Southborough Road CGI Interior Visualization

The Southborough Road house is a conversion of typical to a sleek luxury contemporary and practical home for a family of four. The property received a complete interior design, garden, and exterior reconstruction, along with new loft amenities.

Location: London, Bromley

TALLBOX’s team helped with 3D Interior Design support starting with the 3D interior design concept, via multiple client presentations stages with revisions and alterations done at each stage to the main idea.


Each Interior Visualization project with TALLBOX goes under a specific workflow designed to ensure quality, precision and to meet deadlines. (it can be found here)

The property was planned to undergo a full interior refurbishment, and this is where TALLBOX had to add value to the project. Concept Interior Visualization is the moment when entire 3D environment of all spaces are build which provides unlimited flexibility for the client to explore and request different options.

5 bedroom concept living kitchen

At that stage the Southborough road house, already received a clear idea to where the project is going. The internal layout has been approved thanks to the Concept Interior Visualization workflow. The Interior CGIs as a next step goes into detail, and mood boards are visualized.

Interior Design CGIs / Comming soon

bathroom loft concept (2)
bathroom loft concept (2)
bathroom loft concept (1)

Lighting Design Concept / Loft Bathroom