Why is Yardley, PA is amongst best Places to live in?

Yardley’s blend of safety, education, recreation, charm, and location make it an excellent place to put down roots and provide a nurturing environment for children.

The higher cost of living is an acceptable trade-off for many families seeking quality of life. Yardley, PA can be a great place to move and raise a family due to its safe suburban environment, highly rated schools, family-friendly amenities, great food options, and charming small town feel.

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why Yardley may be an ideal location to relocate with kids?

Yardley, PA can be considered to be the best town to raise a family in Bucks County Pa because of its low crime rates, good schools and home prices. Bucks County borders Philadelphia County to the south and is considered part of the Greater Philadelphia metropolitan area. Also is often ranked as affordable place to live in Pennsylvania.

The cover of a magazine featuring Downtown Yardley, PA.
The cover of a magazine featuring Downtown Yardley, PA.
  • Low Crime Rates: Yardley is considered extremely safe, with violent and property crime rates well below national averages. Parents can feel secure raising children in this peaceful community.
  • Top-Ranked Schools: The schools in Yardley’s district consistently earn high marks for academics, test scores, student-teacher ratios and more. This ensures kids have access to quality education.
  • Family Recreation: From parks to community events, Yardley offers many family-oriented activities and amenities to enjoy quality time. Places like Buttonwood Park provide options for outdoor fun.
  • Small Town Charm: The friendly, laidback vibe helps families feel part of a tight-knit community. Yardley has the perks of suburbia with the personality of a small town.
  • Home Prices: While housing costs are higher than the US median, Yardley homes are an attractive value proposition compared to other towns in the greater metro area.
  • Location: Yardley allows easy access to big city opportunities in nearby Philadelphia, Princeton and Trenton for weekend family outings.

Affordability in Bucks County Town

Yardley, PA, is recognized for its higher cost of living when compared to both the state and national averages but high quality of lifestyle.

Here are some key points regarding the affordability of living in Yardley, PA:

The cost of living in Yardley is higher than the national average, with a score of 119.7/100, with the national average being 100. The median home price in Yardley is $528,700, and the median income is $104,250.

These figures indicate that while Yardley may be more expensive, the relatively high median income could potentially offset the higher cost of living for many residents. 

A painting of people walking down a street in Yardley, PA.
A painting of people walking down a street in Yardley, PA.

The cost of living in Yardley is reported to be higher than the Pennsylvania and national averages, with particular expenses like groceries, transportation, eating out, and leisure costing around $331 per month for one person. The median cost for independent living in Yardley is around $2,687 per month or $32,244 per year​1

Yardley is considered the 2nd most expensive city in Pennsylvania, with living costs 24% higher than the national average and 26% higher than the Pennsylvania average.

Despite the higher cost of living, there are affordable housing options available, with 71 cheap, affordable apartments listed for rent in Yardley, PA​4​.

If you aim to stay around Yardley but can’t afford to stay in the area, within the span of a few miles is Trenton, NJ with it’s West Trenton, Ewing, Lawrence Township, Merceville and Hamilton Suqare, where median home values range from $250,000 to $395,000.

Quality of Life in Bucks County

Yardley offers a dense suburban feel, and a majority of residents own their homes. The area boasts a number of coffee shops and parks, which can contribute to a pleasant living environment.

The community is described as having a conservative leaning, which might appeal to individuals with similar political views.

Yardley is recognized as one of the best and safest places to live in Bucks County, PA, known for its small community charm, personality, and beauty.

An artist's rendering of a residential neighborhood in Yardley, PA.
An artist's rendering of a residential neighborhood in Yardley, PA.

Some of the key reasons why Yardley, PA is considered a very family-friendly town:

  • Excellent highly-rated school district – The Pennsbury School District provides top-notch public education. Yardley Elementary School is located right in town.
  • Abundant parks and recreation – As outlined above, Yardley has many parks providing activities for families and kids of all ages.
  • Community events – The borough hosts many free public events like outdoor movies, craft fairs, and summer concert series. Great for families.
  • Walkable downtown – The downtown area along Main Street is very walkable and safe, with shops/restaurants to explore.
  • Farmers market – A producer-only farmers market sets up downtown on Saturdays year-round. Kid-friendly.
  • Shady Brook Farm – This iconic farm attraction provides seasonal events and activities perfect for families.
  • Proximity to attractions – Yardley is located close to kid-friendly sites like Sesame Place theme park, Morris Arboretum, and Bucks County Children’s Museum.
  • Access to the canal/river – Families can enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, and boating activities along the canal and Delaware River.
  • Sense of community – Yardley has a very strong sense of community identity and volunteerism.

The combination of excellent schools, walkability, recreation, events, and natural beauty make Yardley a great place to raise a family. The small town charm and activities make it very appealing to families.

Yardley, PA is Safe

Yardley is noted for its low crime rates, which significantly contribute to the quality of life there. The violent crime rate is measured at 11.9, which is considerably lower than the US average of 22.7. Similarly, the property crime rate in Yardley is 15.6, far lower than the national average of 35.4.

General Ranking and Amenities

Yardley has been ranked as one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania, scoring 75 out of 100 and ranking 7th among all cities and towns in the state according to one ranking. It provides a variety of amenities that may attract potential residents.

Yardley, PA could be a great place to live for individuals or families seeking a suburban lifestyle, safety, and a community with a conservative leaning.

However, the higher cost of living could be a consideration for some, and individuals seeking job opportunities or a bustling urban environment might need to look at nearby cities or explore the job market in the surrounding areas.

Yardley PA Real Estate / Average Home Prices

A watercolor illustration of a house for sale in Yardley, PA.
A watercolor illustration of a house for sale in Yardley, PA.

The average home value in Yardley, PA is approximately between $528,700 and $623,000, indicating a significant growth rate over the past year.

Rental Prices

The median rental price for all property types in Yardley is around $2,300 to $2,552. The prices have seen a slight increase over the last year, from $2,000 to $2,580.

Property Taxes

The median property tax in Yardley, PA is $4,553 and up to $7,000+ for larger properties.

Yardley, PA Cost of Living Index

The cost of living index for Yardley is higher than the national average, which is based on a score of 100.

Specifically, Yardley’s cost of living index is calculated at 129.6, with categories such as food & groceries included in the evaluation. Other sources also indicate that the cost of living in Yardley is 25% higher than the Pennsylvania average.

Moreover, to live comfortably in Yardley, a minimum annual income of $101,160 for a family, and $51,600 for a single person is recommended. The cost of living encompasses various expenditures including groceries, healthcare, housing, goods and services, and transportation.

Average Salaries for Common Professions

The average salary in Yardley, PA varies across different sources, ranging from around $58,502 to $81,000 per year.

However, the average salary for jobs in Yardley is listed as $68,208 per year or an hourly rate of $33, which might provide a more specific insight into the earnings of common professions in the area.

On a different note, the highest salary at Yardley Borough in 2022 was $95,470 with an average annual salary of $40,027 and a median salary of $32,761. This data suggests that there’s a wide range of salaries within Yardley, likely depending on the profession and level of experience.

The information provided paints a comprehensive picture of the affordability aspect of living in Yardley, PA. While the housing costs and cost of living index are on the higher side, the average salaries appear to be substantial, potentially offsetting the higher expenses associated with living in this area.

Rich Areas in Bucks County

Bucks County, where Yardley is located, hosts several affluent areas. Here are some of the wealthier areas within Bucks County:

  1. Washington Crossing, Jamison, and Richboro are among the wealthier ZIP codes in the region, as per the Philadelphia Business Journal.
  2. Buckingham Township is described as a fairly rich suburb in Bucks County, known for its beautiful, safe, and diverse environment, along with quality education offered through the Central Bucks School District.
  3. Other notable areas include New Hope, Newton, and Doylestown, with Yardley itself being listed as one of the 5 best and safest places to live in Bucks County due to its low crime rate and relatively affordable housing when compared to other affluent areas in the county.

Living in Yardley, PA, encompasses a blend of higher living costs, favorable commute experiences, and proximity to affluent areas within Bucks County.

These factors contribute to the quality of life in Yardley, making it a compelling choice for a range of individuals and families.

Best towns in bucks county

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is known for its picturesque towns, rich history, and beautiful landscapes. Including Yardley, here are some of the best towns in Bucks County:

  1. Yardley: Known for its charming downtown and historic significance, Yardley sits along the Delaware River and offers a blend of quaint shops, restaurants, and a relaxed, small-town atmosphere. Its close proximity to major cities like Philadelphia makes it a desirable location.

  2. Doylestown: The county seat of Bucks County, Doylestown is known for its vibrant arts scene, unique museums (like the Mercer Museum and Michener Art Museum), and a bustling downtown area filled with independent shops and restaurants. Its historic architecture and cultural offerings make it a popular destination.

  3. New Hope: A small town with a big personality, New Hope is known for its artsy vibe, eclectic shopping, and dining experiences. Located along the Delaware River, it’s popular for its scenic river views, vibrant nightlife, and the famed Bucks County Playhouse.

  4. Bristol: As one of the oldest towns in Pennsylvania, Bristol is rich in history with a well-preserved historic district. It’s known for its waterfront park, cultural festivals, and diverse community.

  5. Langhorne: Home to Sesame Place, a family-friendly theme park, Langhorne offers a mix of entertainment, shopping, and dining. The town also has a historic charm with well-maintained Victorian homes and a quaint downtown area.

  6. Quakertown: This small town offers a blend of history, outdoor activities, and community events. Quakertown is known for its farmers market, antique shops, and proximity to outdoor attractions like Lake Nockamixon.

  7. Chalfont: Chalfont exudes a small-town feel with its historical buildings and quiet, residential atmosphere. It’s great for those who appreciate a slower pace of life but still want access to modern amenities.

  8. Sellersville: Known for the historic Sellersville Theater, this town offers a mix of culture and community. It has a quaint downtown area and is surrounded by scenic beauty, making it ideal for nature lovers.

  9. Perkasie: A town with a strong sense of community, Perkasie is known for its beautiful parks, local events, and family-friendly atmosphere. It’s a great blend of rural charm and suburban convenience.

Each of these towns has its unique charm and offerings, making Bucks County a diverse and attractive area to visit or reside in. Whether you’re looking for arts and culture, historical significance, or picturesque landscapes, Bucks County’s towns provide a range of experiences.

Job Market & Economy

Major Industries and Employers

Yardley, situated in Bucks County, PA, has a diverse range of industries contributing to its economy.

Some of the largest industries in Yardley include Professional Services, Personal Services & Consultants, and Entertainment Agencies & Bureaus (Chamber of Commerce).

Notably, the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors also have a presence in Yardley, with companies like MediMedia, which provides strategic development to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and Huntsworth, being among the notable employers in this sector.

Unemployment Rate

The unemployment rate in Yardley stands at 6.1%, which is slightly higher than the US average of 6.0%. Despite this slight disparity, the income per capita and median household income in Yardley are significantly higher than the national average, indicating a prosperous community.

Recent Economic Growth Trends

Over the last year, the job market in Yardley has seen a marginal increase of 0.4%. This growth may not be robust, but it indicates a positive trend in the local economy.

Projected Job Growth in Key Sectors

Looking ahead, the future job growth over the next ten years in Yardley is predicted to be 28.4%, although this is lower than the US average of 33.5%.

The presence of 137 Industry PharmD jobs in Yardley further suggests that the pharmaceutical industry may be a key sector for job growth in the area.

On a national level, total employment is projected to grow by almost 4.7 million from 2022 to 2032, primarily driven by growth in the health care and social assistance sector(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

The economic data indicates that Yardley has a relatively stable job market with a variety of industries contributing to its economy.

The pharmaceutical sector, in particular, appears to be a significant employer in the area, which could potentially offer good job prospects for individuals in related fields.

The projected job growth in Yardley is slightly below the national average, which might be a point of consideration for potential residents evaluating long-term employment opportunities in the area.

Should you move to Yardley, PA and raise a family?

A watercolor painting of people walking down a street in Yardley, PA.
A watercolor painting of people walking down a street in Yardley, PA.

Quality of life

Crime rates: Yardley has very low crime rates compared to national averages. Violent crime is almost non-existent, with no murders and very few assaults or robberies. Property crime is also low, with burglary and theft rates well below national levels. Yardley is considered a very safe place to live.

Public schools rankings: Schools in the Pennsbury School District, which serves Yardley, generally score well on standardized tests and other measures. For example, 73% of elementary students test proficient in reading (vs 64% state average), and 86% of high schoolers test proficient in reading (vs 73% state average). The student-teacher ratio is an impressive 12:1.

Parks, recreation, entertainment: Yardley has several nice parks and nature preserves, such as Buttonwood Park and Five Mile Woods Nature Preserve. The Yardley Borough Parks and Recreation Board organizes community events and activities throughout the year. For entertainment, residents can take advantage of amenities in nearby towns and cities like Philadelphia.

Weather and climate: Yardley has a humid subtropical climate, with hot summers and mild winters. July highs average 86°F and January lows average 21°F. Snowfall averages 21 inches per year. It gets about 48 inches of rain annually. Yardley has over 200 sunny days per year on average.

Diversity and inclusion: Yardley’s population is predominantly white, at around 74%. But 30% of students in the school district are minorities, so the area is becoming more diverse over time.

As a small suburban town, Yardley offers less diversity than a major city, but residents still report a good sense of community.

The town of Yardley offers exceptional public safety, highly-rated schools, nice parks and recreation, a pleasant climate, and an increasingly diverse population – making it an attractive place to live overall.

The town’s biggest drawback may be a relative lack of diversity and entertainment options compared to a larger city. But its small-town charm makes up for that in many residents’ eyes.

Does Yardley PA have a Downtown

In a competitive market like Yardley, working with an experienced local real estate agent is key. The top agents have their fingers on the pulse of new listings and can guide you through bidding and negotiations.

Yardley PA Dining Options

Yardley PA is a great town does have a small downtown area along Main Street with shops, restaurants, and historic buildings. Some key things to know about Yardley’s downtown:

  • The downtown is centered along Main Street and includes several blocks between Letchworth Avenue and Afton Avenue. Many of the buildings date back to the late 1800s and early 1900s.
  • Popular shops include antique stores, boutiques, a year-round farmer’s market, and the Yardley General Store which has been in operation since 1784.
  • There are numerous restaurants, pubs, and cafes located downtown including Continental Tavern, The Vault Taproom, Yarde Cafe, and Brother’s Pizza. Many places have outdoor seating.
  • The Yardley Train Station is located right in the downtown area, providing easy access via SEPTA’s West Trenton regional rail line.
  • The train station’s parking lot located at 102 Iron Horse Drive in Yardley, PA. The parking lot has 195 spaces and is open 24/7. Parking rates are $1 per day on weekdays. Parking is free on weekends and holidays.
  • During summer months, there are frequent community events held downtown like outdoor movie nights, craft fairs, and live music. The borough also hosts an annual Yardley Harvest Day festival in October.
  • The downtown area is very walkable and pedestrian-friendly. Free 2-hour parking is available on Main Street.
  • Nearby attractions include the Delaware Canal towpath (along the Delaware River), the Delaware River for boating/fishing, and Washington Crossing Historic Park.

Yardley’s small but vibrant downtown provides a nice mix of shops, restaurants, and community events in a historic setting right along the train line. It serves as a gathering spot for residents and visitors alike.

Parks and green spaces near Yardley, PA

Some of the notable parks and green spaces in and around Yardley PA include:

A mural painted on a building in Yardley, PA main street. / Credit: Kevin Virgin / Lower Makefield Township, PA 19067, USA
A mural painted on a building in Yardley, PA main street. / Credit: Kevin Virgin / Lower Makefield Township, PA 19067, USA
  • Memorial Park – Located right in downtown Yardley, this park has walking paths, tennis/basketball courts, a skate park, playground, and fishing access to the Delaware Canal. The 9/11 Garden of Reflection is located here.
  • Yardley Meadow Park – Situated along the Delaware Canal towpath, features hiking/biking trails, fishing, and boat launches. Part of the larger Canal Greenway corridor.
  • Lake Afton Park – Provides walking trails around the lake, a dog park, fishing, and picturesque views. Nice spot for picnics.
  • Core Creek Park – Large 735-acre county park with hiking, biking, lake activities, and environmental education. Home to summer concerts and festivals.
  • Churchville Nature Center – Nature preserve spanning over 100 acres, with three miles of trails and educational programs.
  • Silver Lake Nature Center – Another nature center nearby in Bristol Township with trails, lake activities, and nature-themed events/camps.
  • Delaware Canal State Park – Runs along the canal towpath through Yardley, offering 60 miles of hiking/biking trails.
  • Washington Crossing Historic Park – 500+ acre state park across the river in Washington Crossing, PA.

In addition to these larger parks, Yardley has several neighborhood pocket parks sprinkled throughout the borough. The town places a strong emphasis on outdoor recreation and preservation of green space.

Yardley PA Family-Friendly

Yardley, Pennsylvania offers many family-friendly activities and amenities:

  • Parks: Yardley has several parks including Buttonwood Park, Lakeside Park, Edgewater Park, and Memorial Park that have playgrounds, walking trails, sports fields, and lake access.
  • Farm Fun: Shady Brook Farm in nearby Lower Makefield Township has pick-your-own fruits and vegetables, farm animals to visit, seasonal festivals, and more.
  • Kid’s Activities: My Gym offers gymnastics classes and open play, Funzilla has indoor inflatables, and Code Ninjas teaches kids coding in a fun way.
  • Nature Centers: Learn about nature and animals at Churchville Nature Center and Silver Lake Nature Center located just outside Yardley
  • Restaurants: Many restaurants in town like Carlucci’s Grill, Vault Brewing Co, and Yardley Inn have kids menus and are family-friendly
  • Ice Cream & Sweet Shops: Enjoy treats at shops like Owowcow Creamery, Cramer’s Bakery, and Cake Life Bake Shop
  • Breweries: Naked Brewing Company and Free Will Brewing Company offer outdoor areas with games and activities for kids
  • Historic Sites: Tour nearby Pennsbury Manor, the recreated home of William Penn, and Washington Crossing Historic Park

Private Schools in Yardley, PA

  • Stuart Country Day School is an all-girls PreK-12 private school located in nearby Princeton, NJ. It provides a personalized curriculum focused on empowering girls to become forces of change. Stuart has about 500 students and emphasizes community service.
  • New Hope Academy is a private school serving grades 6-12 with campuses in Yardley and Doylestown, PA. It offers an alternative approach focused on mindset, small class sizes, and individualized academic plans. New Hope Academy has about 150 students.
  • Villa Joseph Marie High School is an all-girls Catholic college preparatory high school serving 360 students in grades 9-12. Located in Holland, PA, it provides a traditional college prep curriculum aimed at nurturing the whole student – mind, body and character. Villa Joseph Marie has a 10:1 student-teacher ratio.

These schools offer smaller class sizes, individualized attention, and varied approaches to learning. Tuition ranges from $10,000-$35,000 per year. They aim to prepare students for college and life by building academic skills and confidence.

With its small town charm, parks, activities, and dining options, Yardley offers a fun and friendly place for families to visit and live. The downtown area is very walkable with shops and restaurants lining Main Street.

Transportation & Commute Times

In Yardley, Pennsylvania, the transportation scenario includes a mix of public transit options and varying degrees of walkability, along with average commute times that offer insight into the daily routines of the locals.

Here’s a detailed look at these aspects:

  1. Yardley is known for its easy commute to New York City, Philadelphia, and Princeton, New Jersey, which is a significant advantage for individuals working in these cities or surrounding areas​5​.
  2. The commute to Center City Philadelphia is notably short, taking around 45 minutes, and similarly, the commute to the beach and New Jersey is also about 45 minutes, which provides a good balance for work and leisure activities​6​.
  3. The accessibility to major highways and public transit options like the on-site bus stop.

Private Schools in Yardley, PA

The mean travel time to work for Yardley residents is 31.3 minutes, which is higher than the national average of 26.6 minutes While specific data on rush hours or exact commute start times wasn’t available, it’s clear that Yardley’s commute times are somewhat longer than the national norm.

Traffic Congestion:

Although not explicitly detailed in the gathered data, longer commute times may suggest episodes of traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours. The availability of public transit options like trains and buses may serve as alternatives to driving, potentially alleviating traffic congestion during rush hours.

Yardley, PA offers a range of public transportation options, although the town’s walkability scores indicate a dependency on cars for most errands. The average commute time is slightly higher than the national average, hinting at possible traffic congestion during peak commuting hours.

Here are some other public transportation options near Yardley, PA:

  1. Yelp lists the top 10 public transportation options in Yardley, PA. You can find the list here.
  2. Moovit provides step-by-step directions for train or bus routes that pass through Yardley. You can download the Moovit app to find the current schedule and directions here.
  3. Rome2Rio displays up-to-date schedules, route maps, journey times, and estimated fares from relevant transport operators. You can find all the transport options for your trip from Philadelphia to Yardley here.
  4. SEPTA provides information on routes and other details for Yardley Station.

Driving distances between Yardley, PA and New York City, NY and Philadelphia, PA:

Yardley, PA to New York City, NY

  • Driving distance: 73 miles or 117 km
  • Driving time: Around 1 hour 21 minutes nonstop
  • Shortest straight line distance: 55 miles or 88 km
  • Driving distance is about 1.3x the straight line flight distance

Yardley, PA to Philadelphia, PA

  • Driving distance: 31 miles or 50 km
  • Driving time: Around 35 minutes nonstop
  • Shortest straight line distance: 26 miles or 42 km
  • Driving distance is about 1.2x the straight line flight distance
  • Yardley is northeast of Philadelphia and southwest of New York City
  • The driving distances and times vary depending on route, traffic conditions, and number of stops. Planning a road trip with stops can take 1-2 days between these cities. 
  • Train and bus services are available between Yardley, New York City, and Philadelphia, taking 1-2 hours. 
  • Flying between airports near these cities takes about 1 hour, but total travel time is longer when including airport time. 

Yardley, PA is about a 1 hour 20 minute drive from New York City and a 35 minute drive from Philadelphia. The driving distance to New York City is 73 miles and to Philadelphia is 31 miles. Trains, buses, and flights are also available to travel between these cities.

Distance between New York and Pennsylvania:

  • The driving distance between New York City, NY and Harrisburg, PA (capital of Pennsylvania) is approximately 196 miles or 316 km.
  • The straight line flight distance between New York City and Harrisburg is around 153 miles or 246 km.
  • Driving takes around 3 hours 15 minutes nonstop between the two cities, depending on exact start/end points and route.
  • Taking an Amtrak train between New York Penn Station and Harrisburg Station takes about 1 hour 40 minutes.
  • Major highways connecting New York and Pennsylvania include I-78, I-80, and I-95 among others.
  • New York borders Pennsylvania to the north. The southeast corner of New York state is closest to Pennsylvania.
  • The distance between New York and Pennsylvania varies significantly depending on which specific cities you measure. Pittsburgh, in western PA, is over 300 miles from NYC.

The driving distance between New York City and Harrisburg, PA is approximately 200 miles taking 3-4 hours to drive nonstop. Trains and buses also connect the two states in under 2 hours. The flight distance is about 150 miles. Exact travel times and mileage can vary.

Public Transit Options:

  1. SEPTA Yardley Station: Yardley hosts a SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) station located at 13 Reading Avenue, Morrisville. This station is part of Fare Zone 4 and offers amenities such as an accessible stop, parking, and bike racks.
  2. Train and Bus Services: Residents have access to both train and bus services. Amtrak provides train schedules, and bus schedules can be accessed for local routes, with Greyhound being a notable provider.
  3. Nearby Transit Stations: There are several transit stations near Yardley including West Trenton Station, NJ Transit stations, and various SEPTA bus routes. Some of the mentioned stations and routes include 48 SEPTA Bus, SEPTA Chestnut Hill East Station, and Westmont Patco Speedline among others.

Philadelphia International Airport from Yardley

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is the primary airport serving Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Some key facts about PHL:

  • PHL served 9.8 million passengers in 2021, making it the 21st busiest airport in the United States.
  • The airport has 7 terminal buildings with 126 total boarding gates.
  • PHL has 4 runways, the longest being 12,000 feet.
  • The airport occupies 2,598 acres of land.
  • PHL offers nonstop flights to over 120 domestic and international destinations.
  • Major airlines operating at PHL include American Airlines, Delta, United, Frontier, and Spirit.
  • PHL generates $16.8 billion in annual economic impact for the Philadelphia region.

The fastest and most direct route is to drive via I-95 S, which takes about 45 minutes in normal traffic conditions. Public transit options add over an hour of travel time. Traffic, route choice and transportation mode can all impact the total travel time between PHL and Yardley.

  • The driving distance between PHL and Yardley is approximately 40 miles via I-95 S. This drive takes around 45-60 minutes depending on traffic conditions.
  • The straight line flight distance between PHL and Yardley is about 34 miles
  • By train, it’s around a 1 hour 50 minute journey on SEPTA regional rail from PHL Airport to the Yardley station. This involves taking the Airport Line train from PHL to Suburban Station in downtown Philadelphia, then transferring to the West Trenton Line train to Yardley
  • Another public transit option is to take the SEPTA 115 bus from PHL to the Sharon Hill station, then transfer to regional rail trains. This takes around 2 hours 20 minutes
  • With no traffic, the drive from PHL to Yardley can take as little as 35-40 minutes via I-95 S. But during peak hours the drive could be 60+ minutes
  • Yardley is located northeast of PHL Airport, in Bucks County, PA. It’s part of the Greater Philadelphia metropolitan area

Walkability Scores:

The walkability in Yardley varies across different locations:

  1. General Walk Score: A score of 43 out of 100 suggests that the town is car-dependent for most errands.
  2. Saint James Place: This location scores a low 14 out of 100, indicating a high degree of car-dependency.
  3. 1589 Big Oak Rd: A moderate score of 50 out of 100 shows that some errands can be accomplished on foot at this location.


The location of Yardley, PA, its many parks, transportation infrastructure and commute dynamics presents a mixed bag of advantages and challenges for potential residents.

A summary of the key pros and cons followed by a recommendation:

A bridge in Yardley over a canal in a wooded area. / Credit: Janelle Thomas / Yardley, PA 19067, United States
A bridge in Yardley over a canal in a wooded area. / Credit: Janelle Thomas / Yardley, PA 19067, United States


  1. Public Transit Accessibility: Yardley is served by a SEPTA station, and the proximity to various other transit stations and bus routes enhances public transit accessibility. This is beneficial for individuals without personal vehicles or those preferring public transportation.
  2. Diverse Walkability: While the general walkability score suggests a car-dependent environment, certain areas like around Big Oak Rd exhibit a moderate level of walkability. This diversity offers some choice for residents who prioritize being able to walk to essential services.


  1. Average Commute Times: The higher than national average commute time of 31.3 minutes implies that residents might spend a considerable amount of time traveling to work. This could be indicative of traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours.
  2. Predominantly Car-Dependent: The low walkability scores in many areas underscore a car-dependent lifestyle which may not align with the preferences of those seeking a more walkable urban environment.
  3. High Home Prices: The median home price is around $550,000, making Yardley less affordable than many surrounding areas. This is a major consideration for buyers with budgets under $450,000 – $500,000 mark.


Yardley, PA can be a good fit for homeowners who don’t mind a car commute and want to buy a home in Yardley as astable real estate market. However, first-time buyers or those on a tight budget may find better affordability in nearby towns. As always, visiting the area and evaluating factors like commute and lifestyle preferences is advised before making a decision.

Next Steps for Further Research:

If undecided on whether Yardley, PA aligns with your living preferences, further research is advisable. Potential steps include:

  1. Personal Visits: A visit to Yardley can provide a firsthand experience of the commute times, traffic conditions, and the ease of accessing public transit.
  2. Community Interaction: Engaging with the local community or joining online forums can provide insights into the lived experiences of current residents.
  3. Local Government Consultation: Reaching out to the local government or transportation authorities can provide updated information on any planned transportation infrastructure improvements which might alter the present dynamics.

How to Reach Yardley,PA via Train

    • The Yardley train station parking lot is located at 102 Iron Horse Drive in Yardley, PA
    • It serves the Yardley regional rail station, which is on the SEPTA West Trenton Line providing service to Philadelphia
    • The parking lot has 195 spaces and is open 24/7.
    • Parking rates are $1 per day on weekdays.
    • Parking is free on weekends and holidays.


    • The parking lot has lighting, security cameras, and emergency call boxes for safety.
    • Payment options include cash, credit/debit cards, and the SEPTA parking app.
    • The parking lot has accessible spaces and walkways compliant with ADA standards.
    • Bike racks are available near the station entrance for cyclists.

    Access and Use

    • The parking lot can be accessed from Iron Horse Drive just off Edgewood Road in Yardley.
    • From the parking lot, it’s about a 5 minute walk to the train platforms. An overhead walkway connects the two sides of the station.
    • The parking lot is often full on weekdays by 7-8am per commuter reports, so early arrival is recommended.
    • The Yardley station has restrooms, vending machines, and waiting areas inside the station building.
    The Yardley station parking lot provides 195 low-cost spaces in a convenient location right by the train platforms, with amenities for commuters and accessibility features. It fills up early on weekdays but has ample capacity overall.

What county is Yardley, PA in?

Yardley is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

  • Yardley is a borough in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United States. It is bordered by the Delaware River and Lower Makefield Township. 
  • The borough of Yardley was incorporated on March 4, 1895 and is part of the Delaware Valley metropolitan area. 
  • Yardley was originally founded in 1682 by William Yardley, a Quaker minister who purchased 500 acres of land from William Penn before leaving England. 
  • While Yardley is its own incorporated borough, the United States Post Office assigns many addresses in Lower Makefield Township the preferred place name of “Yardley”, even though they are outside the borough limits.

How to Reach Yardley,PA via Car - 3 different routes

Route 1 via PA-32 is the most scenic but takes the longest. Route 2 via Big Oak Road is a good balance between direct and scenic. Route 3 via the highways is the fastest but least scenic. Allow extra time during rush hour traffic.

Route 1 (via PA-32)

  • Take PA-32 North from Yardley towards New Hope
  • PA-32 is also known as River Road and runs parallel to the Delaware River, offering scenic views along the way
  • The route is about 10 miles long and takes around 15 minutes to drive without traffic
  • Points of interest along the way include the Delaware Canal Towpath in Yardley and the historic village of Lumberville

Route 2 (via US-1 / Big Oak Road)

  • From Yardley, take US-1 North towards New Hope
  • Exit onto Big Oak Road and turn right
  • Follow Big Oak Road for 1 mile then turn left onto Stony Hill Road
  • Take Stony Hill Road for half a mile until you reach New Hope
  • This route is more direct than Route 1 and takes around 13 minutes to drive

Route 3 (via I-95 / PA-332)

  • Take I-95 North from Yardley and exit onto PA-332 East
  • Follow PA-332 into New Hope. This route takes around 11 minutes
  • While faster, it is less scenic than Routes 1 and 2.

For keen home buyers who do need their daily dose of golf, Yardley Country Club is a golf club that offers a high-quality golfing experience and picturesque course for golfers of all skill levels.

  • The course was designed by Alexander and Fred Findlay and has been played by golf legends. It opened in 1928.

  • The par-72 course features challenging fairways, water hazards, sand traps, and smooth putting greens.

  • Beyond golf, the club has an active social calendar, full-service banquet facilities, and a pub.

  • The club aims to provide exceptional service, a comfortable atmosphere, and a quality country club experience.

  • Membership is available, and the site provides information on membership types and benefits.

  • Contact information is provided for those interested in requesting more membership details or visiting the club.