our task was to find a way to connect interior and facade via digital imagery.

What’s interesting about this project was that nobody expected a japandi style. The brief was similar in feeling more onto the typical minimal style which would have kept the spaces cold because of the subterranean level.

We’ve been into elements of Japanese philosophy for years, this time it was time to play along with what we believe was going to work with the space, not what space will work with.

Since the structure aims to achieve “Passivhaus” grade to keep costs down main furniture will have to be made with mdf+wooden veneer.

Digital imagery & Design | TALLBOX
Architect | L+Architects
Location | South West London, United Kingdom

Concept stage


Japandi house - Facade visualization


Tip: If you brainstorm ideas about a certain style or idea, use ambient music + scent to fire up your creative thinking. We must have been gone through at least 40 hours of meditative music while brainstorming on those ideas.

Japandi Facade detail

Japandi-house-design-decor elements

Concept materials and colors

Japandi Living / Kitchen interior

From from the kitchen towards the depth of the living room, capturing the whole length of space. In the middle - dining area. To the left sunken enclosed garden featuring green living wall with externa storage and utility space, to the right - stairs coming from ground floor with fully utilized under stairs space as storage all cladded in wooden battens.
Japandi interior design
Japandi Interior Concept Board featuring warm minimalistic and natural colors typical for Japanese and Scandinavian interior styles.

All hard-wearing surfaces like countertops, bathroom floors and walls – micro cement in a custom colour with notes of beige and slight pink it will give that warm feeling and match to some degree the bricks on the wall.

"Dead on" view from the kitchen towards the living room feature wall. Above full 4.2 meters void reaching the main bedroom of the house. To the left - enclosed garden featuring green wall.

You will notice there isn’t any TV in this space, that’s it because it’s planned as a projector on the ceiling. I’m not keen on having tv’s in any project, but since they are part of today’s living – projectors are a good way to hide the ugly black things on the wall.