What is virtual staging app?

A virtual staging app is a software application that allows users to virtually furnish and decorate rooms or spaces using digital furniture, fixtures, and accessories. These apps are commonly used in the real estate industry to help potential buyers visualize how a property could look when furnished or decorated.

Virtual home staging apps offer a range of styles and customization options, enabling users to create realistic images that can be shared on listing portals or with clients.

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George Nicola

George is a seasoned interior designer and property marketing strategist with over 13 years of experience. He specializes in transforming properties into visually stunning spaces, helping clients recognize the potential and beauty in each property. With an impressive international client base of exciting projects throughout Europe and America.

What is the goal of a virtual staging app?

The primary objective behind employing virtual staging applications is to enhance marketing efforts while saving time and resources associated with traditional home staging methods.

These technologically-advanced solutions provide crucial support during the selling process as they allow users to present aesthetically appealing visuals which subsequently increases buyer interest and engagement.

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Why Amateurs Use Virtual Staging Apps?

Web-based applications for staging are natural result of the technological and real estate evolution.

The proliferation of virtual staging companies has led to a marked increase in their utilization by professional real estate agents and photographers.

In result virtual furniture staging apps have started to appear giving the amateur realtors and property enthusiasts, access to this technology at lower costs.

Best Free virtual staging app

The best virtual staging app to try for free is TALLBOX Virtual Staging. They offer one free virtual staging for realtors, investors, photographers and homeowners to experience the quality and service.

High-end luxury virtual staging with high-fidelity and photorealism
High-end luxury virtual staging with high-fidelity and photorealism


TALLBOX’s high-quality virtual staging services are ideal for real estate agents, photographers, and agencies who want to showcase listings in the most appealing way. Their realistic 3D renderings bring spaces to life for buyers.

TALLBOX’s Home Staging App is perfect for professionals and amateurs who require:

  • Top-notch quality that rivals traditional staging
  • Extensive furniture and style options to fit any property
  • Quick turnaround times to keep listings moving fast
  • Easy collaboration with designers to get the ideal look
  • Consistent branding across listings for their marketing

With TALLBOX’s expertise, agents can transform empty spaces into attractive staged listings that capture buyer interest. Their high-end services optimize marketing so properties stand out. For the best virtual staging results, TALLBOX is a great fit for real estate professionals.

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When looking for the best virtual staging app, it’s essential to find one that meets your needs and provides the features and meets your marketing needs. These two combined make your experience seamless and effective.

TALLBOX is a great option to consider. Not only do they offer high-quality virtual staging services, but they also provide a one-photo free trial so you can get a taste of their quality and service before making a commitment.

Here are some key features and functionalities that the best virtual staging app, like TALLBOX Virtual Staging, should have:

#1 Easy-to-use: Since this this is hands off solution, you do not have to deal with dashboards, think about what furniture to use, or if the style you have selected first the property’s needs.

It’s important for the the best app to have a user-friendly approach that allows you to navigate and use the virtual staging features effortlessly.

The team of trained designers at TALLBOX Virtual Staging understands this need and ensures that their client workflow is designed with simplicity in mind. Utilizing the latest photo and video editing techniques and tools making it easy for agents and homeowners like to upload and stage photos and real estate videos with ease.

#2 Variety of furniture and decor options: When staging a virtual space, having on point range virtual staging examples or furniture is crucial. Professional designers with expertise in real estate are responsible to adapt any listing to any style, color, and design to cater to your unique preferences. This ensures that you can create realistic and appealing staged images that will capture the attention of potential buyers.

#3 Realistic rendering: To make your virtual staging look natural and realistic TALLBOX Virtual Staging understands the importance of realistic lighting, shadows, and textures to ensure that the staged items blend seamlessly with the original photo. This attention to detail helps create a visually stunning representation of your space.

#4 Easy editing and customization: Flexibility is key when it comes to virtual staging. With TALLBOX Virtual Staging, you have the ability to easily edit and customize the virtual staging according to your specific needs. Whether it’s resizing or repositioning furniture items, changing colors or patterns, or adding or removing objects, TALLBOX Virtual Staging allows you to tailor the staging to your liking.

#5 Quick turnaround time: TALLBOX Virtual Staging understands that time is of the essence when it comes to selling real estate. They offer efficient processing and have options for quick turnaround time for generating the staged images. You won’t have to wait for extended periods to see the finished result, as TALLBOX Virtual Staging ensures prompt delivery, which can be crucial in the fast-paced real estate industry.

Benefits and Drawbacks of virtual staging app?

Web-based virtual staging applications have rapidly gained popularity, revolutionizing the real estate industry and transforming how properties are marketed by amateur realtors and photographers.

To comprehend the significance of digital furnishing applications, consider the following four aspects:

BENEFITS of Digital staging tool?

A photo of a house with a pool in the background, featuring virtual staging.
Play Video about A photo of a house with a pool in the background, featuring virtual staging.

1. Cost-effectiveness: For amateurs or solo agents hiring a virtual staging company or traditional staging services can be quite expensive; there is a cheap option however, virtual home staging apps offer a more affordable alternative for sellers and agents looking to showcase properties. 

Some staging apps go even lower then $10 per image while the professional service starts at $45 for the same.

2. Flexibility: Virtual staging allows users to experiment with various interior design styles, enabling them to cater to diverse buyer preferences and potentially increase the chances of selling a property.

3. Time-saving: The process of virtually staging a space typically takes less time than physically organizing furniture and decor. This efficiency enables faster listing times and increased overall productivity.

4. Visual appeal: Attractive visuals created by virtual furnishing  applications tend to leave a lasting impression on prospective buyers, making it easier for them to visualize living in the property.

Drawbacks of Digital staging tool?

There are a few cons or disadvantages to using virtual staging apps:

1. Limited realism: Although digital home staging apps have come a long way in terms of realism, they may not always be able to perfectly replicate the look and feel of an actual furnished space.

2. Time-consuming: Depending on the app used and your level of expertise, creating good and appealing virtual stagings can take some time, especially if you need to learn how to use a new software platform, as you will be doing it yourself.

3. Software limitations: The output is not in your control. Virtual furnishing apps does not offer the same features or quality of output as staging companies, meaning that staging might not meet your specific needs or expectations.

4. Misrepresentation concerns: Overly embellishing the appearance of a property through virtual staging could lead to misrepresentation issues when potential buyers visit the property in person and find that it does not match their expectations based on the digitally-staged images.

Despite these cons, many real estate newbies still find value in using virtual staging apps as they provide an effective way to showcase properties online while saving time and money compared to traditional physical home staging methods.

What Home Staging Apps Professionals Use?

Real estate agents make use of virtual staging companies not apps to help potential buyers envision their home in the most attractive way.

The most popular virtual staging companies like TALLBOX are used by professional real estate agents since it allows for editing of photos and videos to add or remove furniture, lighting, and other elements to the space.

  • Interior designers also use virtual interior design apps to give clients an idea of how the room will look with different furniture, colors and other elements.
  • Architects also use virtual staging software to showcase their work and demonstrate their design capabilities to potential clients.
free virtual staging living room_
High-quality virtual staging in a country cottage style / Credit: TALLBOX

The main differentiator is that professional virtual staging companies provide high-quality results and help agents, designers and architects showcase their work in the best possible way, where staging apps are DIY solution with low cost.

Examples Of Virtual Home Staging Apps

In the realm of real estate, more than 150 companies offer virtual staging for realtors and there are virtual staging apps that have gained traciton. Since the staging apps a useful tool for newbies and solo agents providing better experience to their clients the sector keeps developing.

Apart from TALLBOX, numerous virtual staging platforms are available in the market today, with two which we’ve picked giving the most promising results. Each offering similar features and capabilities.

One notable example is ApplyDesign, which provides realistic 3D renderings while enabling users to customize their spaces effortlessly.

This cheap virtual staging application boasts a vast library of branded  and non-branded furniture items from top retailers, ensuring a wide range of choices and it is idea for amateurs or agencies with small marketing budget. At the moment stands as one of the top low-budget staging apps for realtors, where DIY is the preffered method.


virtual staging app example applydesign

According to The Crunchbase the company previously known as Clone.Space is established in Tel Aviv, Israel and founded in 2018.

  • You are a newbie realtor, amateur photographer or homeowner looking for a cost-effective solution for virtual staging.
  • You are in need of quick turnaround times for virtual staging edits.
  • You want to be able to make endless revisions until you are satisfied with your design.
  • You are looking for an app that specializes specifically in virtual staging.
  • Can’t afford to spend more than $150 for a few photos

Prices start at $10 per photo but can go down as low as $7 if buy more than certain amount of credits for their system.

We have made a quick tutorial how to work with ApplyDesign:


Another notable example is AutoDesign, alternative to ApplyDesign and also cheap staging app for realtors which provides realistic 3D renderings while enabling users to tweak everything within their webrowser.

This affordable virtual staging software for realtors has a large catalog of branded and non-branded furniture from top retailers. This extensive selection provides many options for staging properties. The software is ideal for individual agents or agencies with smaller marketing budgets who prefer easy DIY staging.

It is currently one of the top low-cost virtual staging solutions that empowers realtors to stage listings themselves.

virtual staging app example autodesign

Based in Vietnam and developed by Bestates Co. founded between 2021 – 22 there is not much information available freely. Auto-Design seems to be the main competitor of ApplyDesign at the time of writing.

  • You are a novice real estate agent or a small team with mini-budget looking for an affordable option for virtual staging.
  • Don’t want to deal with professional virtual staging company.
  • Appreciate easy-to-use software that doesn’t necessitate advanced design expertise.
  • Can’t afford to spend more than $100 for a few photos

Prices start at below $10 per photo but can go down as low as $5 if buy more than certain amount of credits for their system.

We have made a quick tutorial how to work with Auto-Design:


Virtual staging apps have revolutionized the low-end of the real estate industry by offering cost-effective and efficient solutions for property visualization.

Amateurs benefit from these applications; however, it is essential to use high-quality tools that produce realistic results if you seek ultimate marketing campaign.

The utilization of virtual staging software for real estate not only enhances marketing efforts but also helps potential buyers see the true potential in a property. By employing imagery techniques, real estate agents are able to present properties in their best light, ultimately leading to increased sales and satisfied clients.

In this digital era, leveraging technology such as virtual furnishing proves indispensable for success within the competitive real estate market.