How to get the best out of virtual staging images

The best virtual staging images come from choosing an experienced staging company with photorealistic 3D rendering quality.

☑️Provide comprehensive details and photos of the property so they can tailor furnishings and layouts.

☑️Always be available to answer questions if needed.

☑️Confirm final images have proper lighting, shadows, perspectives, accessories, and touch-ups for maximum realism.

☑️An excellent virtual staging company will never use a ready-made catalogue.

Virtual staging allows real estate agents to showcase listings in the best light. With the right strategy, digitally staged homes sell faster and for more money.

With the Tallbox Design free trial you can test how our virtual staging images will work for you. Evaluate our virtual staging quality before committing. You can discover how we can effectively showcase your listings.

virtually staged room in a Mediterranean style
Virtually staged room in a Mediterranean style / Image by TALLBOX
  • Research companies’ experience, reviews, and sample images to assess quality.
  • Consider custom vs. pre-set images. Custom is more realistic but costs more.
  • Ensure they use 3D modeling for realistic perspectives and not catalogues.

Pro Tip: Take advantage of our free virtual staging trial to experience the fantastic realism first-hand.

Provide Detailed Instructions

  • Note room sizesflooringwall colors, and architectural features.
  • Share your vision for style and inspiration images.
  • Be very specific about furniture sizes and styles.

The more direction given, the better the final images.

Match the Home's Style

The virtual furnishings and decor should align with the home’s style rather than creating multiple staging options, as most unprofessional staging companies do.

  • Provide info or photos about the property’s architecture, finishes, and target market.
  • Request appropriate furniture styles and layouts to complement the home.
  • Check if the staged photos have the position for all furnishings that fit the spaces naturally.

Enhance with real estate photo editing

  • Review images closely and adjust anything unrealistic.
  • Ensure proper perspectives and proportions.
  • Use Photoshop judiciously to perfect images.

Key benefits of virtual staging 

  • Research and choose the right virtual staging company
  • Provide comprehensive instructions and inspiration
  • Request multiple options to choose from
  • Refine with strategic touch-ups for realism
before standard staging service
before standard staging service
after standard staging service
after standard staging service

Virtual staging helps sell homes faster. Follow these tips to get the most realistic digitally staged listings.

  • Research different companies’ experiences, reviews, and sample images.
  • Compare custom vs pre-set images. Custom is more realistic but costs more.
  • Ensure they use 3D modeling—not just Photoshop.

At Tallbox Design, our virtual staging services transform empty properties into exquisitely designed dream homes. Our ultra-realistic 3D renderings highlight the potential of your listings to attract more buyers.

Choosing an experienced company using bespoke 3D modeling and trained interior decorators is key for realistic virtual staging.

For realistic virtual staging images we:

  • Review images closely and tweak anything unrealistic.
  • Ensure proper scale and perspectives.
  • Use Photoshop judiciously to perfect the final images.
  • Review initial 3D drafts and request tweaks
  • Change furniture, layouts, colors that don’t fit
  • Add architectural elements if needed
  • Adjust lighting for each room

Minor touch-ups can take 3D rendered images to the next level of realism.

Working with a Real Estate Agent

If you hire an agent, provide them the same detailed information on the home. Make your virtual staging vision clear.

before low cost staging
before low cost staging
after low cost staging
after low cost staging

Good agents will:

  • Help you choose the right virtual staging company
  • Offer tips on furniture, styles, and room layouts
  • Review and provide feedback on staged options
  • Ensure you end up with the most realistic and appealing staged listings

With the right virtual staging company and a knowledgeable agent, you can showcase listings at their best for faster sales.

Marketing with Virtual Home Staging Images

Tallbox Design offers photorealistic virtual staging to help agents market listings effectively. Our custom 3D staging brings rooms to life so buyers connect emotionally.

free home staged living room
free home staged living room

Traditional Staging Difference

Unlike physical staging, virtual allows:

  • Unlimited flexibility to instantly change styles and layouts.
  • No need to source, rent, deliver and install furniture.
  • Happens much faster without disruption.

But the two work great together, with virtual helping plan physical staging. The end result – marketing photos that sell homes faster!

Home Decor

Tallbox handles home decor and furnishings for virtual staging with a high degree of realism through our custom 3D modeling process.

  • We work with you to understand your design visionpreferred styles, and needs for each room.
  • Our 3D artists select or create photorealistic models of furnishings that fit the spaces perfectly.
  • We can match any style from modern to traditional with the right lighting to create a welcoming, livable look.

“Tallbox customized the virtual staging to fit my listings’ style and target buyers perfectly.”

Virtually stage a Home

Virtually staging a home is a great marketing asset, especially with Tallbox’s photorealistic quality:

  • Allows your listings to stand out so buyers immediately envision living in the home.
  • Brings spaces to life in a way that empty rooms can’t, so buyers connect emotionally.
  • More flexible and cost-effective than physical staging.

Images of Vacant Empty Rooms 

Vacant, empty rooms are the easiest to stage virtually:

  • We can quickly stage any style or layout you want without existing furniture limitations.
  • Empty rooms are essentially a blank canvas for us to create a beautifully designed space tailored to the home and target buyers.
  • This flexibility allows for highly effective marketing.
virtually staged room in a Mediterranean style
virtually staged room in a Mediterranean style

Learn how to take virtual staging pictures.

Low exposure photo and bad composition
Play Video about Low exposure photo and bad composition

For optimal staging photography:

  • Capture multiple angles of each room to allow accurate 3D modeling.
  • Shoot rooms empty, with neutral lighting from lamps, not harsh ceiling lights.
  • Avoid distorting ultra-wide angles.
  • Shoot direct angles of walls and key features.
  • Provide ample overview shots and get close-ups of details.
  • Use a tripod if possible
  • Keep the camera in landscape mode
  • Shoot from 160 cm / 5,0ft.

Following these best practices ensures exceptional virtual staging results.

If you are into DIY we have entire page how to learn virtual staging software

Working With Virtual Staging Companies

As a real estate agent, guiding the virtual staging process helps ensure your listings are staged realistically and effectively.

Details to Provide the Company

Give the staging company comprehensive details about each listing upfront:

  • Room dimensions and floorplans
  • Photos showing architecture, finishes, lighting
  • Info on target buyers and area comps

Thorough details allow them to tailor the staging to each unique property.

Set Expectations

  • Explain objectives for the virtually staged spaces and photos
  • Note ideal timelines for receiving staged drafts
  • Provide examples of preferred furniture styles if needed
  • Check the guidelines for a number of revision rounds

Setting clear expectations upfront makes the process smooth.

Reviewing Initial Drafts

  • Carefully review the initial staged 3D drafts
  • Look for accurate details based on the provided info
  • Check furniture sizes, and styles fit the spaces naturally
  • Ensure lighting and colors seem appropriate

Guiding Refinements

  • Request tweaks and changes to drafts as needed
  • Have the company update and refine the staging
  • Iteratively review revisions until you’re satisfied

Providing feedback iteratively results in the best final renderings.

Final Photorealistic Touches

The company should use Photoshop for the final polish on renderings – optimizing lighting, shadows, and accessories. Confirm images have maximum realism.

free virtual staging living room_
Photorealistic details of chairs, coffee table and rug in a staged living room

Guiding virtual staging companies through the process results in optimal marketing assets to sell listings faster.

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Staging

Many real estate agents question when and how to utilize virtual staging. Here are answers to some common FAQs.

Does virtual staging work for high-end listings?

Top virtual staging companies like TALLBOX have experience working on luxury homes. They can digitally furnish high-end spaces with furnishings appropriate to impress buyers.

Photorealistic rendering ensures opulent homes are staged perfectly. The same works for mid and low-end listings with the same degree of realism.

Is virtual staging only for vacant homes?

It’s most common for vacant properties but also works excellent for occupied homes. For lived-in spaces, digitally remove and replace existing furniture with better layouts and styles tailored to selling. Virtual staging can minimize any clutter or dated decor.

How many photos do you need?

We recommend wide-angle shots of each room from 3-5 different angles. The more photo references the better. Also include exterior images. Provide ample overview and detail shots for accurate representation.

How long does virtual staging take?

A fast turnaround does exist, but for up to 7 images, usually it takes 4-7 business days from the time we receive listing details and photos. Quick revisions mean listings go live fast.

What's the cost of two virtual staging images for one room?

Pricing starts at around $150 per room, depending on details. Significantly more affordable than physical staging, with cost savings from not renting and moving in furniture. 

tallbox virtual staging

The Tallbox Design free trial lets you evaluate our virtual staging quality before committing. You can find out how we can showcase your listings.