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The East Sheen – Model Cottages Renovation is a cottage renovation project.

The first model cottages were built in 1853 by the Labourers’ Friendly Society, which may have been associated with the Metropolitan Associations for Improving the Dwellings of the Poor (1842). The east side was the first to be built. By 1862 ownership was in the hands of Major Penrhyn.

Model Cottages is a charming backwater of quaint mid-19th-century two-story villas set back
from an informal, almost rural path, with large well-tended front gardens. In contrast, the north’s streets contain some imposing Victorian terraces of 3 and 4 stories in stucco or stock brick.

7 Sept 1982

The project brief aimed at remodeling and renovation of the 19th- century villas to a contemporary almost minimalist cottage home for a family with an sunken and enclosed open garden.

Location: London, Sussex

TALLBOX’s team worked beside the architect team and helped with 3D Interior Design support starting with the 3D interior design concept

East Sheen – Model Cottage Renovation (9)

The L+ Architects drove an excellent plan and layout. The concept board, e.g. mood board, consists of clean surfaces and volumes with delicate arches that add additional detail to the space. The neutral colors and materials, such as light wood and smooth interior concrete, topped up with designer furniture were set to create a stylish, cozy, and elegant residence.

The generous space at the ground is divided into three zones:

  • A living room (private red zone)
  • A kitchen with a dining table (social green zone)
  • A remote guest bedroom area enclosed with an internal garden in a functional crittal glass box (private red zone)

The first floor is deemed as a total private zoon with bedrooms.

This part of the cottage, in turn, is divided into three zones – a bedroom, a dressing room, and a bathroom.

model cottages plans
model cottage build

After everything was accepted and approved, we decided to spruce up the project and turn the design into what we feel will benefit the overall scheme even more. Below is a teaser that we’ve produced and named the project – Japandi House. 

Japandi is a mixture of Scandinavian and Japanese interior styles, and in this case, the entire interior scheme was driven by that vision.

Model cottages - Japandi house (16)
Model cottages - Japandi house (16)
Model cottages - Japandi house (9)