Staging to Sell a House

Selling a probate property can be more challenging than your usual real estate, where there will be some speed bumps to hit along the way. 

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By George Nicola (Expert Stager)

It’s a thing that concerns mostly the visual concepts of things to be done before selling your house which falls into the category of questions as – do we need to stage the house before selling?

Staging to sell a house just got a whole new dimension. If these words “staging” and “sale” get your hair up, then you need some better education on the latest trends around the “staging to sell” strategy that some of our clients utilize.

George Nicola (Expert Stager)


Virtual staging is a matter of all things when it comes to this occasion. You can sell by a real estate agent; you can sell it through an agency or a website, or why not through tens of personal meetings with potential buyers.

But nothing compares to the possibilities of this kind of computer-generated “face” of your home.

It doesn’t matter how it looks.

You do not need to renovate it for the upcoming sale.

Instead of that, you may want to invest only in a process, which will massively increase the property’s value.

See for yourself how we completely changed a garden with our visual strategy. It’s only 60 seconds.

The better visual strategy

The best idea is to go further with the visual services that can transform the interior of an apartment or house and put it under the lights in its best concepts.

In other words – to show its most significant qualities.

Here is an example of a stage house before selling. In this example, we’ve included a living room that needs decluttering, which we did in no time and hassle-free for you with a virtual furniture staging service.

PS: Being visual and virtual strategy does not mean all problems are solved. If the property is heavily neglected, has an odor, and vines are growing inside, it’s time to start thinking about some cleaning and light repaint.

The list below has it all.

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Time is not everything when "Staging to Sell"

There are some phrases you will have to deal with before you can feel ready to sell the property.

And let’s face it – everybody wants to sell as fast as possible, but if the word sell brings more meaning to you, then be a wise person and act smart.

The visually staged property actually can sell. It can sell more quickly, and it can sell better and for a greater deal of money.

This way, your investment will be entirely well-refunded and solid.

First of all, if you are really planning to put your place on the market, you will have to understand some of the most important basics and tips for staging.

But first of all – do please declutter as many of the things you could declutter. Sounds like a lot of work?

Not really.

Because the most important thing is to sell the property, isn’t it?

And most of all – to sell it quickly and at the price you want.

virtual furniture renovation

"Staging to Sell" List

So there they are – some of the best staging tips to sell your home in the desired price range

  • Deal with the façade!

    Yes, with an exclamation mark! You need to boost the curb, wash the front walls and windows, upgrade the pants and the grass and repaint something if necessary;

  • If there is a porch, even a tiny one, you could put some paint on it as well, some flowers and everything that will say “that’s me, don’t you like me?;

  • Sparkling clean – to make the property sale fast enough, you may really, really want to declutter the house as much as you could.

    That includes floors, all clutter, kitchen countertops, living room, bathroom, and so on. It is crucial to do that if you take the idea of staging the property seriously;

  • Know the difference between an immaculate and lived-in place. It’s critical that after the massive declutter, you should bring back some details that show that actual people have lived there.

    That means few elements that create home appeal essence;

  • Don’t hesitate about flowers and baskets with fresh fruit. They create a simple sense that the house is entirely livable;

  • Put some initial style everywhere – in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, even entryway;

  • Create a gender-neutral atmosphere in the bedroom. You do not know if a woman or a man would buy your property, do you?

    That’s why you must be as flexible in this decision as you can;

  • Clean up the toys from the floor and basically everywhere;

  • Clear out the shoes from the entryway. That also includes coats, jackets, and everything else;

  • Neat bookshelves mean you are a tidy person. That means the home you are selling has been treated the same way;

  • If you have some extra equipment in the garage and would like to show it, go on and do that.

    You don’t know if the next person who’s buying the house isn’t a kind of a technical junkie;

  • Nightstands in the bedroom should be perfectly clean and released from any kind of stuff, except maybe a lamp;

  • Freshen the bathroom as well as you would like your next shower to be.

    Spotless bathrooms and toilets are more efficient in selling the property than anything else;

  • Put some objects that will turn people’s attention to look what’s more in the next room. Keeping the interest doesn’t work only in relationships.

    It would help if you enticed your potential buyers to explore the property;

  • If any awkward areas in the house or such can be used alternatively, show them. Such is the space under the staircase, for example;

  • Get every room refreshed. Meaning ensures it smells fresh. If there is a pet that leaves a distinctive odor, put it away for a little and air up the room;

Stage to sell the house almsot for free?

The visual concepts and their importance are a thing that both seller and agent have to understand deeply and in better detail, and should put that to their agenda when trying to make a deal in selling a house or an apartment.

Most of all, you should think creatively.

Selling a property fast sometimes could be a hard task for one. Using virtual staging, though, might deal with the problem swifter than you have ever imagined.

This way, you could have your house or apartment sold in absolutely no time.

Virtually staged property is another step towards this goal, the speed train to sell the property in basically no time and presenting it at its best!

Potential buyers will have an opportunity to see different ways to improve a house without hammering a single nail down or staging like a movie set. That process is expensive.

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How to stage house before selling?