Virtual home styling consultations are similar to the traditional staging consultations but with the advantage of being online. In addition to that, there are a number of additional services, which are not offered with traditional services. One of the main advantages is the virtual staging photos.

Virtual styling consultations don’t have to be costly, especially if you hire a residential virtual stager to give you detailed guidance on what to do on your own. Virtual home consultation is something we’ve been doing for the past five months, and it’s been greatly appreciated.

With the traditional styling, this might be referred to as a home styling consultation, where physically, you meet with a designer at the property and discuss what needs to be done. This, for discussion in the traditional styling, is included and with the virtual styling with a few differences.

Focused sale campaign

Your focus on selling your real estate is to relocate, and you are eager to make the best out of the sale, probably you are tempted to list your house with many realtors as possible and on every listing portal. But, that’s not what a focused property sale is. The best practice lately is to aim to achieve a targeted sale campaign and, at the same time, help your buyers with their transition to see themselves in your property. But why? Below, I’ll tell you what you need to know how you can achieve a focused sale campaign using a virtual home consultation in this post.

Virtual home styling consultation – four pillars

Example of virtual styling

1. Report on the target prospect for your home

Think of virtual home styling as “prepping up” your real estate. You can’t choose a suitable marketing strategy combination unless you know who the likely buyer is.

The target prospect is determined by your property’s price spectrum, location, and layout.

For example, a residence with no patch of grass on a busy street will be less appealing to young people or families. Considering you can’t change these “features” through virtual styling unless you are ready to spend some on renovating, it’s essential to come up with a more appropriate buyer in mind and what they might look at when considering a purchase.
An excellent designer will begin with a discussion of the target customer, as this should influence their judgments.

2. A detailed analysis of what to do to enhance your home’s charm

Often with virtual styling, a light is renovating part of the strategy. Considering the possible buyers will form their first impression as soon as they turn up driven from the virtual styling images to your home, a clear idea about their future in this piece of property is vital.

Numerous home hunters will decline to go into a property even when they have a pre-arranged showing reserved, just because they hate the outside of the home. This is directly correlated with a clear goal and strategy in their heads about how they can live there, which is driven by the virtual styling consultations.

This includes anything from washing up walls, a lick of paint up to new silicon in the bathroom, and even sometimes slight landscaping is needed.

Interesting fact:

Did you know that you can use smell to improve the sale?

virtual home styling consultation smell

3. A detailed evaluation of what to do to make every room in your home more appealing to the target buyer in addition to the virtual styling

This is a space by space list of what you need to:

  • Slight Repair
  • Paint (including specific color recommendations)
  • Clean
  • Decluttering (throw out unused decors, donate furniture, sell or put in an offsite warehouse)
  • Rearrange (you may have the right stuff but in wrong places)
  • Add (in some occasions a set of furniture or accessories might be needed)

The virtual home stager may also consider safety tips to protect your household while your property is listed.

4. Discussion of next moves after the consultation

In addition to the virtual styling images and marketing pack you will receive, an expert virtual home stager can handle any of the recommended physical items (slight repairs, clean, rearranging) on your behalf via appointed contractors. Or you may prefer to achieve their suggestions yourself (which is the less expensive option).
Both options or a combination of these is entirely adequate.

In some instances, you, as a seller, may want the designer to shop for the accessories used with the staging images, and you need and manage repairs, cleaning, and reorganizing existing furniture on your own.

10 Reasons to Use Virtual Home Styling Consultation

Selling real estate anywhere in the world is a challenging endeavor and trying your hand in that line of business in any cosmopolitan metropolis needs out of the box thinking and innovative ideas to get the better of others competing with you.

Every gimmick in a wide spectrum of marketing, advertising, and sales books and journals have been tried and tested over the years some have been successful, while the others have also put in their two pence worth of strategies.

Challenging competition

The real estate market is balancing on cutting-edge competition; hence there is no chance at all for a second chance when you have a customer looking at your properties up for sale, especially on your online website.

Once the client has been brought onto the website which is in itself a very challenging task, which would have been your success with smart search engine optimization it is imperative that he or she remains there and assimilates what you have to offer.

To do so he or she should see within a small digital screen either on a smartphone, tablet, or any other device a picture that would move them in your direction and to press that all-important button, to call to action.

That would be a tall order if the client sees a property that is empty and bare devoid of anything but the walls and the floors with of course the ceiling too.

The incentive to press the call to action button and engage with you to make an appointment to visit and see the property would probably fade away.

Advantages of Virtual Home Styling Consultation

On the contrary, provide the prospect with a home filled with everything that he or she would like to have when they would live in it with the help of virtual home styling some beautiful paintings on the wall, maybe even a Mona Lisa and show them how well they could live in it.

That is definitely going to move a mountain and the finger would be on the call to action button before even he or she could bat an eyelid because that is the strength and value attached to home styling consultations that you could achieve.

There is more than a virtual staging expert could help your cause with, the same property could be offered with different types of layouts and with different virtual furniture staging which would definitely create the appropriate response from the client.

Another advantage that virtual consultations offer is for properties under refurbishment where you do not have to wait till the work is completed to put it up for sale, using the versatile virtual refurbishment it could up on your website immediately.

Virtual Refurbishment example

The advantages are immense, and the choices are numerous. The costs are competitive, which makes it the most innovative strategy to implement to sell your property within a short period.

Expediting property sales

Time is the essence of the competitive property business and any property being sold should be done so within the shortest possible time because keeping it would make it dormant and allowing that to happen could have disastrous long-term results to your business.

Research by the National Association of Realtors has confirmed that properties that have used virtual styling to bring a new dimension to a bare and vacant property have sold out 72 to 77% quicker than the latter.

It would be pertinent to take into consideration the following Top 10 Reasons as to why virtual home styling would expedite the sales of your properties in megapolises or elsewhere.

#1. Waste of SEO efforts

A prospective customer landing on your page would have taken immense SEO efforts and if they are not offered a chance to engage with you the purpose is lost.

#2. One chance

You would get just one chance and it is imperative that you make the best of it and if you let it slip through it is very unlikely they would land on your page again. Do you think that this property would sell fast?

exterior without virtual styling
exterior without virtual styling – outdated

Or this one:

exterior with virtual styling outdated
exterior after virtual styling

#3. Keep them interested

They need to be immediately kept interested in what they see, and a focused sale campaign is the answer, and if you could hold them for those few split seconds without moving away, your first stage is successful.

#4. Keep them there

Keep them there to assimilate what they see on their screens and showing them the best that you could offer would glue them longer on your page, then your strategy is working well

#5. Visualize

Let them visualize their presence in the property, draw them on to see all of what you have to offer through the from the door right through the back it would be an experience for them.

#6. Imagination

Let them imagine what they could do in the property probably change the setting. Change the décor or the furniture and the longer they remain you are depriving your competitors of showing what they could offer.

#7. Colorful

What they see would be in flamboyant but very eye-catching colors to bring that soothing effect to their eyes as they would definitely look more intrusively if their interest has been ignited.

#8. Spend time

Let them spend as much time as possible, beautiful flowers and lovely paintings are attractions.

#9. Desire to engage

If you get them this far they are interested to learn more.

#10. Call to Action

The focused sale campaign would have helped you to engage with them, with the inevitable tap on the call to action button.

The cost of virtual home styling consultation ranges from £155 / $200 to £920 / $1,200 (and above) depending on: how many photos you will have virtually staged and what other services in addition to the strategy you have.

Beware of an overly inexpensive, or free, virtual staging consultations. It will be a waste of your time and may result in lousy information and staged photos that worsen your situation.
A real expert acknowledges the value of their services and isn’t hesitant to charge accordingly.

Let us know if this has been helpful or you want to learn how you receive a virtual home consultation for FREE at


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