The property received a complete exterior, garden, and facade design and reconstruction first virtually and following a physical. In a little over three weeks, it went from a typical London house with period features to a modern contemporary style with preserved references to mid-century along with some external amenities (incl. front and back gardens both redesigned).

Location: South of London

TALLBOX’s team created a very specific Virtual Tour experience starting with the Architecture concept visualizations and CGI Photo collage via two client presentations with some revisions and alterations of the initial idea.

More than 10 visualizations (static images) were produced at high-quality and little less than 21 draft visualization images. Virtual Walkthrough tour scenes were needed too. The whole project took a little longer than 3 weeks.

Moodboard concept & Site plan

The mood board concept we have received was developed by the architects to convey bold contemporary minimalistic features with the use of dark wood, leather, and stone.

moodboard concept

The illustration of the site plan from one to three indicates the potential virtual tour points of interest that will showcase the best of the project to the end client.


During the modeling phase from 2D to 3D, many loops of revision notes aim to minimize the mistakes and shorten the time needed for building the project. Having organized minute notes provides us with a full map of the project, which later in the stages can help with translating details and understanding the project from the basis. The process is designed to ensure the ultimate results.

Virtual Walkthrough Tour

The walkthrough of this project aims to deliver the ultimate experience of not just visual senses but the auditory perception of the environment where the house is situated. For this to happen we have specifically recorded sound on-site during the summer months.


Take a look at the virtual walkthrough of the project

CGI Photo collage concept

Exterior CGI Collages always undergo a series of developments till the final result is achieved. We always start with the base backdrop, an existing situation, and slowly transform the image into a CGI collage by removing or adding necessary details.

CGI Photo collage concept - Timelapse development

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