‘Super-Prime’ build project for sale at The Bishops Avenue.

The `Super-Prime` house for sale presented as a build project at the Bishops Avenue with asking price at £10m was a project we’ve been involved with for the past few months.

Tallbox and MalloryIrvine (sales) were appointed to help and produce the marketing & media materials for a house for sale at Bishops Avenue N2 (one of the most famous streets in the world) also known as ‘Billionaire’s Row’.

NEW BUILD PROJECT: ~ 15,000 sq.ft by Messers. Charlton Brown Architects

Location: London, Hampstead

Our team participated and helped with Property Marketing support starting with the 3D animation and Architectural Visualization.

More than ten Architectural visualization (static images) were produced at high-quality and little less than 30 draft exterior and interior visualization images. Three parts of one minute animations was needed, too, for all social network advertisements. The whole project took a little longer than two months, which does not include the time we had to spend in reinventing the way how to promote in the best possible way this `super-primer` property.

More information to follow. 
Thank you for your patience.

Any questions or inquries please e-mail to george@tallbox.co.uk

‘Super-Prime’ project - Floor plans

One of the tasks was to simplify the architectural plan we had. They had to contain enough details for the viewer but not to overtake their attention and make them too busy figuring out what – where is.

‘Super-Prime’ project - Virtual Tour (garden)

To fully convey the experience of having visualizations, we have decided to add and virtual tours of the property. Below it is the “work in progres” back garden, which will evolve with the time and when ready, it will be updated.
Click on the image below and new (separate) webpage will load with the tour.

‘Super-Prime’ project - 3D marketing images

Visualizing `Super-Prime` architecture is not easy; Visualizing `Super-Prime` architectural project for sale as ‘build project’ is an entirely different game. One of the primary and most important tasks was not to misrepresent the project details and, at the same time, keep the viewer interested in watching a marvelous piece of architecture while keeping everything withing a thing time frame.

Thus we decided to divide the project phase at three stages:

– 3D animation
– Interior renderings
– Exterior / Facade visualizations


Super-prime property for sale is a superlative way of expressing the state, price tag, and location of a property. Commonly properties at 10 million pounds or dollars value are considered to be super-prime properties.

Usually super-primer properties are found at super-prime locations. In London, such places are considered as Hampstead, Mayfair, Belgravia, Kensington, and Chelsea.

`Build project` means a property project or part of the land with the potential to become an outstanding property. Typically build projects have planning consent with the local authorities for the future building and its design. Sometimes `build projects` can also be a property with a plan for a renovation, which for sale `as is`.
With `build projects,` the future value of the property will exceed the value of the property or the land.

The Bishops Avenue e.g “Billionaires Row” has 66 super mansions divided by a dual carriageway in the London area called Hampstead.