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Today, I’m going to reveal what we call virtual staging in real estate in 2021/22. That’s the same process that helps many sellers with private homes for sale and agents achieve better prices, on average, 17,11% in sales.

So, if you want to get more leads or sell your house at a higher rate, you’ll love what I have prepared for you.

In this Section:

  • Staging a house
    • What is staging a house mean?
    • What are the advantages of staging a house?
    • How do I know if I need to stage my house for sale?
    • Can I stage a house even when there are occupants?
    • What is the first step when you want to stage a house?
    • What is the advantage of hiring a professional stager?
    • What are the different types of staging?
    • What happens in a staging consultation?
  • Transition from tradition to virtual staging
  • What is virtual staging in real estate?
  • Why is staging an FSBO real estate so necessary?
  • How to satisfy the most critical buyer.
  • The Five-Step System & PropTech 3.0.
  • The Benefits of Virtually Staging Your Private Home for Sale in 2021/22.
  • The Secrets of Staging Private Homes for Sale.

Before proceeding with the virtual side of the staging, let’s first look at some basics of staging real estate and answer some fundamental questions.

Staging a House

Selling a house in 2021/2022 fast with the top dollar in mind is not impossible when you’ve got the right price and best showcase of your property.

A cost-efficient way to achieve both is through property staging. 

Selling a house can be an overwhelming endeavor, especially if you know you have a property that needs a lot of improvement to make it attractive to buyers.

Staging a house is the best way to transform a house for sale into a more appealing and updated version of the property.

What is staging a house mean?

Staging a house is the process of transforming the property for sale to become more visually appealing through aesthetic strategies such as changing or updating furniture, décor, and repainting.

What are the advantages of staging a house?

Setting up a house benefits both sellers and buyers, which can be listed in five major points.

Better Lead Generation.

With a more visual appeal, a staged home has a great potential of reaching more buyers than homes with no staging. With social media sharing, good-looking homes for sale is so easy and fast. 

Faster Sale and Higher Profits.

More views convert to faster sales and less time in the market, yielding higher returns. Staged houses for sale can increase their price up to about 15% more compared to a house with no staging. 

Improve the Property in General.

While staging a house gives a chance to obscure a property’s flaws, it’s not a good idea not to disclose major issues upfront.

Once these concerns are discovered it can actually put off potential buyers and not to mention a huge dent in a seller’s credibility.

Instead, staging a house should be a chance to improve your property were as much as possible with a balance on spending on your resources. 

Leave a lasting impression.

A potential buyer usually looks at two to three homes before finally making a decision, with a staged house leaves a lasting impression that makes the property unforgettable.

Visualize a Property as a Future Home.

Staging a house helps buyers to visualize the potential property and how it goes well with their lifestyle.

To be even more clear, I’ve listed below some of the commonly asked questions that first come to mind to a person thinking of selling real estate and with a staging strategy.

How do I know if I need to stage my house for sale?

Whatever the size, style, target buyer, occupied or not benefits greatly when the property is staged. Even for expensive and large homes, a professional stager is mostly hired to do necessary updates and changes to make it ready for the market.

Hold on for a bit! If you are curious about what does it take to hire a virtual staging company, just click here.

Can I stage a house even when there are occupants?

The short answer is yes, but not without challenges. Even with pets and kids, a house can be staged and usually termed as an owner-occupied home. Although, it is advisable to spend less in the home and maintain a clean and organized house while it is still in the market.

What is the first step when you want to stage a house?

Firstly, decide whether you’ll go for a professional stager or can you do your own staging. If you’ve chosen the former, then you’ll need to start by seeking a home staging consultation which can give you a rundown on the staging process for your house.

What is the advantage of hiring a professional stager?

You will have an unbiased review of your property, and it saves you more time, less stress, and gain more from your investment.

What are the different types of staging?

Houses for sale have different needs and situations where there are staging types that can address these requirements. These include soft-staging and full-service staging. Virtual home staging is also gaining popularity and is a great option while occupants are still living in the property. Meanwhile, DIY staging is possible for selling smaller properties as well.

What happens in a staging consultation?

A staging consultation is a room-to-room assessment that is an unbiased and objective detailed discussion on what needs to be done to a property. It is also a way to get the best possible price.

Transition from traditional to virtual staging

Astonishing things happen when you properly showcase your home. If you think a vase of blossoms and good scrubbing is going to do it, think twice. Getting a house ready for society is different from just tidying up for a visit from the in-laws.

In this competing real estate market, the bar has been raised to new levels. The popularity of digital services has transformed the approach in which people buy a property in 2021/22. Buyers can view and compare numbers of possible FSBO homes online before they even step outside.

You need a different line of strategy to make your home appeal to the broadest possible audience.

Also, you can watch a conversation with Simon Hawkesley (expert realtor) and (me) George, on how we plan to virtually stage a property, watch here.

Real estate market competition is fierce

To compete in this market as a private home for sale, you need more specific – yet powerful – techniques to make your home stand out from the competition. As the motto goes, “You only get one opportunity to make a first impression.” To sell swiftly and for the most money, a house has to appeal to all viewers who before even step through the door.

Moreover, if you want to sell your residence for the most money – and let’s face it, who doesn’t? – it would be best if you got more than one person interested. Nothing boosts up a price quicker than the perception that your place is desirable. Finally, the secret of selling your home quickly, for more money, lies in the buyer’s imagination.

I will show you specific techniques for increasing the value perceived by the buyer. With a little care and attention, anyone can make their home more appealing. With home staging, you will make your home irresistible.

What is Virtual Staging in Real Estate?

“Virtual” means digital/online something made via computer or device, and “Staging” in real estate means preparing a house for resale; the main task is to appeal to the broadest possible audience, for the highest possible price.

Virtual Staging in Real Estate

As soon as you know or have decided to move house, it would help if you started looking at your home through the buyer’s perception. You want potential buyers to see your property in its very best light.

Virtual staging is often confused with interior 3d Rendering, but they are very different. Staging involves creating an effect – a tasteful combination of tones, arrangements, and placement of furniture and accessories – both inside and outside the home without strong character – virtually. 

Being virtual doesn’t mean we should stop here!


Ensuring all problems are fixed and that the house is cleaned and polished from top to bottom with no surface left untouched. Even in some cases, to double the effect it involves removing wallpaper, decals, painting walls and other surfaces, choosing and arranging furniture layout, and replacing outdated fixtures.

Interior 3d Rendering, meanwhile, focuses attention on decorating and renovating, specifically to the homeowner’s style and individuality.

When you’re marketing your private home for sale, you need to show enough space that they can envision themselves living there. You do not want potential prospects to be distracted by the highly personal or controversial items you might have added to suit your interior decorating style.

As a seller, the first task you must do is to think of your place like a house. A commodity. It is the most challenging thing you will have to do, but achieving this will allow you to draw away from the emotional ties.

Staging being virtual or physical is a significant part of the selling process as it will make it easier to understand and see your home through a buyer’s sight – but not any buyer. Your goal is to impress the most crucial buyer. The essential buyer will look for any occasion to lower the price, so we must remove that possibility by giving them a vision!

The secret is knowing how to meet expectations, what to take out, clean, and what marketing. Going overboard and making the home empty and sterile, or leaving all the stuff are not solutions.

Bad photos are a put-off for many buyers, even before they come at the door. It’s crucial to find the right equilibrium.

The key is: neutralizing, but not sterilizing your home so your potential prospects can visualize themselves living happily there.

Why is Staging an FSBO Real Estate so necessary? 

We don’t always know why we love or despise something. If we can’t articulate why something does or doesn’t feel right, we call it a gut feeling. If it doesn’t feel right, we move on or, in this case – deceptive.

Do you know that some agents and even sellers think of virtual staging in real estate as being deceptive? 

Of course, when the person selling can’t meet expectations or is not prepared with a strategy, selling an entire house based on virtually curated photos might not work.

The same thing happens when prospective buyers view your home without any prep or staging at all – they will leave almost immediately or put forward a lower offer. 

Real estate is a purchase, requiring one of the most significant financial investments most people will ever do. Ultimately, it’s a wrong strategy to rely on gut feeling to be the deciding factor that makes people pick one house over another.

Virtual staging in real estate goes further than just photos with decorating effects. It stretches to those elusive qualities of vision and appeal that make people want to see themself living there.

Studies show that FSBO homes with good staging strategies sell faster – within 24 to 53 days – and sell for 3% to 25 more money.

A $300,000 house where the owners have taken the time to do home staging to perform decluttering can increase its appeal in a way that shows up in the sales price –

bringing $7,000 to $56,000 more than a comparable house without.

If you own a derelict property and wish to sell, I’ve written a fantastic article with short steps on how you can execute a sale.

How to Satisfy the Most Critical Buyer?

Your primary goal is to provoke an emotion in even the most critical buyers. 

Ask yourself: 

  • When essential buyers view your house, what will they see?
  • What will they say or smell? 
  • Will they be able to see beyond the mess?
private homes for sale

The thought of having strangers wandering through the property, inspecting inside cupboards and closets, and making comments can be unsettling. Nothing could be more logical than for you to think that everyone will like your dwelling as-is. 

It’s decorated to your taste, filled with your possessions and character. Of course, your friends and relatives will tell you your home is beautiful, and nothing requires to be done to make it better. Perhaps, they have never come to analyze and critique your home, that’s because they are usually not potential buyers. Unless they are a home staging professional or a designer, they are not trained to see the house through a critical buyer’s eyes.

In the old days, before the digital era, a house would be listed in a catalog as thick as a telephone book. It was tedious for buyers to compare properties without actually going from house-to-house effectively. Buying a house was wholly a job on its own. Some buyers preferred to end the process as quickly as possible. The task of discovering what else was out there was so overwhelming that most people just took what they could get.

Those days are long gone.

With the online portals for listings at people’s fingertips, buyers can stay up all night researching communities and areas, looking at photographs and floorplans. It is recommended that your home should be decluttered if possible before photographs are taken for the virtual staging.

You will need to show on the web both sets of photographs, before – after.

Along with the digital curation of the images, a floor plan will come in handy as well. Allow the pictures to be accurate, don’t alter the fixtures unless you are ready to execute a remodeling, or provide the documentation for such to your buyers. 

Your digitally staged photographs will be loaded with subliminal messages. Unfortunately, not all those messages come across in a positive light. Buyers looking for wide-open spaces are put off when they see that the rooms are relatively small and cramped. 

Don’t deceive with super-wide angle photographs; this gives a red flag; The home is more extensive than it is and loses everybody’s time and is the worst thing in real estate.

Raising the bar on reality by tricks will not impress buyers; on the opposite, it will send them away.

And to understand the need for virtual staging for real estate, let’s go a bit further.
If we take a look at the buyer’s mind, their subliminal thoughts are this: If the owners’ haven’t had the time to maintain the parts you can see, they indeed haven’t exercised care of the features you can’t see. People may exit the house without another word, and you will have missed the chance to sell them on the property.

The analogy goes as follows: Пeople will gladly buy brand new furniture or antique furniture. But nobody wants to purchase worn furniture – unless it is at a garage sale.

Now let’s translate this reality to the most significant investment: a house. Buyers will either spend money on a newly built home with a
new features or a beautiful traditional cottage full of atmosphere and charm, but they will not spend their money on a shabby and worn out place – unless the seller offers a strategy for/with future plans and development.

With the listing portals like Zillow (US), Rightmove (UK), Realestate (AU), to name a few if a viewer is not interested in the house by looking at the listing photos; they will never book a viewing unless they have the intention to buy a worn-out place. And as a rule of thumb (I call it a misconception), most of the buyers know when the listing is a private home for sale, the chances are they can expect some troubles or at least hidden problems.

After a visit, the realtors must ask what they did not like and liked about the property. Most often, the viewers will respond that they don’t precisely know, they cannot put their finger on it. That means this home’s seller and agents are both laking a good sales strategy.

The Five-Step System & PropTech 3.0

This part of the article aims mostly on providing advice to FSBO homes / private sale of houses.

But before I explain what is the five-step system, let’s see what is PropTech 3.0?

US$20 million was invested into real estate technology (PropTech) start-ups in 2008, 10 years later in 2018, this number reached a whopping US$4 billion.


PropTech 1.0: Growth of online listing sites back in 2007.

PropTech 2.0: Use of data analytics and virtual reality to offer better and more specialized services for customers.

PropTech 3.0: Experimentation with emerging technology such as drones, virtual reality tools, IoTs, and blockchain which are observing in recent days.


We’ve made the five-step system as part of the PropTech 3.0 and this is where it all begins.

As FSBO, You will learn a vital five-step system to encourage you to view the house selling as a highly critical buyer would see it. Each of these action steps will help you refine your vision until you create a genuinely irresistible offering to the most buyers possible.

The Five-Steps is designed to evaluate each area of the entire home sale strategy.

Using each of the five elements will bring your home to its maximum potential. Combining all five steps generates the image of a whole lifestyle of well-being with a welcoming feel, enhancing its charm and personality.

Sellers need to learn that the way we live in our home is not how we sell out home.

You are questioning how I can recommend ideas and tips on your home without ever having seen it?

Easy, with the system in place, it’s easy to follow and acquire results.

Breaking the tasks of presenting and staging your home into manageable pieces enables you to focus on one aspect at a time.

It does not matter how complex or straightforward your rooms might be.

The principles of this systematic method are the same for every home.

The Five-Step System to market a private home for sale

Define and Focus on your target market

Attract interested buyers within days of putting your home on the market.


Identify goals and your target audience

The only way you can sell your piece of real estate is by having a target and a system.


Set a budget 

Having a clear budget expectation will send you far and with success

fsbo homes budget

Differentiate your property

People like to buy stuff which they can trust and like

differentiate fsbo homes

Follow the action plan and stick to the schedule

A successful marketing strategy without a schedule and action plan is not a strategy.

fsbo sale plan

Please send us an e-mail at george@tallbox.co.uk and received a detailed copy of the five-steps system.


Many home stagers advise that it should never be evident that the home is staged. The obvious staging will leave the buyer feeling cheated. This, on its own, is deceiving.

Virtually or physically staging a private home for sale is about using as many effects as possible to make the house look more exciting and attractive while drawing the eye to the home’s architectural and design opportunities.

fsbo homes for sale

All that can cost less than you think. You will realize what is essential to the buyer, the optimal way to make them show up at the door, and meet their expectations.

The Benefits of Virtually Staging Your Private Home for Sale in 2021/22

Two surprising additional benefits have been reported by our customers after following the five-step strategy.

One is that FSBO sellers have found that they sold way faster, and they were confident meeting expectations by showing the best potential of their homes for sale by the owner. The second benefit has shown that there are less stress and feeling of control because of prior preparation.

The Secrets of Staging Private Homes for Sale

The sale is a theatre, and it is all around creating dreams. It is not about covering up severe defects or problems.
In the world of real estate, it has a specific name – Caveat Emptor.

The new homeowner needs to know about everything, but seeing that the FSBO home seller took care of the property, and this is where the successful sale happens.

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VIRTUAL STAGING EXPERT / After eight years+ working in high-end design and property business I realised that we are missing a critical part of the property business. We were not providing enough value to these old and empty properties. Not every buyer would have the opportunity to see the potential of vacant property or in a bad state. The idea of Virtual Furniture Staging the property gives the buyer and seller an incredible chance in seconds of taking the critical decision.
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